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Survivor Samoa Week 5 - Shivering Survivors

”Chug-a-lug, Chug-a-lug. Makes you want to go Hi-de-ho!”

Season 19: Week 5: Walking On Thin Ice

Galu Night 11

Returning from tribal council, Shambo is chagrinned to find she was the only remaining tribe member to have voted against Monica. Even leader RussellG, who adamantly said he preferred “performance’ to “pretty” caved and went with the majority. Around the campfire, the other girls gossip about Shambo, and Monica plans to take Shambo out next.

Galu Day 12

The tide has risen above the base of Galu’s flag on the beach. As Erik gives himself a salt-water scrub, one of the higher waves catches him and throwes him on the sand.

FoaFoa Day 12

Jaison finds their flag awash, too. Ashley wonders if there’s a hurricane out there. Mick brings in treemail, announcing the gross food challenge. Ashley says she’s excited and can try anything once. Liz tells RussellE she’s worried about Ashley. RussellE says he’s worried about her, Liz. Liz says she’s not a picky eater, but ‘some people here’ won’t even eat coconut (as in Ashley.)

RussellE tells Mick he thinks Liz is planting a few seeds against Ashley. Liz worries Russell because she’s smart and independent. He doesn’t want to see anyone taking strategic positions except himself.

Reward Challenge

Jeff has a “wheel of nasties” that the contestants (one from each tribe at a time) must spin to determine what they will have mixed up in a blender to chug down. Each completed chug earns a point. The reward is a “survivor barbecue” of steaks, sausages and veggies that brings squeals of delight from each side. Plus (or minus depending on how you look at it) the winners send one person to the losers camp, that person missing the barbecue.

Galu sits out Kelly, Laura, and John. First contestants are Shambo and Jaison. They each throw a ball on the wheel and land on “Giant Clam”, and “Jeff’s Choice:” Jeff pulls the guts from a giant clam, then adds an octopus tentacle and some sea snails, with a little “nonnie juice” to help liquefy it, and blends away, then pours a generous helping in a glass for each competitor, garnished with a little seaweed. Shambo gulps hers down in three gulps, caisson talks a little longer and few chest thumps,, but gets it down. 1-1

RussellE and RussellG both land on “Jellyfish”. Jeff mixes it up with milk and pour out a gloppy portion each. RussellE gets a milk mustache and pauses. RussellG slams his right down. RussellE spits a little back in his glass, but eventually chugs it all down. 2-2

Brett and Mick land on “Giant Clam” and “Sea Cucumber”, which gets mixed with milk. Brett is a bit hesitant, but Mick slams his right down. Brett finished his, even licking the glass. 3-3

Monica vs. Liz. They both land on “Sea Urchin”, which is even considered a delicacy in Japan. Liz and Monica clink glasses – salud! Liz plugs her nose as she drinks. Monica eats her sea noodle garnish separately, and finishes first. Liz finishes as well – 4-4.

The last contestants are Ashley and Dave. If they both score there’ll be a tie-breaker. They both land on “Sea Slug Guts”, which look as revolting as they sound. Jeff mixes these with water, which I think, increases the grossness factor. Ashley tried nose holding al la Liz, Dave chugs his right down, albeit with many gross sounds that leave Ashley unsure whether to hold he nose or her ears. Ashley get the liquid down but balks at the solids in the bottom of the glass, hindered by gross comments from Erik from the side. Ashley finally gives up, barfs quickly in the bushes, and conceded the day to Galu. Guess Liz knew wherefrom she spoke.

RussellG chooses Shambo to go with FoaFoa, missing the barbecue. Shambo, however much she enjoyed her previous stint at FoaFoa, takes issue with missing the goodies, and appeals but RussellG is adamant. Later he says it was a penalty for losing the chicken. Jeff gives Shambo another clue.

back at FoaFoa Day 12

The FoaFoans engage in a little sour-grapesing about missing the steaks. Shambo tells FoaFoa no offense, but she’s a little bummed at this visit, and the FoaFoans are understanding. Shambo says they’re all good people with no hidden agendas, as a cameraman with a fine sense of irony pans over to RussellE’s bearded mug. Shambo says she’ll take a group hug in lieu of a steak, and the FoaFoans oblige.

Privately, Shambo shares she really did need that protein. Ashley tells Natalie she’s never been so close to passing out in her life. Wonder if she could have handled it better if she’d taken that that nose piercing out?

Shambo shares the third clue with FoaFoa, and goes right to the proper tree, climbing inside it, but finding nothing, of course. The focus then shifts to who has it, and Liz and RussellE are both asked and deny having it, and there’s some speculation that Ben had it and failed to play it when he was voted off.

Liz accuses RussellE of lying about having the idol, and RussellE tells her she’s “walking on thin ice”.

Back at Galu, Day 12

RussellG repeats his reasoning on the Shambo situation, a little defensively, it seems to me. Then, while the famished tribe dreams of steaks, he fiddles around trying to get a fire started by laying twigs flat on the ash bed of the old fire. He blames dampness for the failure of the twigs to catch. Dave, watching this, is driven to distraction by his ineptness. They get into a weird argument where Dave wants to help with the fire but won’t pitch in unless RussellG asks him, but RussellG thinks he should help without being asked, and they go round and round. Finally Dave pitches in and using the Boy Scout tepee method, has a fire blazing in no time, and the feast proceeds.

Galu, Night 12

With night comes the rain, and Galu is soaked. Kellie actually says it: “I wish we’d taken the tarps instead of the blankets.”

Galu, Day 14

It’s still raining, and Dave has to build a log bridge just to get to the treemail without wading ankle deep or deeper. When he reads it, it describes a challenge where some hold and others attack, and also mentions “nuts”.

Immunity Challenge

One man and one woman from each tribe will hold a rope that connects over a pulley to a net basket. The remaining contestants will shoot coconuts at the baskets until the rope holder can no longer hold on. Last holder standing wins immunity for their tribe.

RussellG sits out Dave, Shambo, and Brett, and chooses himself and Laura to hold the ropes. For FoaFoa RussellE and Liz will hold. FoaFoans are apparently bad basketball players, and Galu have four coconuts in RussellE’s net and two in Liz’s before FoaFoa get their first one in a Galu net. The rains come down even harder, which can’t make holding the rope very easy. Liz and RussellE are straining and RussellG and Laura haven’t broken a sweat yet, not that they probably could anyway in this cold rain, but you know what I mean. Erik lands three coconuts at once in Liz’s net. RussellE’s net holds twice as many coconuts as any other and Galu keeps piling them in – RussellE finally collapses. With all Galu attention on Liz’s net, she can’t last much longer, and doesn’t, despite valiant effort. Galu wins again.

Back at FoaFoa, Day 14

In a pouring rain, FoaFoa huddles under their shelter. Jaison shares how miserable he is, and sound almost ready to quit. Nobody’s moving out of the shelter so there’s no way to work on any private voting deals. RussellE raises the idea of somebody volunteering to go home, but nobody does. Ashley raises the idea of deciding in advance, but nobody wants to do that either, so everybody is vulnerable. Ashley interviews she’s voting for Liz, Liz returns the compliment. RussellE interviews that he’s bummed he can’t do his usual wheeling and dealing. Everyone is pretty much relieved when it’s actually time to go to tribal council.

Tribal Council

Jaison say Survivor is the hardest thing he’s done since playing for the national water polo team. Ashley agrees that at least they get to sit around a fire, one consolation for going to tribal council. Mick points out they can’t scramble since they were all stuck under the shelter. Natalie agrees there’s no way to strategize. RussellE agrees that trust is like gold in the game. Ashley says she trusts everyone but trusts Natalie and RussellE the most. Liz says she pretty much trusts everyone, that all the reverses have brought them closer together. Mick and Jaison think that they could be stronger as someone leaves.

Voting time.

Mick votes. Natalie votes. Liz votes. Ashley votes for Liz. RussellE votes. Jaison votes for Ashley.

The voters come back. Ashley. Liz. Ashley. Ashley. Ashley. Ashley takes her snuffing with a smile, turns back to the tribe and says “Kick some butt, you guys.” The tribe of five slowly makes its way back to its rainy lodgings.

Next Week

The storms continue. Another castaway goes down (we see Jeff calling for medical.)

Closing Remarks

Ashley goes out with positive remarks, wishing her team well, and for one of them to win a million bucks.

Voting against:

Ashley: RussellE, Liz, Mick, Jaison, Natalie.
Liz: Ashley.


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Posted by Cecil on October 19, 2009 1:48 PM
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