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Survivor Samoa Week 11 - I'm Shocked, Shocked I Tell You

"Jeff contemplates purple power."

Season 19: Week 11: Off With Their Heads

Airdate 12/03/2009


The previews we saw two weeks ago were fakes – scenes from “The First 27 Days” clip show that tried to make it look like Russell was on the block.

So here’s what the REAL ‘next on lost’ from last week’s clip show is telling us about this week’s show –

Russell and John are plotting. Can Mick really be the target? In one way it makes sense – he’s a formidable opponent to Russell’s ambitions. But have FoaFoa learned nothing from the Galuser debacle? Consolidate your gains first. The inevitable Survivor Auction takes place, with one item offering a leg up in the next immunity challenge – which makes everybody go “Ooooh.” Shambo has a dream and confuses it with Divine intervention: She dreams of Dave being voted off.

Aiga - Night 27

Returning to camp from tribal council Shambo exults "Medusa has been dethroned!" John interviews about the tie breaking rules (the tied members are exempt and everyone else drawls ricks, odd color going home, also known as PROD - Purple Rock Of Death), and how he didn't want to trust his fate to a rock and made multiple reasoned appeals to the old Galu members for a different course of action and nobody would go along with him. He explains this all to Monica and says Aiga made the correct move and so did he. And also that Russell promised him the next vote-off would be a FoaFoan. Hmmm, trusting Russell - what a concept. Monica interviews that John is a "Judas" and has to go home.

The Survivor photos are back in the opening sequence after a week off.

Aiga - Day 28

Russell and Jaison are up before everybody else (which seems to be a metaphor for the whole game) and return to camp rousing everyone for some really welcome tree mail - five hundred dollars cash each, which can only mean it's time for the traditional Survivor Auction. Everyone salivates in anticipation. Shambo interviews how she's losing muscle and really needs some nutrition.

Survivor Auction

Jeff explains the rules. Bidding in $20 increments, no sharing of money or food. No warning when the auction will end.

The first item is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It looks really good - thick slabs of bread, thick layers of peanut butter and jelly - Natalie jumps straight to a $200 bid. Nobody tops that and she gets it.

The next item is covered, and after some spirited bidding, Shambo gets it for $240. "Survivor version of spaghetti," Jeff says, "sea noodles and slug guts - with a light sprinkling of parmesan cheese.” Shambo asks If it has nutritional starch value. Jeff says "Let’s just say it does." Shambo, like a good Marine, carries it back to the bench and digs in, to disbelieving looks from Monica.

The next item is covered also and Dave ball immediately bids $300. Russell says he's playing the odds that they won't have two bad items in a row. Jaison and Monica raise. Monica gets it for $340 - a whole roasted chicken.

The next item, Jeff says, will give a significant advantage in the next immunity challenge. The bidding starts low and steadily moves up. Jaison and John are the end bidders. Jaison later interviews that he figured FoaFoa needed to be in control of anything that might affect immunity, and it was his turn to take one for the team. Jaison asks what happens if they both bid the maximum they have - $500. Jeff says the first one to bid $500 gets it. So Jaison immediately jumps to $500, and is congratulated by Dave for his boldness. Jeff gives Jaison a bottle, telling him to keep it sealed and bring it to the next immunity challenge.

The next item is revealed to be a huge cheeseburger with fries and a cold glass of beer. Mick immediately bids $500 while Jaison hangs his head wishing some other idiot selfless person had gotten the previous prize. When Mick gets it back to the bench and begins eating we see the burger is as big around as his head.

The next item is a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol. Which, as far as we know, no one knows Russell already has. John bids $100, then after a counter bid bumps it up to $200 and takes it at that price. Jeff tells him to keep the clue unopened until he's back in camp. Wonder if he noticed Russell wasn't bidding.

The next item is a Survivor shower - shower, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and clean underwear. That ‘clean underwear’ pushes Natalie over the top and she jumps into the bidding and takes it for $120. Then she takes the shower right then and there - discretely screened, of course.

The next item is a gigantic piece of apple pie about one quarter of a whole pie. John takes it for $300. But wait, Jeff offers him the opportunity to give up his piece of pie and instead get a whole pie, divided in quarters, and give one piece each to four other people. Pie, popularity? Popularity, pie? What to do? John asks the tribe if anyone's stoked for pie. Everyone is, even Natalie who looks like she'd run right out of her shower naked for a piece. John decides to have his own piece, saying everyone's nice and nobody's going to vote him off over a piece of pie. The crestfallen faces in the tribe, especially Monica's (who remember, has a whole chicken to eat) say maybe the rocket scientist should have thunk a little more about that. Russell later interviews that John made a terrible decision, and good will is more important than food.

And the auction is over.

Aiga - Still Day 28

John unwraps and reads his clue. The clue takes him straight to the right location, and he look over under, around and within the wall without finding anything. At last he sighs and wonders if Russell has the idol already.

Shambo goes to the chickens and apologizes because the tribe is lunching on them today. She says she’ll meet them in heaven. She's says the chickens have been her single source of happiness during the twenty nine days she's been there. Which, when you think about it, is kind of sad. Shambo tells the guys she can't be there while they kill a chicken. Mick has no such reservations and grabs one from the coop. Russell take about five whacks of the machete to subdue the fowl. Meanwhile, Shambo is over by the shore holding her fingers in her ears. She calls to her tribe mates to "tell me when the chickens stop screaming." But chickens with their heads cut off don't scream, they just run around for a while. Gave us no end of amusement as kids when we'd visit granddad's farm.

Speaking of chickens, whatever happened when Russell opened the coop at night? Did we see that? Or was it in a preview and hasn't happened yet?

Jaison and the guys are in favor or skewer-roasting a chicken right away Shambo says she's parting them out and boiling them in a pot. She says they'd lose 60 percent of the food value roasting them. The guys let Shambo have her way. Dave wanders up and comments on how hard the chicken is boiling. Shambo doesn't want any comments. Dave says he won the chickens and he feels like that at least entitles him to voice an opinion. Shambo later interviews that the brief confrontation sent her into code red. The camera ominously pans over to the torches.

Aiga - Night 28

Shambo tosses and turns in the night, intercut with pictures of now-deceased chickens. By the way, we never did hear how the chicken stew turned out. Ruined or delicious? That might sort of be relevant. Thanks for nothing, show.

Aiga - Day 29

The next morning, Shambo interviews that she has clairvoyant dreams - maybe thirty times in her life. She considers them divine intervention. And last night she dreamed they voted Dave off.

Shambo tells Russell "Dave is the first to go - deal?" "Deal," Russell replies. Russell later shares this with Natalie, saying Shambo votes with her emotions and there's no changing them. He interviews that once Dave is gone, he has his plans all worked out.

Immunity Challenge - Day 30

The challenge is simple. Stand on a box and hold a rope attached to a heavy log mounted on a hinge, holding it one handed to keep it from falling over. The rope is divided into ten segments by knots. Every three minutes they change hands and move down one segment, increasing the log's lean and the pull it exerts. Last person standing wins immunity. Jaison opens and read the immunity-help he acquired at the auction. It says at any time in the challenge, he can move up two knots on the rope.

Everyone grabs the segment of rope closest to the log with their right hand. (which seems unfair to the left handers, if any, since this is the hand they will be using on the final segment of rope. They should get to choose which hand they start (and end up) with. Jeff makes a curious statement - these logs, he says, weigh as much as you do. Does that mean they’re individually weighted for each contestant? They don’t say.

There's a knot at the end of each segment except the last, giving hands a better grip until they get to the last one. Three minutes in they move to the second segment with their left hand. When they move to the fourth segment Jaison exercises his option, moving up to the second segment. All the contestants are leaning backward against the pull of the rope. No one tries holding the rope behind then to raise the log and decrease the pull. Against the rules, or nobody thought of it? Wish they'd tell us (even if only on their website) ALL the rules.

They get to the next to last segment. One more and there's no knot to keep the rope from sliding through their fingers and Shambo tumbles off of her box. Russell is the next one out, surprising Peachie. Russell says he had a charlie horse in his forearm and couldn't hold any longer.

Jeff orders the final move and points out that they all no longer have a knot to hold on to, except for Jaison who will always have that advantage. Seems unfair to me - he should still have to move every three minutes, arriving at the end 6 minutes after the rest. Monica drips out, followed shortly thereafter by John, then, a little later, Brett.

It's Jaison, Dave, Mick and Natalie in the final four, Mick goes next. Natalie drops out next. Dave trembles and Russell calls out "You've got it, Jaison." Sure enough shortly thereafter the rope slips from Dave's grip and Jaison. Wins. Immunity.

Jaison shares that "We've gotta get Dave tonight." Shambo shares that she’s now definitely in a position of power with FoaFoa – they keep saying “Shannon, whatever you want.”

Aiga - Day 30

Back at camp, Mick interviews about how Shambo was furious at Dave’s comments about her chicken-cooking, and since they want to count on Shambo’s vote “it’s gonna be Dave.” Mick and Russell discuss the Shambo situation, both agreeing that “She won’t flip,” and “It’s Dave”.

Dum-de-dum-dum. Things looking black for ol’ Dave, who’s taking it philosophically, saying ‘C’est la vie,” to Monica.

John and Russell talk. John says he can garner the Galu votes (all three of them) for someone from FoaFoa next round - as Russell had previously promised. Russell says “I guess we’re thinking Mick right now?” Perfidy afoot? John lays out future strategy aimed at taking the two of them further and further. And, he says, they each keep their ears open in their respective camps and if they smell something tricky coming they can just “play the idol”. He seems to be assuming Russell has it, which he has good reason to suspect, but just possibly could also be claiming to have it himself, which might be a good strategy if Russell didn’t have it, which, unfortunately for John, he does. Russell gets a thoughtful look at this remark. They spar back and forth about who has it. Russell says to tell him what the clue was and where he looked and Russell will give him a hint. Russell admits to having the idol and that it was in the hole under the wall. They give each other mutual assurances of not targeting each other.

Later, Russell shares that now that he’s given John the knowledge that he, Russell, has the idol, he’d probably better get John off rather than Dave so that knowledge doesn’t spread. I guess all the Mick talk was smokescreen. Russell, showing the side o him no one in the game ever sees, interviews “These poor people ought to close their ears when I start talking, because if I tell you something and I made a mistake, I got to get rid of you.”

Russell goes to Dave and tells him “I can save you”, saying Shambo and the whole FoaFoa tribe want him gone, and he needs Dave to recruit Monica without alerting John.

Then Russell goes and broaches the idea of John to Mick. Mick worries about what Shambo would do next week with John gone, but goes along with Russell.

Nick spreads the word to Jaison. Jaison worries that keeping Shambo out of it is doing to her exactly what Galu did, and could drive her back to Galu, creating a 4-4 tie at the next tribal council. Mick says he thinks that Russell can sell Shambo. “After leaving her out there hanging the same way Galu did?” Jaison asks.

Tribal Council

In comes the jury, Eric still wearing his beard – I think it’s for spite, Kelly still smokin’, Laura biting her lip.

Jeff congratulates Jaison on his auction bid paying off in immunity, and asks Dave how he feels about that. Dave takes a very humble ‘good loser’ tack.

Shambo says today has been more peaceful without the ups and downs and game-play of the last thirty days. Russell says today was full of strategy. Shambo is shocked at that statement. Jeff is shocked at Shambo’s shock, that people are scrambling to stay in the game. This statement causes Eric to blow a two-handed kiss at somebody – maybe the whole remaining Galu tribe. What’s your interpretation?

Shambo says she bases her vote on two things – advancing in the game herself and voting out anyone who doesn’t deserve getting a million dollars – with the second seemingly more important to her. When Jeff asks Dave where he stands with Shambo, he take a breath and says he’s done his best to be honest and kind with her – drawing a (grin?) (grimace?) from Shambo. John says in a double negative that he doesn’t think Shambo thinks he is lacking in worthiness.

Mick says he thinks no one will be surprised if they get voted out – pointing out that everyone brought all their stuff to tribal this week. Russell says he does think the person voted out will be surprised. Shambo is puzzled at Russell’s statement – thinks the person going knows they’re going.

Dave says he’ll be shocked if the vote goes the way he’s expecting it to go, which cracks Probst up. John says of the two potential names, both have said they wouldn’t be shocked, so he guesses there won’t be a shock. Is he talking Mick and Dave?

Voting time: Jaison chooses to keep his immunity. Monica votes. Natalie votes. Bret votes. Shambo votes for Dave “Dave, thanks for the chickens. They were great friends.” Mick votes. Russell votes. John votes for Mick. Jaison votes. Dave votes for John, “John, I’m voting for you because it might get me closer to a million bucks. Sorry, pal.”

No one plays a hidden immunity idol.

The votes are read: Mick. Dave. John. John. John. Shambo makes a puzzled-stern face. Mick and Dave both swallow hard. John is puzzled. John. In the jury Laura whispers “He is so screwed.” John. And that’s it, John is out. He’s shocked. Dave is happy. Mick is amused. Shambo is all “Wha_?” Laura whispers “She has no idea what happened,” about Shambo. Yeah, Laura, but she’s over there still and you’re in the jury box. Maybe knowledge is overrated. John gives a wave back at the tribe and Shambo says quietly “Bye, John.” Eric is fist pumping again and looking up at the skies. It’ll be too bad when we run out of Galu members and Eric can’t be quite so amused at tribal council. Jeff is amused and says he can’t wait to see what will happen next.

Again we get a depressing Survivor Family Moment as John’s brother sends encouraging words to the recently departed. To add to the depression, apparently only the brother and a dog could be rounded up for the Family Moment.

Next time on Survivor "Damage Control"

Mick and Jaison worry about whether they can trust Russell to take them along to F3. Mick seems to be comparing Russell to a snake to Monica and Brett. Of course, in this scene, the name “Russell” is never actually used, but it’s intercut with views of Russell. It seems every week the previews try to make us think the tribe is after Russell - will it be so this week?

Closing Remarks

John talks in a subdued manner that’s hard to hear over the closing music. He says tonight’s vote represents another sub-standard decision by Galu, each scrambling to last one more week. He says the former Galu tribe is intellectually outmatched. He feels good about having made it to the “fourth quarter” and believes he deserved too “go the distance.” Oh well, so much for rocket science.

Voting against:

John: Mick, Natalie, Jaison, Russell, Dave, Monica, Brett
Mick: John
Dave: Shambo


Can’t tell Kelly from Natalie from Ashley? Check out SURVIVOR SAMOA BIOS.

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