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Survivor 20-4 - Tonight We Make Our Move

"♫Catch a falling star and put it in your pock-et…♫♫”

Season 20: Week 04

Heroes vs. Villains

Tonight, We Make Our Move

Airdate 03/04/2010


Coach is feeling sorry for himself and Boston Rob thinks Russell needs to go. Of course Russell feels the same way about Boston Rob.

Villains, Night 8

Coach says he's hurt by Sandra's call-out at tribal council. He has a session with Tyson in which he wonders why he gets no respect. He cries on Tyson's shoulder about his feelings of being disrespected. Tyson who is, or at least comes across as, a borderline sociopath plays a sounding board but can't really connect on an emotional level, and then offers some 'cruel to be kind' advice - don't wear feathers to tribal council, no more stories, they lead to mocking, and do your tai chi in private where nobody can see you. (He left out 'don't call yourself the dragon slayer.')

Villains, Day 9

Now Coach gets snide, telling Sandra "I'm going to take a walk. Just wanted to keep myself accountable to you." In Coach's absence, Tyson tells the group about Coach's low spirits. When he returns, Rob gives Coach a bucking-up talk, telling him he's not on the outside. It apparently works, because the old arrogance returns to Coach's manner, and he ticks off (in private) his many good qualities.

Heroes, Day 9

Tree-mail arrives with a [product placement] catalog of things they can win at the reward challenge. "Fish and chips" earns a cheer.

Reward Challenge

It's the slip and slide challenge. In pairs, competitors slide and grab numbered balls hanging on strings, then make their way to a basketball-type goal and shoot their ball in first for a point. First team to four wins. Heroes have chosen a tackle box, fishing pole, and kitchen gear for their reward. Villains have chosen a tool box, tarp and twine, and multi-function tool for theirs. The Villains sit out Parvati.


1. Tom vs. Coach

Both slide aggressively and get their balls at about the same time. Each misses his first shot, then Tom misses his second but Coach makes his, Villains 1-0

2. Cirie vs. Russell

The survivors have oil they can smear on their bodies and some use it more liberally than others to make themselves slippery. James in particular looks like an ebony sculpture. Russell is well smeared, but Cirie seems to have applied it only to her arms and legs, then tries to slide on her lower legs in a sitting-up position. It doesn't work and she ends up crawling for her ball. Russell gets off two shots before she even gets to the shooting line [I think in this situation if I was Cirie I might just try from three point range as soon as I got my ball.] Russell's second lands before Cirie can even get a shot off. Villains 2-0.

3. Candace vs. Courtney in the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini round

The question here is whether Courtney has the strength or weight to actually pull her ball off the cord it's attached to. She's also delayed by the fact that Candace got hers first, causing the remaining balls to jump around on the line they're hung from, making it difficult for Courtney to grab hers. Candace scores on her first shot before Courtney can even get to the line. Villains 2-1.

4. Amanda vs. Jerri

Amanda gets her ball and shoots first, but misses, then Jerri sinks her first shot. Villains 3-1, game point.

5. James vs. Sandra

Sandra's slide stops woefully short and she has to crawl a-la Cirie. James sinks his first shot and I don't think Sandra's even gotten to the ball yet. Villains 3-2, still Villains' game point.

6. Rupert vs. Danielle

Danielle is looking very well oiled IYKWIMAITYD, and Rupert is wearing big baggy shorts. Clothing tends to slow you down in this competition, and I wonder when some competitor is going to take this thought to its logical conclusion. Danielle does slide better but weight counts for something here, too, and she loses momentum faster than Rupert so they arrive at the balls at about the same time. Danielle gets hers slightly faster, and Rupert drops his. Once he picks it up that broken toe hobbles him a bit as he makes his way to the shooting line, but then Danielle drops her now slippery ball and they end up shooting at about the same time. They both miss their first shot and Danielle recovers her ball faster, but misses her second as well. Rupert takes his time, deliberately trying to impart backspin to the ball to reduce its bounce, and scores on his second toss. 3-3, next point wins.

7. Colby vs. Tyson

Both slide aggressively, Colby slightly ahead. They each miss their first shot by a very small margin, then their second is close as well. Colby, shoots his third, again barely missing, then Tyson sinks his third and the Villains have won.

Villains , Day 9

Back at camp, the Villains unpack their booty. Russell picks up a hand saw in a sheath and as he pulls it out a rolled up piece of paper falls out. Rob is right on it. It's an announcement of the location of their hidden immunity idol. Once again (dating back to last season), Russell has blown a chance to have the clue all to himself. (Last season is was a file on the electronic camera his team took on a reward challenge and Russell also failed to keep it to himself despite discovering it first.)

Head down to the beach, to a crazy palm
That juts out over the sea
Go just beyond it, and to the right,
And dig around the roots of the double tree.

Rob interviews that he hadn't suspected the note since they didn't have hidden immunity idols on his previous Survivor experiences. The tribe wonders what they should do since everybody has the clue. Sandra suggests they find it together and throw it in the ocean, since "whoever gets it is marked." Rob calls on Coach to come help him build the shelter.

Russell interviews about how dumb the tribe is - too dumb to even walk down the beach.

Shelter work proceeds in the rain with the giant blue tarp pitched like a pup tent over a line of twine. and anchored at the four corners.

Russell gazes down the beach at a tree jutting over the water with two trees right next to it, and goes down for a closer look, telling the others he's "going for a walk." This fools exactly no one, and Rob dispatches Sandra to go tail Russell. Russell is searching around the roots of the trees and Sandra sees him. She goes back and reports "Russell sealed his own fate." Now they're all agreeing and Coach is confused. Before they said anybody with the idol is toast. Now they're saying just looking for the idol gives you toast-like qualities?

Boston Rob likens Russell to a "hobbit on crack" and say he doesn't trust him at all. He says they should get rid of him right away. [Want it bad enough to throw the immunity challenge, Rob?]

Heroes, Day 10

The Heroes, making their morning coffee, discover a note in a jar that they've had for three days! Once again, the note is uncovered in front of the whole tribe, meaning using the clue gets problematic. JT Reads:

At the end of your beach, you'll find the right angle,
In a clearing are three sections of a tree,
One tall, one fallen, and one on the ground,
Dig under the rock beneath the ninety degrees.

Tom interviews that he and Colby, being on the outs from day one, need the hidden immunity idol to stay in the game.

Candace, standing on the beach, catalogs the idol-hunters setting out: JT, James, Tom, Amanda. Contrarian Cirie heads in the opposite direction. James, Amanda and Tom are all looking within sight of each other.

Tom, wearing a "108 Truck" T-shirt (108! Lost fans! Is it a clue?), digs under a log. Tom spots three trees in the requisite formation, but Amanda and James are digging right alongside him. He spots a patch of loose sand on the other side of the big rock they're digging around and - by golly - finds the idol with Amanda six inches away, but seemingly intent on her own digging. He stashes it in his sock without standing up, as Candace arrives, and he backs off a little.

Amanda interviews that she spotted Tom's not-so-sleight of hand, and she later tells Candace, James, and JT that Tom has the idol. JT tells Cirie, somebody tells Rupert, who worries that this will make things crazy again just as they were getting along good. Tom tells Colby he has it, and that Amanda saw him get it. Tom says it's a tool to use, and Colby interviews that it's the wedge they needed to get back into the game.

Immunity Challenge

Oh no! It’s the giant ball cage pushed by blindfolded teammates challenge that almost killed the Other Russell last season. One person is strapped inside a giant ball cage and pushed over a course by two blindfolded teammates to a tilt-table puzzle. The person in the ball then directs four more blindfolded teammates, one at each corner of the table, in how to tilt the table to roll a ball through a maze to a hole. First team to drop their ball down the hole wins.

The Villains sit out Courtney and Sandy, the Heroes sit out Cirie. Tom is chosen to ride the ball and direct for the Heroes, Boston Rob (natch) for the Villains. James and Rupert are pushing Tom, Tyson and Coach pushing Rob.

The lead swaps back and forth on the course, but they both arrive at the puzzle almost simultaneously. JT, Amanda, Candace and Colby manipulate the puzzle under Tom's direction, while Parvati, Danielle, Russell and Jerri handle theirs for Rob. I think Rob's directions are a little clearer, telling individual people by name to raise or lower their side. while Tom calls directions like left and right that can't mean much to blindfolded people. Nevertheless, the two sides proceed in almost mirror fashion, very close together. In fact both sides’ balls enter the final chamber virtually simultaneously, and both 'lip' the cup without going in. The Villains recover just a little faster and put the ball in the hole for the win. Celebrations on one side, sullen silence on the other.

Jeff congratulates the Villains, and especially Rob on his direction calling.

Cirie interviews voice-over that they're going to tribal council and getting rid of Colby or Tom tonight.

Heroes, Day 11

Back in camp, Tom apologizes to the tribe for losing the challenge - by a split second! Most offer comfort. Cirie tells Candace that they "have to break up the Colby/Tom thing". Candace ever the logical thinker, says if their six-person alliance splits their votes 3-3 between the two, then one goes home, Colby if Tom plays the idol, or one or the other if Tom doesn't play it, forcing them to go to a tie-breaker, and the alliance will have all six votes in the tie breaker and can decide in advance who goes.

JT tells Amanda he'd like to see Cirie go. She worries about the idol, but JT says Tom and Colby are trustworthy and will keep their word. Tom, JT, Amanda and Colby have a frank talk, and Tom lays out his reasoning, saying the idol would never be used against them, it’ll be used by committee, and he says he’d even give it to one of them if they want it (realizing what a two-edged sword it is, especially when it’s known you have it.) Recognize that, as things stand at the end of the last Heroes’ tribal council, the tribe consists of a six person coalition vs. a two person coalition. JT and Amanda are worried that they’re the low end of the six and investigating options, especially since JT feels more affinity for Tom and Colby than his current alliance mates.

James walks up and asks “who’s up” and they tell him they’re worried about Candace’s flightiness. I don’t think James even realizes that he’s in an alliance, so artful is Cirie’s manipulation.

Amanda spills the beans to Cirie, and Cirie immediately starts boring into the burgeoning potential alliance as Rupert and James are drawn in back in.

JT watches the conference from afar, and goes back to tell Tom and Colby that Amanda has fallen back under Cirie’s spell. Tom reasons that the alliance plans to vote Colby and himself three votes each, but if JT switched, they can put three votes on somebody (aka Cirie). Much less certain than if Amanda had remained with them but just possible if JT remains loyal. Of course this strategy places heavy pressure on JT, because should it work, it’ll still be 5-3 with JT occupying the ‘traitor’ role, and no idol to defend with the following week. “Tomorrow we make our apologies, tonight we make our move,” Tom says. The implications are not lost on JT.

The six converge and Rupert enunciates the 3-3 policy. Afterwards JT interviews that his gut says do the safe thing and write down Colby but his heart wants to go with the good guys.

Tribal Council

Jeff says the last vote (Steph) was surprising if they want to keep the tribe strong. Tom says Steph, unfortunately, was “on the wrong side of the numbers.”

Jeff asks Colby if great people go early what’s the use of the alliances? Colby says it’s unfortunate, but appears to be what’s happening. JT adds that they shouldn’t be voting out people that can help them beat the other tribe, but right now all the people are good. He advocates keeping strong people who won’t get scared and who stick to their word. Rupert says the overriding priority should be bonding together and winning challenges. But he also wants to keep his promises.

Cirie says she’s always worried she might be going home, but Tom says he doesn’t believe she really is. Colby says he’s very worried and it will take a bold move to save him tonight. James says his priority is winning. Tom calls him on it and asks if that’s what he’ll base his vote on. James says 'yes', and he just wants to stop the ‘crazy stuff’, by which he means ‘the whole social thang.’ Colby says the ‘social thang’ is a necessity if your name’s on the top of the list. JT says he’s not worried about going home tonight and realizes that saying so will make some people hate him, but if he didn’t trust the people he’s put his trust in, he’d already be going home. And, he says, I do trust the people I’m allied with. Jeff calls the vote.

Time to vote.

Rupert votes.

James votes.

Candace votes for Tom. “I think you’re a great guy, but I’m glad it’s you and not me tonight.”

Colby votes.

Cirie votes.

Tom votes for Cirie – “I love you as a person but you’re way too good at wrapping some of these weak minds [coughAmandacoughCandacecoughRupertcoughJamescough] around your little finger.”

Amanda votes.

JT votes. It starts with a “C”.

Jeff comes back with the votes. He reads the standard spiel and doesn’t mention idols. Tom quickly stands before Jeff can start announcing the votes, and interrupts saying he’d rather have used it to use against the Villains, but since his head is on the bloc, he’s using it tonight. Jeff verifies it is an idol and proceeds to count:

Tom - #1, #2, #3
Colby - #4, #5
Cirie - #6, #7, #8

Cirie silently presents her torch for snuffing, and leaves without comment.

Next Week

It looks like the Villains tribe, excepting Russell, is joining Coach at Tai Chi. Russell hunts for the immunity idol while Rob hunts for Russell. Candace may be jumping to the Tom/Colby/JT alliance. Another physical challenge (the rugby/basketball one from Samoa) and another castaway requires a visit from medical.

Closing Remarks

Cirie’s closing monologue is rambling and nearly incoherent over the loud music, but she’s gracious and concedes “Got me” with a smile.

Voting against:

Tom: Candace, Amanda, Cirie
Colby:Rupert, James
Cirie: JT, Tom, Colby


Remaining Survivors:

Heroes (Blue)SeasonsVillains (Red)Seasons
Jerri Manthey2, 8
Amanda Kimmel15, 16Rob Mariano 4, 8
Parvati Shallow13, 16
Tom Westman 10Danielle DiLorenzo12
Candice Woodcock13Sandra Diaz-Twine7
Colby Donaldson 2, 8Russell Hantz19
James 'JT' Thomas, Jr.18Tyson Apostol18
Benjamin 'Coach' Wade18
Rupert Boneham7, 8
James Clement15, 16Courtney Yates15

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