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Survivor Fodder

Surviving Survivor!

"So... this year it's naked survivor?"

Surviving Survivor


Tonight, Survivor interviews ten former Survivors as it reviews the ten year history of the show. Some of these survivors we’ll see again starting next week.

Additionally, tonight we get a preview of Survivor 20 - Samoa II - Heroes and Villains. Can Russell find more idols without a clue? Can Tom catch another shark? Meet all the contenders and get a glimpse of the venues and strategies. Tune in for tonight’s overview and next week for the first episode, a two hour premier episode of Survivor 20, Heroes and Villains, Samoa

The twenty survivors for the new season are Amanda, Candice, Cirie, Coach, Colby, Courtney, Danielle, James, Jerri, JT, Parvati, Randy, Rob, Rupert, Russell, Sandra, Stephenie, Sugar, Tom, Tyson. Can you place them all? Can you remember which is a hero and which a villain? Tune in for next week’s two hour premiere 8-10 PM Eastern to find out and enjoy the action.

Posted by Cecil on February 4, 2010 4:25 PM
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