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Survivor 20-01 - Slay Everyone, Trust No One

"I love the smell of Survivor in the morning. It smells like victory."

Season 20: Week 01

Slay Everyone, Trust No One

Airdate 02/11/2010


They're b-a-a-a-a-a-a-ck!

We're introduced to the 20 contestants for the new season of Survivor. Ten heroes, ten villains, all from previous seasons. Some you love, some you hate, some you love to hate.

Come see who, and how soon the wheeling, dealing and backstabbing starts. Tonight is a special TWO hour premiere, 8-10PM EST.


OK, let's call this the Apocalypse Now opening. All it needed was 'Ride of the Valkyries' being broadcast on speakers, and door gunners harassing the populace. Plus a little napalm, which would make getting fire a whole lot easier. All this just to turn out the cast on the beach. You know the premise, here's the lineups, with previous Survivor appearances.

Heroes (Blue)_______Prev__Villains (Red)_______Prev
Cirie Fields12, 16Jerri Manthey2, 8
Amanda Kimmel15, 16Rob Mariano 4, 8
Stephenie LaGrossa10, 11Parvati Shallow13, 16
Tom Westman 10Danielle DiLorenzo12
Candice Woodcock13Sandra Diaz-Twine 7
Colby Donaldson 2, 8Russell Hantz19
James 'JT' Thomas, Jr.18Tyson Apostol18
Jessica 'Sugar' Kiper17Benjamin 'Coach' Wade 18
Rupert Boneham7, 8Randy Bailey17
James Clement15, 16Courtney Yates15

They’re calling the location “a South Pacific island” but of course we’re back in Samoa, though not the same beach as last season. Jeff chats with the old-newbies for a little while. Russell confesses to a little star-struckedness in the presence of all the Survivor luminaries. Jerri says she may have been the ‘first villainess’ of Survivor but she feels like Mother Teresa alongside this bunch of villains. Rupert says he’s honored to be here. Tom says “I wouldn’t assume anyone’s play will be the same as in their other appearances.” Colby says it’s taken him the full ten years since his last appearance to gain some perspective on his performance. JT says “It’s intimidating. I was in high school and too young to apply when most of these people were competing.” James says “Parvati is definitely a villain,” and “The talkers are the most dangerous.”

Reward Challenge

Survivors in groups of two from each tribe will race to an area where a bag is buried, then dig in the sand to find it, the first to bring it back to their team mat and simultaneously touch the mat and the sack score a point for their teams.

First up Stephenie and Cirie (Heroes) against Parvati and Danielle (Villains). Typical catfight with lots of blurage. Danielle finally breaks free from the scrum (and from her bra) to score a point for the Villains. Villains 1 – Heroes 0. But in the middle of the ruckus, Stephenie’s shoulder has been dislocated and has to be popped back in the by the medical staff, a process than entails excruciating pain.

Next, it’s Amanda and JT against Jerri and Randy. Jerri is sensibly wearing a sports bran instead of the skimpy bikini tops of the other women and requires no blurage. Randy and JT have a titanic struggle but nobody can seem to get the bag free and clear. Finally JT does and form that point it’s no contest, JT puts Alabama (national champs!) football head fakes on Randy and skips nimbly to the mat. Heroes 1 – villains 1.

Round 3 is Colby and Tom against Coach and Russell. And the Villains spring a new strategy. Russell digs along with Colby and Tom, while Coach sits back in a safety position guarding against any Hero getting a free break. Against the odds, Russell finds the bag first, and sprints for the line but is quickly tackled by Tom and Colby and a four-way rassle breaks out. Finally Colby breaks out while Tom and Russell are still tying each other up. Colby gets the bag and attempts to crawl to the mat with Coach on his back, But Coach begins heaving Colby and bag toward the Villains mat. Tom and Russell breakout of their clinch and race for the mats to aid their side but before they can get there Coach heaves Colby close enough and taps his mat while touching the bag, and it’s Villains 2 – Heroes 1. Tyson throws in his two cents worth sneeringly gloating over Coach’s pwning of Colby in a his own ineffable manner.

Round 4 - Sugar and Candace against Sandra and Courtney. Courtney finds the bag but is barely able to lift it with her emaciated muscles. Another four-way breaks out and Courtney finally manages to throw the bag to Sandra, who is immediately tacked by Sugar and the bag goes flying and now we have two two-way wrestling matches with no one even touching the bag. Sugar tries to break free, but Sandra undoes her bra-strap, pulling it out behind her. Sugar sacrifices modesty and runs tight out of the bra, grabs the bag and scores, turning to grace the vanquished Villains with a most un-Hero double bird salute (also blurred out), and it’s 2-2. Game point coming.

Last round – James and Rupert against Tyson and Boston Rob. Boston rob takes the safety position that worked for Coach. Tyson grabs the bag but James immediately tackles him. James gets a hold of the bag while Rupert ties up Tyson. James is able to fake out Rob and scores, Heroes win 3-2 and get the fire flint. But Rupert has the fourth toe of his left foot broken in three places. He toughs it out and says “I’m not going out over a toe,” recalling JT discarding his lost tooth in Tocantins. Medical tapes the toe together to the adjacent good one and Rupert staggers on to their new camp with the heroes.

Russell shares a ‘so what’ attitude to losing the reward challenge - his last tribe had plenty of practice at losing challenges but still dominated the game with some superior post-merge strategy despite being down 8-5.

Villains - Day 1

Swimming gear awaits them at camp, fins, spearhead, mask and snorkel, a net, maybe a knife. Russell shares he’s with a really sharp bunch, which it will be an honor to ‘whup’ if he can. He says he’s playing the same game as before and immediately proves it by making alliances with Danielle and Parvati. Parvati says “With Russell, I know I’m making a deal with the devil, but I want the devil on my side.”

Heroes - Day 1

The Heroes get the same swimming gear, as revel in the title of “Heroes”. They elect to start the day with a dip. Colby grouse at being beat by Coach. They decide to build a quick shelter and improve it later. The set to together quickly in shelter building. Amanda is happy at their work ethic. Tom discovers four chickens strolling through the bushes and organizes a party to capture them with the fish net. All three get caught and the net is converted to a chicken coop. Rupert says the first five days are the hardest but maybe it won’t be so bat this time.

Villains - Night 1

The villains chuckle over the heroes injuries and Coach and Jerri seem to strike up a relationship. All over the globe fans feel a sour taste in their throats – “What if they reproduce?”

Villains - Day 2

Russell and Parvati plays a little cupid to the Coach-Jerri relationship, and Courtney observes a spark there as well. Coach kind of likes the idea but doesn’t want to be too obvious lest they make themselves a target.

Heroes - Day 2

JT and James hit it off and make a tentative alliance, although KT says he couldn’t beat James in a final two. Colby and Candace view the growing relationship with concern, and think Tom and Stephenie are a natural alliance as well. Amanda and Cirie sound each other out as well. Tom and Steph do seem to have an alliance as well. Tom says if he gets to final two he wants somebody else along who won a million, lest the jury tries to ‘spread it around,’ so he sounds out JT, and they seem to hit it off as well.

Villains - Day 2

Rob is concerned at the lack of work ethic on his tribe. He thinks they should be concentrating on fire and shelter. Rob has apparently been studying up on fire-making and organizes a party to carry out his plan, which is basically rubbing two sticks together, if by two sticks you mean large bamboo logs with a pusher-puller at each end of the top one, a notch in the bottom one, and someone pushing down in the middle to create more friction. Randy is negative at the prospect, saying they’re just going to wear themselves out, but pitches in to help and pretty soon they’ve got smoke pouring off the log the embers falling into some coconut fiber, which Rob blows into flame – fire! Only the third time someone made it . before getting any fire making materials, and the first two used lenses to concentrate the sun. Kudos to Rob. Coach interviews that he’s impressed. Russell is to, but not in a good way seeing Rob as a threat.

Heroes - Day 2

Rupert wades in the tide pools and missed gathering food in the ocean, but his toe just isn’t up to it yet. Rupert wastes half the magnesium of the ‘flint’ without being able to get a flame. JT takes over and quickly gets one going. Rupert worries his injury may make him vulnerable to a vote-off.

Villains - Day 2

Boston Rob and Coach both invest some ego in climbing a leaning palm for fronds, but after seeing just how high and steep it becomes half way up they both back off. Sandra interviews she could see Boston Rob as someone to ally with “…until it’s time to cut his throat.”

Heroes – Night 2

Sugar begins flirting, late in the night and it’s taken as sleep interruption by the tribe – not the way she wanted it. Colby is especially annoyed/

Heroes - Day 3

James and Tom debate which chicken to eat. Country boy JT does the chicken killing honors by grabbing the chicken by the head and spinning it until the neck breaks, and soon a savory chicken stew aroma wafts over the tribe. Colby shares that food and fire will make the

Villains - Day 3

Tree mail brings news of the immunity challenge. All the villains relish putting some hurt on the heroes.

Immunity Challenge

The heroes say they’re dry and well fed, the villains less so.

The challenge requires six team members to race to a boat in pieces, outing it together and locking the pieces with six planks that only fit one way, paddle out to, retrieve and light a torch, bring it back and disassemble the boat, carrying the six planks to the remaining four tribe members who will use them to assemble a ladder after solving a puzzle. The tribe then all ascend the ladder, mount their puzzle on the wall, and light a big torch for the win.

The boat party of the heroes is James, Candace, Tom, Steph, JT, and Colby. For the villains, Parvati, Courtney, Tyson, Russell, Coach, and Danielle. The heroes quickly assemble their boat and have their torch before the villains even begin.

The heroes finish the boat course before the villains even turn back and turn the puzzle over to Rupert, Amanda, Sugar, and Cirie somewhat later the villains puzzle teams of Rob, Sandra, Randy and Jerri dig into their.

The puzzle is in four layers and the villains, despite the late start have their first layer finished before the heroes. The villains finish their puzzle and set to building their ladder. They finish, place their puzzle, and scramble to the top and light their torch leaving the heroes in the dust and Sugar sniffling in frustration. Colby shares that he thinks Sugar can go without loss to the heroes.

Villains - Day 3

Celebration reigns in camp. Coach and Russell seem to being playing teeter-totter, but I think they’re actually trying to break a board.

Heroes - Day 3

The tribe assesses the meaning of their defeat. Rupert now thinks it’s be a tough competition. Sugar is disappointed in her puzzle performance, and even talking about it threatens to turn on the waterworks again. Some press for Amanda, others for Sugar. Tom and Colby wonder why the others are talking about taking out ‘followers’ rather than a brilliant strategist – namely Cirie.

Steph seems to go along with Tom and Colby. Cirie lobbies for Tom, for the same reasons Tom lobbied for Cirie, and she’s got Amanda and Candace listening. Or possibly Stephenie, Cirie thinks.

Tribal Council

The Tribal Council site is in the treetops, forty feet off the ground and open to the weather (making for some interesting possibilities if the weather turns ugly.) The tribe discusses what makes someone a threat. Steph says she’s going for the weakest. Jeff turns the discussion to the discussion to the challenge loss. Cirie thinks one challenge doesn’t make a person vote-out material. Candace makes the good point that if they vote out people for failing at a puzzle, no one will volunteer for puzzles.

Voting time:

Candace votes.
Rupert votes.
James votes.
Stephenie votes.
Colby votes.
JT votes.
Sugar votes.
Cirie votes.
Tom votes.
Amanda Votes.

Jeff tallies the votes and reads them off.

Sugar: #1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #7
Amanda: #5

Sugar tells the tribe “Ya’ll better win” and gets her torch snuffed.

Next Week

Boston Rob collapses on a trail and Jerri comes to his aid.

Closing Remarks

Sugar takes it philosophically and says the tribe probably did the right thing in voting her off, and she can’t wait to get some clothes on.

Voting against:

Amanda: Sugar
Sugar: Everybody else.

Posted by Cecil on February 12, 2010 1:34 AM
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