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Survivor Samoa Week 3 - Like Zombies Walking Around

”Retrieving a Puzzle Crate ”

Season 19: Week 3: It's Called a Russell Seed

FoaFoa - Day7

Jaison and Mick talk over the Ben situation. Ben’s ‘ghetto’ remarks rubbed them both the wrong way and Jaison, especially, wants him gone. RussellE checks in with Natalie, asking her who should be next. Russell shares that no one else but me is playing the game. “I’m going to have them all like zombies walking around.”

Ben shows Mick how to start fire with flint (and magnesium!) but the lesson doesn’t take. Ben thinks the tribe will eat only cold food if he goes. He shares a little too much information regarding bathroom habits. RussellE shares that Ben is cutting his own throat. Ben catches another lizard and offers some to the tribe, but gets no takers.

RussellE tells Ben Ashley is gunning for him. RussellE proposes blindsiding her. Ben confronts Ashley and they argue – to RussellE’s delight.

Galu - Day7

Galu’s newage youngsters take a yoga break before getting any work done, distressing ex-marine Shambo, who busies herself gathering firewood.

Treemail brings news of a challenge that will involve running, swimming, lifting, and thinking. Plus a bag of swim suits.

Reward/Immunity Challenge

Two members will swim out to retrieve a crate, but can be hindered by a defender from the other tribe. This process is repeated three more times with different swimmers and defenders each time. Then the four crates must be stacked vertically in sort of a reverse Rubik’s fashion, so that no color repeats on any side of the stack.

FoaFoa sits out RussellE, Galu sits out Shambo, Yasmin, Erik and Brett.

Liz and Natalie swim first for FoaFoa, while Monica and Laura swim for Galu, with Kellie and Ashley defending. Galu gets back with their crate first and John and Dave swim against defender Ben. They both manage to run around Ben who doesn’t even touch them. Mick and Jaison enter the fray for FoaFoa, with RussellG defending. There’s a brief tussle and Galu’s lead gets a little longer. Galu’s girls head out for their second crate. Sometime later FoaFoa’s girls follow. Galu’s men head out for the last crate, and once again Ben is ineffectual at slowing them down. But Ben contributes by taking down RussellG and preventing him from hindering the FoaFoa men.

Despite Galu’s lead, FoaFoa thinks they’ve reached a solution first, but they’ve erred. One side has two of the same color. They go back to work, but Galu reaches a correct solution and wins immunity.

On the reward side, though RussellG has a decision to make. The reward was cushions, blankets, towels, mats, candles . RussellG is given five seconds to decide to take those comfort items, or choose function – tarps. a lantern and kerosene, pegs, bowls, pots, a shovel. Dave and Brett salivate over the tarps, but RussellG chooses the comfort items, to the delight of the women except maybe Shambo, and to serious looks from the men. RussellG sends Shambo to visit FoaFoa, Jeff gives her a clue to be opened in private.

Back at Foa Foa

Shannon introduces herself around and it’s much more cordial on both sides than with Yasmin. Mick says they’d like to adopt her. Shambo would probably like that too.

The second idol clue practically gives the location away, mentioning ‘in sight of the fire’, ‘close to the ground’, and ‘root’.

Jaison tells Ashley he’s thinking of issuing an ultimatum – either Ben goes or he quits. He feels that strongly about Ben’s ‘racist comments’. RussellE tells Mick and Liz it should be Ashley going, and they plus Ben can make it happen. Mick hesitates, though because he knows how strongly Jaison feels about Ben. RussellE makes a deal with Mick to send Ben next if Mick votes with him, and to cement Mick’s trust, shows him the immunity idol.

Galu - Day7

The tribe dumps all their loot, RussellG sharing that he was personally inclined to take the camping gear but felt he had to “take care of his women”. John and Dave are skeptical about the choice.

FoaFoa – Day8

Shambo shows the tribe how to make some camp items. She goes idol hunting and finds the right tree, but of course no idol.

RussellE, Mick, and Jaison meet and RussellE tries to persuade Jaison that Ashley should go first, if only to prevent an even man/woman split which RussellE fears (or says he does) would result in the women conspiring against the men. RussellE seems to be persuaded by the intensity of Jaison’s feelings.

Tribal Council

Jaison says Shambo has been an excellent guest, and he would love to trade Ben for her. The tribal council ends up being an extended argument between Ben and Jaison, with the others trying to be as diplomatic as possible.

Voting time.

Mick votes, Ashley votes for Ben, RussellE votes, Liz votes, Ben votes for Ashley, Natalie votes, Jaison votes,

The count comes back: Ashley, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben and Ben is out. Ben takes his snuffing quietly, without a comment or backward glance.

Next Week

The rains come and FoaFoa is freezing. RussellE and Jaison have some friction. Eric and Shambo look for the idol in Galu camp.

Closing Remarks

Ben says the tribe will starve without him, and he was the hardest working person in camp, everybody in the tribe is a sissy except RussellE. But he says it with a smile.

Voting against:

Ben: Mick , Ashley, Liz, Natalie, RussellE, Jaison
Ashley: Ben

Posted by Cecil on October 17, 2009 1:11 AM
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