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Survivor Samoa Week 12b - Nip It, Nip It in the Bud

"Why yes, Russell, I have noticed how Bret's beard never grows. And neither does his chest hair or leg hair."


The former FoaFoa tribe begin to wonder about Russell's loyalty. Can this be the week they turn on him? Will Shambo re-defect after having been left out in the cold last week?

Season 19: Week 12b: Damage Control
Airdate 12/10/2009

Note: Survivor throws us a curve this week staging two tribal councils on the same program. As far as I know, this is unique, never having been done before in a one-hour show with only one tribe. We’ve had double tribal councils with two tribes, each going, and we would have had one this season but for RussellG’s unfortunate medical disqualification, so maybe this is a way of getting back on schedule. In any event, I choose to cover this unusual episode as two mini episodes, each with its own blog. Herein is the second episode, 12b.

Aiga - Day 32

As Jaison build the fire, Russell and Mick look on. Everybody looks tired. Russell says the biggest threat left in the game is Bret, and liter interviews that Bret is far to likeable and would get a lot of votes.

Russell and Mick talk. Mick says he’s worried about Russell’s remarks at tribal council that the object now is to get rid of threats. Russell says he was totally talking about Bret. But Mick still worries and later says that maybe Russell is thinking of making other folks with him. Russell says Mick’s nervousness makes him nervous.

Immunity Challenge

The survivors must swim/wade out to a raft and retrieve three bags (one at a time) and, returning to the beach, use a teeter-totter type catapult to toss the bags into a basket about twelve feet off the ground. First to get all three is immune.


Jaison is the first to reach and untie a bag. Then Mick, then Bret, Russell, Monica, Shambo, and Natalie. Everybody’s looking tired, and thin, and the running part on the beach quickly becomes walking. They barely have the energy to climb onto the platform to jump from, much less jump. Numerous bags fall short. This competition seems unfair to the slight women remaining, who don’t have enough weight to toss the bags high enough. Finally Bret sinks one – Russell’s worst nightmare. Mick gets one, and runs faster than Bret, closing the distance. Shambo gets her first.

Bret returns barely ahead of Mick, and connects quickly on his second. Mick follows suit soon after. Both move after their final bag. Russell arrives with his second just as Jaison sinks his first. Quickly followed by Russell and his second. Natalie finally sinks her first leaving only Monica still working on her first.

Bret misses on his first try with his third bag just as Mick comes running up. Mick gets off a launch that trembles on the rim before missing. Bret sinks his third on his second try and wins immunity. What was that Burns said about the best laid plans of mice and men?

Bret gets his immunity necklace but hasn’t a hair on chin, chest, or legs. Has he learned how to shave with clam shells? His hairier, older brethren huff and puff on the side.

Jaison shares that this could throw a monkey wrench in their plans, and now they have to go after Monica.

The inscrutable and pointless “Sprint Player of the week” nominees are Jaison, Mick, and Shambo. What?

Aiga - Day 32

Back at camp everybody congratulates and is ‘happy’ for Bret, even as they eat their hearts out. Shambo gives him a kiss on the boyish cheek. Monica rolls her eyes.

Russell talks to Jason and Mick over the campfire, saying the vote is another no-brainer and he doesn’t even have to say the name, then goes ahead and says it anyway – Monica.

Monica interviews about how totally sucky Bret’s victory was for her personally, and how she’s going to do everything in her power to keep from going home. Yeah, now would be a good time to start. Thirty-two days ago would have been even better.

Bret, Monica, and Mick relax in the shelter, and by golly the two remaining true-blue-Galus try their best to stir something up, and do it well, though a little late. Bret says if he was Mick he’d be worried a bit, seeing as Mick’s such a likeable person and therefore such a liability for someone, Russell say, to take along to F3 or F2. Monica says she thinks Russell plans to take Shambo and Natalie to the end. More fool him if he does, I’d say. It’s easy to see these points are taking some effect on Mick. Bret holds out a tantalizing opportunity to take a bite of that apple make a bold move and blindside ‘somebody’.

Mick and Jaison talk over whether they can trust Russell. Frankly, it you want to take out Russell, the best time is next week, an try to get Natalie and Bret to go with you. Shambo would probably never turn. Or the following week and only need Natalie.

Now Monica starts to work on Russell. Russell says he’s in a great place and why should he listen to her? She says he’s taking threats with him, such as Jaison who’s “counting down the days to day 36”, Russell’s last chance to play the idol. She says Jaison told her that himself, on the beach. And she tells Russell she can make or break him on the jury, and she knows that Russell has a million dollar income, since Natalie told her. This clearly gets Russell’s attention – and draws a sly smile to Monica’s face.

Russell confronts Natalie. She denies telling Monica (we saw that it was Jaison, Monica is muck-stirring). Russell and Natalie go to Bret and ask ”Who told?” Bret says “Jaison?” Russell casts a sharp look Jaisonward.

Russell confronts Jaison with Monica’s revelations. Jaison says Monica is just trying to stay in the game. Yes, but with specific information that only FoaFoas had.

Jaison interviews he ‘might have’ let the information slip. He says he ‘honestly doesn’t remember’. It was only yesterday and in front of cameras, so he’s going to look pretty stupid when this airs. Now Jaison’s worried and tells Mick and Natalie they have to nip this in the bud.

Russell tells Shambo about the fracas and says he’s mad and that’s good because it makes him think harder. Now, he says, Monica has to be sent home tonight, but he’s also got to worry about Jaison. He slips his immunity idol in his pocket and says he’ll use it if he’s feeling any kind of heat.

Tribal Council

The jury troops in. Erik, still bearded, Kelly still smokin’, the shorter hair last tribal council was an illusion (Yay). Laura still Laura, John still looking happy and smiling. Dave has released his hair from the pony tail, a mistake, in my opinion. With his bald pate, he looks like Larry from the Three Stooges.

Russel stands and places the hidden immunity idol around his neck, stating he found this pretty little necklace and thought it might make him look better at tribal council.

Jeff asks Shambo if this surprises her, and she says nothing Russell does surprises her any more. Nobody else is surprised either. Monica says Russell is getting cocky. Russell says “’Some people’ thinks this puts a target on my back. I think it puts the target on ‘somebody else’s’ back.” “He’s humble,” Says Monica with a laugh.

Jeff says “He does have safety around his neck, if he chooses to use it,” apparently forgetting that just a few seconds before he called it an “apparent” immunity idol. Russell says nobody knows if he will or not, that’s what makes it so powerful. I tell you, this man not only knows how to find hidden immunity idols, he knows how to use them. Nice to see after all the inept idol use lately.

Bret says Russell and the FoaFoans look pretty secure tight now, but you have to stay humble or that can bite you. I don’t know, Russell’s been making arrogance work pretty well so far.

Shambo says this is the worst day so far prior to a tribal council, because Russell got his feathers ruffled and is wasn’t pretty. “Awesome,” is Monica’s comment, with another laugh. Russell says Monica’s threats to turn the jury against him only make him vote for her. Monica says it’s fun seeing Russell’s buttons pushed for a change, and she’s proud at having sowed some doubt.

Russell says if he’d been on her tribe from the beginning they’d have made a dangerous combo, and if Monica had played this hard from the beginning she’d be the one in charge now. “Or going home early,” she says. “I’ve played hard, and I’m still here,” Russell responds. “Because of idols.:”Monica responds. [Which you and everybody else had an equal chance to find, I say.] “Well, that’s playing hard,” is Russell’s final riposte.

Russell says he’s not worried, everything’s fine, and thinking that might be his one mistake in the game, but he doesn’t think so.

Mick says there’s bound to be some spin since only one can win.

Bret says he’ll keep his necklace.

Vote time. Bret votes. Natalie votes. Shambo votes. Russell votes for Monica: “Stupid, stupid little girl. Bad strategy.” Jaison votes. Mick votes. Monica votes for Russell: “Watch out, you have huge target on your back.”

Jeff returns from tallying. All eyes turn to Russell who doesn’t play his unhidden immunity idol.

First vote: Monica. Russell. Monica. Russell. Monica. Monica.

FoaFoans smile. Laura in the jury scrunches up her lips. Bret looks stoic. Monica gives a look to the tribe over her shoulder after her torch is snuffed but I can’t tell if she says anything.

Jeff says although it didn’t work for Monica tonight, there’ll be a lot more scrambling to come.

Sad little survivor family moments are played for both Dave and Monica. Not sad because of their content, but because of their placement in the show. Dave has a large, loud, raucous family all talking and mugging at once so you can’t tell what anybody is saying. Monica’s is a single woman (sister?).

Next on Survivor

Once again the ‘next on Survivor’ segment tries to make it look like people are plotting against Russell, which means they probably aren’t. Russell says he and Jaison are running the show. Mick: still paranoid.

Closing Remarks

Monica says she’s shocked, but proud she’s caused the FoaFoans to distrust each other a little more.

Voting against:

Monica: Natalie “Minica”, Shambo “Monn - Happy 26th” Was it her birthday?, Russell, Mick, Jaison

Russell: Bret “Russel”, Monica


Can’t tell Kelly from Natalie from Ashley? Check out SURVIVOR SAMOA BIOS.

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