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Survivor 20-3 - That Girl is Like a Virus

"Tell you what - let's both go over there and push Mr. White-Pants in."

Season 20: Week 03

Heroes vs. Villains

That Girl is Like a Virus

Airdate 02/25/2010


James gets a bit brutal in a challenge - too much for even his teammates.

Heroes, Night 6

As the Heroes return to camp after voting off Stephenie, we get some cool time-lapse photography of exotic, lacy looking fungi sprouting. Neat. Tom tries to put an optimistic face on events, telling James he could have been a little more diplomatic, though they did get some feelings aired out that needed to be. Later he interviews that James was 'nasty and brutish' (I nearly typoed that as 'nasty and british' which wouldn't win me any friends in the old blighty.) JT comes to him and apologizes for bolting from their alliance. They hug and make up, but Tom later interviews that he feels betrayed. Colby and Tom, the odd men out in the last vote, sit around the campfire and commiserate with each other, Colby wondering 'if this game is for me."

Villains, Night 6

Snuggling is going on. Coach and Jerri. Russell and Parvati. Boston Robs shares an insight with future Survivor competitors - if you want to know where the alliances lie, check who sleeps next to whom. "At night when you go to sleep, you don't usually sleep next to the guy who you want to vote off."

Heroes, Day 7

Rupert is praying for a rainy day. (no luck on this one). He figures it would force the team to spend time together and bond. JT builds something (chicken coop?) out of bamboo and vines. They find some more chickens around camp and corral a few, which Rupert vows is a positive bonding experience.

Villains, Day 7

Chickens in the Villains camp, too. We don't see any run down. Coach and Russell talk about Russell's friendship with Parvati. Coach thinks she's dangerous, Russell considers her an asset. No meeting of the minds takes place. Rob joins the conversation and takes Coach's side. Russell later shares that he resents Rob's 'boss of the camp' attitude, which Russell feels is rightfully his position. Russell shares Coach's and Rob's deprecations with Parvati. She later interviews that she doesn't know why people want to vote her off when she's just a "sweet, innocent little girl", really.

Villains, Night 7

Coach and Rob banter in the sleeping area. Russell interviews that he needs to stir things up a bit, and he sneaks the machete out of camp and buries it. But didn't everybody watch Season 19, and the spilled canteens and the burned socks? And won't they instantly suspect Russell? This could be trouble. Russell says next he's setting his sights on Boston Rob's Red Sox hat (pace mac), though I don't know how he plans to do it, because I don't think it ever leaves Rob's head.

Villains, Day 8

Coach has added song to his morning meditations on the shore. Randy passes him coming back from a snorkeling expedition with a giant clam. He offers to share with the slackers in the shelter, but they all reject his offer, making you feel kind of bad for Randy, the loner with no friends. Courtney even manages to look offended at the offer. She suggests he eat as much as he wants and throw the rest away.

Randy shares that, just like real life, it's not the smartest or hardest working who succeeds, but the best at socializing and schmoozing. He shares his observations with Coach while they hunt firewood and Coach agrees.

Sondra (not a slacker) accepts Randy's offer and says the clam tastes good. Parvati wanders by and tries a piece but can't stomach it, and wanders off again.

Coach later shares, while we watch the camera linger over the luscious bikini-clad body of Parvati, that he can't stand people who don't pull their share, who just sit back expecting people to feed them grapes for the privilege of mingling with them. We know who he's talking about.

Heroes, Day 8

Some lady is bathing topless. Her back's turned and I can't see who. Gray bikini bottoms. She's wearing glasses - Amanda? She rises, begins to turn and.. and.. the camera cuts away to Candice and JT talking. Candice offers a sober assessment of each Heroes player, which impresses JT for her strategic thinking. And yup, it was Amanda - she strolls by, top now firmly in place. Now JT's a little concerned about Candice and thinks maybe he'd like her to go next. He talks it over with Cirie, voicing concerned about Candice's reliability.

Now Cirie, who has an alliance with Candice, takes her aside and tells her that someone says she (Candice) doesn't trust Cirie. Meanwhile in the background JT is saying he's better at lying than he should be, since he doesn't do it much in real life. Candice presses Cirie for the source of this disinformation but Cirie's not telling. Candice goes to Tom and asks if it’s him. 'Nuh uh.' Next Amanda. 'No way.' James. 'Not me and you should chill out.' James shares that Candice is going nuts and she shouldn't worry about that when there's important stuff like winning challenges and not going to tribal council. Speaking of which….

Combined Reward-Immunity Challenge

The challenge seems tailor-made for the Heroes. Pure brute strength, no puzzles or taxing mental problems. Last seen in Palau. Step into a ring (actually an octagon) surrounded by mud, holding a heavy bag by a strap for each hand. Push your opponent into the mud for a point. First team to 8 wins. No letting go of the bag with either hand, no using legs for a weapon. In addition to immunity, the winners get coffee, sugar, a week's worth of rice, luxury items brought from home and sequestered until now.

The villains sit out Sandra and Courtney.

Match 1 - Tom vs. Russell

The contestants have to wade through the knee-deep mud to get to the platform, and so will have muddy slippery feet. Tom does his best to clean his feet off after attaining the platform. Tom rushes to Russell at the 'go', quickly hits a glancing blow that turns Russell around, and then pushes him right off the platform quickly.

Match 2 - Candice vs. Parvati.

Parvati pushes Candice near the edge, but she twists away. They clash and fall to the platform. Candice ends up with her back to Parvati and pushes Parvati to the edge with her back (well, it's not her legs). Parvati somehow manages to scramble to her feet and they square off again. This time as they crash together the bags slide up and Candice lowers her shoulder into Parvati's body and bulls her off the platform, landing on top. Jeff rules that since Parvati hit the mud first, she loses. Heroes 2-0 (Jeff's still saying "Poverty" by the way.)

Match 3 - Rupert vs. Coach

Rupert goes low, Coach high. Rupert is pushing Coach to the edge but at the last minute Coach steps aside and Rupert hits the mud. But wait! Coach took one hand off the bag and Jeff calls a do-over. The two square off again. Rupert (hair and beard caked with mud) looks determined. Coach has a scratch on his left cheek that I don't think was there before. Rain begins to fall. This time it's straight Rupert all the way and Coach quickly hits the mud. Heroes 3-0

Match 4 - Cirie vs. Jerri

Cirie uses her weight and strength to quickly put Jerri in the mud. Heroes 4-0 The Villains bench is looking mighty glum.

Match 5 - JT vs. Tyson

Can country wiles defeat superior height? JT comes out low and fast (wearing his most un-country Bermuda shorts) and pushes Tyson readily, but Tyson fights back to the center. The ring is totally coated with slippery, slimy mud now, plus it's raining harder, and footing is treacherous. JT gets Tyson going again and Tyson just can't put on the brakes. Over he goes into the mud. Heroes 5-0

Match 6 - Amanda vs. Danielle

If the Villains are going to take a point this would be their best chance. These two haven't
even been in the mud yet, but there's so much on the bags they both get coated as the battle proceeds. Amanda gets Danielle going and over the edge she goes. Heroes 6-0

Match 7 - Colby vs. Boston Rob

Probably our best match yet. Both stay low and Rob eventually ends up on the slippery platform, but makes several spin moves to get out of trouble. Rob regains his feet and puts Colby down. Colby gets back up and the fight continues. Colby makes an overly aggressive move and falls/slips past Rob to land on the edge of the platform. Somehow he slithers out of Rob's push and regains his feet. Now Colby puts Rob down, and turns him sideways. Unable to effectively defend Rob is pushed all the way to the edge and over. Heroes 7-0 - match point.

Match 8 - James vs. Randy

Randy's teammates advise him to fight as dirty as he can. James really looks buff all bent over and his muscles making humps on his back and shoulders. At the go Randy goes high, a sure losing strategy and James quickly pushes him over the edge. Not content with point and match, James throws his heavy bag down on his defeated opponent, laying in the mud. Not on, mate. The Villains deride James's sportsmanship (as do I).

Villains, Day 8

A dejected bunch of Villains head back to camp. First order of business is washing all the mud off skin and out of hair in the shallow waters of the beach. Jerri uses a little sand for scouring powder on her legs. Tyson says he thinks the Heroes must have been eating steroid sandwiches before the match - the wild look in their eyes made him fear for their sanity. Randy says he knows his head is on the block as the oldest in the tribe and the other guys (Russell, Rob, and Tyson) are falling for the oldest trick in the book (i.e. feminine wiles). But then the next thing we see is Parvati getting Randy to 'wash her back', and Randy's not refusing. Randy's interview continues that he thinks Parvati is going to be trouble if she gets to the merge and links up with her three old teammates on the Heroes tribe. Of course, as we've seen, past associations doesn't seem to count for much in this game.

Coach seems to be the immune one, as Parvati's flirting falls flat with him, and she's worried he's plotting against her - as he probably is, given his earlier remarks. Coach says coaching girls college soccer for fourteen years has made him immune to such blandishments.

Tyson later raises the issue of Parvati's 'friends on the other side' with Boston Rob, and points out Randy has no friends, which I presume means he'd be a safer one to keep around for awhile. Amanda, Jerri, and Sondra are listening in on this conversation and Sondra puts in that Randy is weak and keeping him weakens the tribe.

Jerri interviews that Parvati is capable of roping people in and therefore a threat.

Coach and Sondra talk it over in the jungle as Boston Rob looks on from afar. Sondra says she just wants to go with whatever the majority wants - sounds like the same ‘flying under the radar’ approach that won her a million last time.

As Randy sits alone on the beach, Coach, Jerri, Parvati and Danielle talk their choices over. Jerri doesn't want to vote for Randy, and the others are all "Who, then?" Parvati mostly keeps her mouth shut and smiles because others are making her points for her.

Later Jerri shares that Parvati's 'entitled' attitude is driving her up the wall.

Parvati interviews that Jerri is a "bitter old cougar" and "her days are numbered."

Randy floats in the surf with Coach and say he's not going to scramble - if the other's can't see what's happening and act appropriately he'll "see you in loser's lodge."

Coach interviews: There's nobody out here that's honorable… except for me." And misquotes Martin Luther King to prove his point.

Tribal Council

Sandra brings out in the open the worries over Parvati's relationships on the Hero's tribe. Parvati says she wants to stick with this tribe, but has no way to prove it - yet. Russell shares Sandra's concerns. Coach just smiles. Jerri says the physical side is important - to not lose challenges - but she still takes other things into account as well.

Asked if the tribe has a leader, Sandra says it's situational - they look to Rob when building things, for instance. Coach does some directing, she says, but then sometimes you turn around and he's not there. Coach takes offense, saying he's been busy out collecting firewood, for instance, and the reason they have the worst shelter in Survivor history is their tribe is like trying to herd cats. Jerri takes exception to the 'worst shelter' line saying that was on her season. Courtney says her season could contend for that title as well. Coach challenges Sandra to put his name down if she thinks he's not pulling his weight, but she denies that was the point she was making.

Sandra finally brings up the 'missing machete', drawing a grin from Russell that he'd do well to suppress. First mention we've hear of Russell's hi-jinks. Quick, has Boston Rob still got his hat? Hmm, it’s not here now.

Jeff remarks how everyone's laughing about how bad it is. Parvati says it's because they have a tribe of misfits. Russell says this tribe is definitely different from the 'dodos' he played with last time - none of whom could hold a candle to any one of his present teammates. It's fun he says, but a lot harder. And he likes it that way and respects it that way.

Rob says the tribe is cohesive in challenges but not in camp, for lack of an acknowledged leader.

Time to vote.

Russell votes.
Courtney votes.
Parvati votes for Randy "It was either you or me tonight and I wasn't going to go down without a fight."
Tyson votes.
Danielle votes.
Sandra votes.
Jerri votes.
Randy votes.
Coach votes.
Rob votes.

The votes. (Again no mention is made of playing an immunity idol. Is there one?)

Randy -------- #1, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7
Boston Rob - #2

Randy has his torch snuffed without comment, to smiles from some, grim looks from others. Jeff cautions the tribe to get their camp life together before it comes back to bite them.

Next Week
Coach melts down. (in a conversation with old Tocantins buddy Tyson.) The Heroes splinter while looking for the hidden immunity idol. (I'm guessing Russell has the Villains' already.) The clock is ticking on Russell (Robs seems to have it in for him.)
Closing Remarks

Randy says the tribe made a big mistake in not voting for Parvati, and he decided to send a little zinger Rob's way as a parting shot. He says he never really felt a part of the tribe.

Voting against:

Boston Rob: Randy
Randy: Everybody else


Remaining Survivors:

Heroes (Blue)SeasonsVillains (Red)Seasons
Cirie Fields12, 16Jerri Manthey2, 8
Amanda Kimmel15, 16Rob Mariano 4, 8
Parvati Shallow13, 16
Tom Westman 10Danielle DiLorenzo12
Candice Woodcock13Sandra Diaz-Twine7
Colby Donaldson 2, 8Russell Hantz19
James 'JT' Thomas, Jr.18Tyson Apostol18
Benjamin 'Coach' Wade18
Rupert Boneham7, 8
James Clement15, 16Courtney Yates15

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