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Survivor Samoa Week 4 - Work Ethic

Bump, bump, bump, another one bites the dust.

Season 19: Week 4: Hungry for a Win

FoaFoa Night 8

The tribe talks over the decision to vote out Ben, most feeling he left them no choice. Jaison interviews that he now feels that coming to Survivor was the worst decision he ever made in his life.

FoaFoa Day 9

RussellE interviews that Jaison’s unwillingness to deal with Ben is a weakness that he (RussellE) can do without, so he’s willing to vote out Jaison at any time.

Treemail arrives with a map, and saying that the chief should choose two to accompany him on a mission, at which there’s a chance of gaining something to eat. Mick chooses RussellE and Natalie to go with him.

Galu Day 9

Shambo is not happy returning to Galu’s newage crew after her warm reception at FoaFoa. Erik shows he’s thinking by reasoning that the clues Shambo and Yasmin have received to the location of the hidden immunity idol at FoaFoa probably apply equally to Galu, and they should combine forces to look for it. Then, just before he can get all the information he needs from Shambo, up comes rocket scientist John with the same idea.

Reward Challenge

RussellG arrives with Shambo and Dave. On the beach there’s a circle of rocks, a chest and a chicken coop with four chickens labeled “REWARD”. Mick and his FoaFoa tribemates join them. But no Jeff. The tribes stand around waiting for a while. Suspicion begins to grow that they’re on their own and Dave make’s dash for the chest while Shambo, Natalie, and RussellE run for the chickens. Dave finds instructions in the box and the leaders tell their tribemates to put the chickens back in the coop.

Each player gets three balls in the tribe’s colors to toss at a flag on a stick in the center of the ring. When all are done, closest ball wins the chickens. “It’s like bocce/horseshoes” Rambo says.

The order is determined to be chiefs, then ladies, then gentlemen, FoaFoa leading off. Mick lands a yellow ball right in front of the flag. RussellG comes close but not closer. RussellG’s second shot knocks Mick’s even closer. The ladies knock a few balls around, but two of Mick’s are still closest when they are done. RussellE’s first is about as good as Mick’s two. Dave, tossing with a backspin, is way long with his first. RussellE gets the closest yet with his third and last toss, and FoaFoa is salivating over eggs and chicken. Dave shushes RussellG before tossing his last, and tosses the final ball right next to the stick, Galu wins!

back at Galu, still Day 9

While the competitors are away, Erik seizes the chance to get people out doing chores (except John and Yaz, who are napping) so he can look for the hidden immunity idol. He scrambles around, looking in the bark of as many trees as he can find with openings. John, rousing from his snooze in a hammock, eyes his actions surreptitiously. Erik finds the hidden immunity idol! And re-hides it, planning to use it later.

The victorious competitors noisily return to camp with their booty. (Wonder if the considered bringing the chest back, too? In any event they didn’t, only the chicken coop.) Privately Dave brags, but publicly remains cool and collected. Shambo says she’s a country girl and volunteers to be chicken keeper.

FoaFoa, still Day 9

The FoaFoans are depressed at losing again, and miserable as well, as the rains have begun and their shelter is leaky. Jaison and RussellE eat mangos in the rain. RussellE interviews that he doesn’t know if Jaison has the stamina to make it to final 2, and Russell’s think more about taking Natalie along.

Natalie interviews that appear weaker is a strategy for her and she thinks she can beat RussellE in a final because he’s rubbed too many people the wrong way.

Galu, Day10

Shambo is feeding the chickens coconut, and talking to them while Dave and Erik ponder the relative merits of eating chicken vs. eggs, when Shambo shouts out “Escaped chicken, 911!” The tribe scrambles after the chicken when Erik gets clotheslined by the, well, clothesline. The chicken flies up into a tree, and the tribes eventually loses interest in trying to track it. Erik is upset.

Yaz sits around and comments while Kelly works, shelling coconuts. Kellie interviews she’s tired of Yaz never doing anything around the camp.

Immunity Challenge

The challenge. Race across a net bridge carrying wooden blocks approximately nine inches on a side. When they get to the end, stack the blocks vertically so they stand alone for five seconds, then cross a rope bridge to where there’s another, larger, set of blocks and stack them as well. First team finished wins immunity. Galu sits out Shambo, Laura, Dave, and RussellG.

FoaFoa finishes the first leg slightly ahead, and uses Jaison’s height to good advantage in building their stack. There turns out to be two sizes of boxes, so the larger one have to be stacked first. Eventually, even FoaFoa has to ride piggyback, or even stand on shoulders to reach high enough. Galu finishes about five seconds ahead of FoaFoa and sprints for the rope bridge,

Galu generally handles the rope bridge better that FoaFoa, until they come to Monica, who is excruciatingly slow. The two teams finish less than five seconds apart. The second set of blocks are in bags that must be untied, and FoaFoa is slow at the untying task. Kellie is standing on shoulder for Galu, Natalie for FoaFoa. Gale has a slight lead until Kellie, trying to place three blocks at once, drops two. Natalie stretches and gets the last block in place for FoaFoa – the pile teeters as the tribe races back to their mat and the five count proceeds – the pile stays in place and FoaFoa wins!

The rains begin in earnest as Jeff tells Galu he’ll see them at tribal. RussellG interviews that Monica “disappeared” during that challenge.

Galu, Day 11

As RussellG tries to get the fire restarted, he and Erik discuss the challenge. RussellG thinks it’s all Monica’s fault for that slow rope bridge performance. Erik agrees with RussellG.

Laura, Dave and John talk, and Dave focuses on Shambo’s chicken fiasco. Monica joins the group and the rest of the group focuses on Yas’s non-contributions around camp.

Yaz and Shambo talk and settle on Monica. Yaz says he strategy around camp is to do nothing around camp so she can’t be criticized for doing something wrong.

Erik favors keeping Yas as stronger in challenges but acknowledges more people would rather keep Monica. He tells RussellG there’s a movement against Yas, and Russell is upset. He says Monica is a liability.

Tribal Council

Brett says some people aren’t pulling their weight around camp and specifically mentions Yasmin. Yas says she’s done anything anyone asked her to. RussellG says challenges are the base of the competition (RussellE would disagree) and if they take care of the challenges everything else falls into place. Yas agrees with RussellG 100 per cent, and says Monica fell a little short today. Dave pulls a Charlie Wilson and says “What’s good for the tribe is good for me.” Laura says number one for her is who’s helping around camp the most.

Voting time.

Erik votes, Shambo votes for Monica, Kelly votes, John votes, Monica votes for “Yazee” – “I Don’t feel like you have carried your weight around camp”, Dave votes, RussellG votes, Yas votes for Monica, Brett votes, Laura votes for “Yaz”.

The tally comes back Yasmin, Yasmin, Monica, Monica, Yasmin, Yasmin, Yasmin, Yasmin, and Yas is the first person voted off from Galu. Monica gives a sigh of relief, and Yasmin a rueful smile as she picks up her torch for Jeff to snuff. She leaves picking her way carefully down the steps in high heels, without any parting words or look back. RussellG looks thoughtful.

Next Week

It’s the gross food challenge! Sea slug guts, etc. Forty eight hours of rain bring everyone’s spirits down.
Liz and RussellE have a falling out.

Closing Remarks

Yas is a little miffed but feels she’s better off without the ungrateful wretches who voted her off.

Voting against:

Yasmin: Erik, John, Laura, Kelly, RussellG, Dave, Brett, Monica
Monica: Shambo, Yasmin


Can’t tell Kelly from Natalie from Ashley?

Posted by Cecil on October 18, 2009 5:09 PM
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