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Survivor Samoa Week 8 - All Hell Breaks Loose

"The one with the poofiest hair wins."


The tribes merge, much alcohol is consumed, and immediately the long knives come out. Who will fall at the first merged tribal council?

Season 19: Week 8: All Hell Breaks Loose

Airdate 11/05/2009

FoaFoa - Night 18

Four weary remnants of FoaFoa trek back to camp after booting Liz. Jaison says he can be Rah Rah if that's what they need. Natalie says that's what they need. He's not very convincing. As they bed down, Russell discusses the possibility that at 12 remaining, the merge will happen next. He says they'll need a strategy. Mick thinks they can turn Laura, but has anyone noticed that they'll need two people to flip, at a minimum? Russell later interviews that he's not really worried, numbers or no numbers. He's got a plan.

Galu - Day 19

Laura works around camp and interviews that she's sure Shambo doesn't like her and that's why she got sent to FoaFoa. There's apparently some friction to do with a canteen that Laura left behind when she went to FoaFoa, but the issue is unclear. Shambo seems to make an honest attempt to talk the issues out around the campfire but Laura's taking an 'it's all in your head' approach. Shambo interviews that it feels like high school with the 'cool girls' turning up their noses at her. Erik interviews that, since 'everyone knows' that Shambo is crazy, any one who argues with her loses face.

FoaFoa - Day 19

Tree mail arrives telling everyone to 'follow their leader' to a face to face with their rivals. FoaFoa seems to think it's another challenge, but Russell recognizes it's ambiguous and could mean a merge. So on a beach with two grass-shack pavilions FoaFoa finds a chest resting on the sand. Once again Jeff's nowhere in sight, but since this happened once before the tribes go straight for the chest. Inside are new buffs, paint, a new tarp (Blue), and a note. The note says to put on the new buffs, they're now one tribe, and a feast awaits at the old Galu camp. Much hugging and excitement ensues.

The feast is chicken, fruits, bread, pies, and many beverages, most presumably alcoholic. Toasting proceeds. Many conversations break out on the beach or in the water. John reveals a chemical engineering degree. Russell interviews that he sees his tribe mates doing exactly what they planned last night - getting together with Galuans and schmoozing.

The tribes return to Galu camp, and Natalie interviews that the Galu camp feels like the Hilton with all those luxuries they kept winning. Around the campfire they talk about choosing a new name. Somebody asks if anyone knows any Samoan slang, and Brett says that Aiga means 'extended family', and the tribe goes for that. Hope Bret's knowledge of Samoan is better than Coach's knowledge of Portuguese.

Later Erik interviews that it's like the FoaFoans are starting all over at day one in the new camp, while he is way ahead at day 19 with a hidden immunity idol in his pocket. He makes a 'gag' gesture at the tribe's new name.

Aiga - Day 20

Russell takes Laura for a walk and shows her his hidden immunity idol. He tells her that if she can take him to the top seven, he'll give her the idol. In return he says, it comes with a couple of rules. They can knock off his people any time they want, but the first one to go has to be one of "your guys". It's not clear if he means a male or just any former Galuan. Laura tell him she has 90% of the power to his 10% and he can't dictate the rules.

Laura later interviews that this just shows how desperate that Russell is.

Russell later interviews that Laura can't set the rules and she's just digging her own grave, and he might just make the same offer to someone else, say Monica. And he goes and does just that. With Monica he says the idol just might take them to top two, and if he knows she's on the chopping block, he'll give it to her. Monica seems receptive, but Russell interviews that he didn't believe a word she said, though she might start meaning it if he gets rid of 'her boss', Laura. And next he might try it on a guy.

Sure enough, Russell shows the idol to John, sitting on a wooden dock. [Wait a minute! Galu has a dock at their website? How come we've never seen this before? I didn't see any dock at FoaFoa's camp. And Mom always liked you best!] Anyway, Russell says he can get "his people" to vote any way he wants, and he knows John can do the same, and together they can rule the game. John seems receptive. They settle on Laura going first. Russell even catches a fish. An omen?

Aiga - Day 20

Russell fishes from the same dock while Shambo washes her hair. Russell sounds Shambo out on Laura, and of course he gets an earful. Russell is of course glad to hear there's friction between the two, and sounds Shambo out on voting off Laura. Shambo is of course receptive, and later interviews that she "trust(s) Russell explicitly." Russell spreads the word to all the other ex-FoaFoans.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff takes back the tribal immunity totem for the last time, and reveals the new individual immunity necklace. The challenge - "T-Ball". Contestants hit a ball into a grid, with different sectors scoring different points. Highest point total is immune. Then Jeff reveals a twist - there are two immunity necklaces, and they will be awarded the highest point totals among the men and among the women. I forget, is this a Title 9 requirement?

Dave goes first and hits a 3. Jaison goes off the course, scoring nothing. It wasn't mentioned before, but apparently it's a one-ball round, because Jeff says this rules Jaison out. Russell scores a 4. Bret swings for the fences trying for the suspended basket that scores 10, but misses and is out. Mick tops his for a 2. Erik goes off the course. John is the last guy, and lands a 5 to win immunity.

Natalie misses the course entirely. Monica scores 2. Kelly gets a 3. Shambo whiffs a zero. Laura, last among the women, whacks a 4, and is immune. What is it Burns says 'aft gag agley'?

Russell looks sad. Shambo interviews about her gut-wrenching anguish.

Aiga - Day 20

Erik crows to other ex-Galuans how the ex-FoaFoans still can’t win anything. Russell and Shambo have a 'what do we do, now?' conversation. Russell suggests Monica. Shambo says the tribe wouldn't go along with that. Russell interviews he might want to use the idol tonight.

Laura tells Erik that Russell has the idol. He suggests putting out the story that it’s Russell tonight to flush out the idol, then voting Jaison instead. Erik tells John that Russell has the idol because Laura saw it and told Erik. John proposes that Monica should go tonight. John later interviews that he's comfortable blindsiding a Galuan instead of going straight down the FoaFoa list. Oh, John, see my digression from last week. John says that Eric can still vote with Laura to retain her trust, while the rest vote off Monica.

The Galuan men get together and Erik explains the plan. Dave interviews that he doesn't like the plan, he wants to go straight down the FoaFoa roster. Wonder if he reads my blog? Furthermore Erik's craftiness makes Dave nervous. Apparently John is smart enough to lay back and let Erik take any flak for the plan.

Erik has a quiet conversation with Mick, Natalie and Jaison to urge them to vote for Monica. Is he leaving Russell out of the group to increase Russell's paranoia? If so, smart move. Russell and Kelly both wander by within eyesight of the group. Pretty open plotting. Jaison later interviews that Erik told him they wanted to flush Russell's idol at the same time. After Erik leaves the group, Jaison turns to the others and says it sound more like Erik needs blindsiding. I love it when things get all Machiavellian.

Natalie spills the beans to Laura and Kelly that Erik's trying to get rid of Monica, and suggests voting Erik instead. Laura says there's no way to pull that together. Kelly tells Monica. The two of them tell Bret, unaware that Bret already was in on the plan. Natalie tells Russell she's changed everything. Russell worries it's a ruse. People are pulling people aside for conversations all over camp.

Erik interviews that he's worried because things seen to be going too smoothly. But, he says, he has his idol in his pocket and he'll use it if he needs to. You did remember Erik found the other idol, right?

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to tribal council we go.

Tribal Council

Jaison says there's certain helpless feeling at merging with such inferior numbers. Monica says you're never really sure who to trust, that someone may say one thing to your face another behind your back. If I was Erik I'd be reaching for that idol about now.

Erik says, not to be cocky or anything, but he doesn't see what FoaFoa has to offer to get even one Galuan to turn, much less two. Mick just stares at the fire with a grim expression. Russell says he doesn't like pity and they may have some surprises left. Erik says anyone down like FoaFoa would say anything to stay alive. [Exactly, and that's why if you vote off a Galuan, it confirms what the minority is saying and leads to lower ranks of the majority defecting next week. I'm just saying.]

Erik runs down the members of the ex-FoaFoa listing minuses for each. He seems to say Jaison has great potential he isn't actualizing. Jaison invites him to look at his resume. I think the big word confuses Erik. Jaison shows he's miffed at Erik's remarks. Russell says they still have hope. Eric says he respects Russell's competitiveness, but thinks maybe it's a little misaligned. Russell says he'll strategize and wheel and deal with every single person to try and stay in the game.

Time to vote. Neither Laura nor John want to give up their necklaces.

Dave votes. Bret votes. Shambo votes. Kelly votes. John votes. Russell votes for "Eric" with a smiley face. Jaison votes. Natalie votes. Erik votes. Mick votes. Laura votes. Monica votes.

The votes are tallied. Jeff says he'll read the votes, but Russell stands and plays his immunity idol.

The votes: "Jason", "Jason", "Eric", Erik, "Eric", Erik, Erik, (Erik's brow begins to furrow a little, Laura and Russell smile), Erik, (now Jaison smiles, too, and Laura smirks), Erik - and it's official, Erik is the first member of the jury.

Erik grins wryly and gives a little wave to the tribe as he leaves. Now Russell has wasted his idol and Erik leaves with his in his pocket. If he'd played it Jaison would be going home. Another poem comes to mind "Oh, what tangled webs we weave…"

Next Week

The old Galu declares open season on Russell. Russell struggles with what strategy to adopt now.

Closing Remarks

Erik says he's not embarrassed by going home with the idol in his pocket because you can’t defend against something that's invisible, like this blindside. He says he played with 100% of his heart and he's proud of that.

Voting against:

Erik: Monica, John, Laura, Jaison, Mick, Bret, Kelly

"Eric": Dave, Natalie, Russell

"Jason": Erik, Shambo (once again left out in the cold)

(What if misspelled votes didn’t count?)
(Wonder if the hidden immunity idols will be placed back in play?)


Can’t tell Kelly from Natalie from Ashley? Check out SURVIVOR SAMOA BIOS.

Posted by Cecil on November 3, 2009 12:09 PM
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