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Survivor 20-2 It's Getting the Best of Me

"Did you enjoy the apple, my pretty?"

Season 20: Week 02

Heroes vs. Villains

It's Getting the Best of Me

Airdate 02/18/2010


Boston Rob knocks himself out. Literally. A tribe is torn by dissension.

Villains, Night 3

It's raining and the villains are crying in their non-existent beer, about how miserable they are which only makes Boston Rob sick, seeing, he says, as how nobody is interested in their two most pressing tasks, making fire and building shelter. Guess they let the fire Rob made last week burn out. "Again, I'm in the buffoon tribe."

Villains, Day 4

Jerri and Coach watch a soggy sunrise together, and agree things will get worse. Later, Randy complains the tribe is redesigning the shelter for the fourth time, each time making it worse. Randy and Tyson share a certain wry amusement at Courtney, the NY waitress, being so bossy about shelter construction.

Heroes, Day 4

Rupert and Steph share some pride in being part of a "working" tribe. Later, however, they have a falling out over Rupert's insisting there's only one way to cook coconuts, 'popcorn style'.

Villains, Day 4

Boston Rob, who works in construction, is upset with the slapdash shelter being built, and decides to sit the construction out sipping, on a coconut. He says he's weak and dizzy. A little later he collapses while walking down the trail. Jerri comes quickly to his aid. He's unconscious at first but she finally gets a weak response, and tells him she'll be right back. She summonses Jeff and the medical team, who check him out where he lies. At one point, trying to drink from a water bottle, he does a passable imitation of Robert Hayes's "drinking problem" from 'Airplane!' - i.e. missing his mouth. He's groggy and his voice is weak and he's emotional, apologizing for letting Jeff down. "It's getting the best of me." The medicals say he looks worse than he is, has a touch of the flu and should be better in 48 hours. As he recovers Rob decides that the problem is that trying to be the good guy is just too exhausting, and he's going back to what he's best at - villainy.

Combined Reward-Immunity Challenge

It's the "stack the giant blocks" from Tocantins. Two at a time survivors run down a field to retrieve six giant blocks, then use them to build a stair case matching patterns on the sides of the blocks to spell out the tribes name on each side. The reward (besides immunity) is a tarp, rope and nails. The villains have to sit out two and choose Randy and Courtney. The Heroes sit out injured Rupert. The racers are:

1. JT-Cirie vs. Danielle-Boston Rob
2. Tom-Candace vs. Sandra-Tyson
3. Colby-Steph vs. Coach-Jerri
4. James-Amanda vs. Russell-Parvati
5. JT-Tom vs. Rob-Tyson
6. Colby-James vs. Russell-Coach

The Heroes run out to a half lap lead in moving the boxes, but then they repeat the same nightmare as last week. The Villains place Boston Rob in charge of constructing the staircase and he directs and they comply, and the staircase gets built steadily. The Heroes nominally select JT as their leader, but there are many dissenting voices and contrary opinions offered and many reversals in the construction process. James is especially frustrated at the dissension and at one point yells at Stephenie to "shut up!" In the end, the Villains come out on top figuratively and literally.

Heroes, Day 4

The heroes hold a session to talk out their failures. James says they have to select a leader and stick by him, and points the finger at Stephenie as being the principal cause of their failure. He says they have to play with 'one voice' and so dominates the discussion few other viewpoints are heard.

Later Tom shares that It frustrated him to have to keep quiet during James's diatribe.

Villains, Day 4

The Villains are happy and laud Boston Rob for leading them to victory.

Russell privately files a dissenting opinion to the Rob-love. Later when most of the tribe is trying to catch fish, Russell spots a wandering free-range chicken and goes all Tarzan with a wooden spear and provides a fresh chicken to the tribe.

Heroes, Day 5

Heroes or no, the backstabbing is going fast and furious. James telling anyone we can corner that Stephenie needs to go. He seems to have done some Survivor research this time around and even tries to use Stephenie's 'tribe of one' in her first season as ammunition against her. JT wonders what losing his alliance with Steph will do to his strategy. Tom and Colby consider themselves on the outs and attempt to save Stephanie by building an alliance with Steph, Cirie, and Candace, telling Cirie and Candace that they're the next ones to go if Steph is voted off. Cirie works to swing Candace, who seems to be the swing vote, to the Tom and Colby side.

Tribal Council

Amanda, who seems to be considered the physically weakest by all, gets a smile on her face (behind her geek glasses) as the James vs. Stephanie fight replays itself in tribal council. The argument is so heated that Probst just sits back and watches it unfold, not playing his usual instigator role. The lines seem clearly drawn in the tribe already, and 'played together previously' seem to have no affect on current alliances. Amanda says she's alarmed at hearing her name tossed around.

Time to vote.

Rupert votes.
JT votes.
Tom votes.
Stephanie votes for Amanda. "You're the weakest."
Colby votes.
James votes.
Amanda votes for "STEPH".
Candace votes.
Cirie votes.

The votes. (Note that no mention is made of playing an immunity idol. Is there one? If so has Russell found the one in his camp already?)

Stephanie - #1, #3, #5, #7, #8
Amanda - #2, #4, #6

Stephenie's out. After her torch is snuffed, she turns to the tribe and says "Some advice - the next time ya'll lose a challenge, a little less cursing off your tribe might help," to which James responds "Keep your mouth shut," drawing a "c'mon" from Tom and a grimace from JT. "It's been a pleasure," Stephenie says and hits the trail. Jeff is so flabbergasted he has nothing to add to the discussion and the tribe makes its way back to camp.

Next Week

It's the 'push your opponent out of the ring with a pad" challenge, and even James's teammates think he got a little too brutal.

Closing Remarks

Stephenie says she's upset at being voted off and the team made a mistake. She says nobody tried to get acquainted with each other.

Voting against:

Stephenie: Rupert, Cirie, Amanda, James, Candace, JT
Amanda: Tom, Stephenie, Colby


Remaining Survivors:

Heroes (Blue)SeasonsVillains (Red)Seasons
Cirie Fields12, 16Jerri Manthey2, 8
Amanda Kimmel15, 16Rob Mariano 4, 8
Parvati Shallow13, 16
Tom Westman 10Danielle DiLorenzo12
Candice Woodcock13Sandra Diaz-Twine7
Colby Donaldson 2, 8Russell Hantz19
James 'JT' Thomas, Jr.18Tyson Apostol18
Benjamin 'Coach' Wade18
Rupert Boneham7, 8Randy Bailey17
James Clement15, 16Courtney Yates15

Posted by Cecil on February 18, 2010 10:58 PM
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