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Survivor Samoa Week 2 - Unmannerly Visitation

”Rugby-basketball, survivor style”

Season 19: Week 2: Taking Candy From a Baby

Airdate: 9/24/2009

FoaFoa - Day 4

RussellE crows over his success in getting Marissa kicked off the night before. He and Betsey make an effort to repair their relationship but are still wary of each other. Jaison seeks out RussellE to smooth the waters. RussellE is happy to ally with Jaison, and tells him he intends to start looking for the (so far unannounced) immunity idol. RussellE looks all around the tree-mail location, then eyes a tree in camp with a prominent hole in the base of its trunk. While Ben roasts a small lizard he’s caught (barely a mouthful) RussellE explores the tree… while his whole tribe watches – and FINDS THE IDOL! And hides it in his underwear before retreating from the tree. He shows it to Jaison, as a means of gaining Jaison’s trust.

Galu - Day 4

Yaz shows herself to be a city girl unaccustomed to the out of doors.

FoaFoa - Day 5

Mike and Betsey bring home tree mail, describing a rough immunity challenge to come.

Reward/Immunity Challenge

Three members of each tribe perch on a platforms, while the others battle in a mud pit to obtain possession of three rugby-type balls, which they pass to the members on the platform, who shoot at a net on the opponents’ platform. First team to sink three wins immunity and fishing gear – nets, fins, mask, spears, line, lures. And a twist to be revealed after.

Galu sits out Monica. The first match has men in the pit, women on the shooting platform. There’s a lot of pushing and collisions in the pit before Liz finally sinks a ball to put FoaFoa ahead. 1-0.

The second round has women in the pit, and mixed shooter teams. John sinks a shot for Galu to tie the game at 1-1. Jeff warns the teams that they’re getting a little rough and he won’t tolerate any more cheap shots.

Next round is men on the platform, and a mixed group in the pit. In the midst of the scrum, Bartender Ben is thrown out for tripping RussellG. With FoaFoa playing short in the pit, Erik scores to out Galu ahead 2-1.

Now it’s men in the pit, women shooting again. Mike has a big hit with Erika and looks dazed afterward. Laura scored to give Galu the win, 3-1.

The twist is that RussellG must select a member of Galu to accompany FoaFoa back to camp and attend tribal council with them as an observer. RussellG picks Yasmin, who gets a note to be opened in private later. Before FoaFoa returns to camp, however, Jeff asks medical to take a look at Mike. Mike is found to be suffering very, very low blood pressure and has trouble standing. The medics decide Mike cannot continue, and FoaFoa heads back to cap realizing that they will shortly be down three members.

Galu - Day 5

Shambo tries out the fishing gear. The tribe eagerly anticipates fresh fish. Shambo returns fishless, plus she’s loft the mouthpiece of the snorkel gear. She reports there’s thousands of fish on the reef, but she didn’t get any. Laura thinks Shambo has just ‘signed her death warrant.’

FoaFoa - Day 5

Yaz introduces herself to the tribe, and takes a very condescending attitude, telling them she wants to help them strategize because it’s no fun ‘taking candy from a baby.’ This rubs most of FoaFoa the wrong way, none more than Ben, with whom Yaz says she wants to have a private talk.

Yaz goes off to read her note in private. It’s a clue to the hidden immunity idol, which she may share or not as she decides. The clue hints that the idol is in a tree (as we already well know). Yaz hasn’t RussellE’s smarts, and despairs at finding the idol in one tree among thousands.

Yaz has her private talk with Ben and wants his apology for tackling her in the pit. Somehow Yaz thinks that girls should be exempt from contact with guys. Ben thinks it’s all part of the game. Neither one of them can back off and the argument continues back in front of the tribe. Ben calls her “ghetto trash”. Secretly, RussellE is eating up the confrontation, thinking anything that stirs things up, he can use toward his own ends.

FoaFoa - Night 5

Ben stays up late chopping wood and thoroughly irritating his tribe. Rational behavior the night before someone is going to get voted out? Jaison and Mick discuss the situation and are equally irritated. But Mick still thinks Betsy is the logical one to send home, even though Ben is irritating everyone, Betsy leans heavily on Ben’s getting kicked out of the challenge in politicking for herself. RussellE throws his weight on the anti-Betsy side.

Tribal Council

The majority of the discussion centers around Yasmin’s visit and the tribe’s reaction to it. Plus Ben’s reaction to Yaz. Betsy does a little self politicking.

Voting time. Yasmin is dismissed before the voting.

Mick votes. RussellE votes. Natalie votes. Betsy votes for Ben, reprising the “Cops” theme You are a bad boy, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you. Don’t use my name If you get stopped in New Hampshire.” Liz votes for Ben. Jaison votes. Ben votes for Betsy – “I thought you were a good cop, but you’re the bad cop, so this one’s for you pkow! [shooting gesture]. Ashley votes.

Next Week

The votes: Betsy, Ben, Betsy, Betsy, Betsy, and “Betsey” - Betsy is out 5-1. Betsy leaves quietly without a look back.

Next: RussellE continues his mind games. Jaison may be turning against him. Shambo is frustrated with her newage tribe.

Closing Remarks

Betsy is philosophical but feels the tribe is in trouble.

Voting against:

Betsy: Mick, Natalie, Ben, RussellE, Ashley, Jaison, Liz
Ben: Betsy

Posted by Cecil on October 16, 2009 10:20 PM
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