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Survivor Tocantins Week 13 - Finale Part 1

Survivor Tocantins Week 13 - "Finale Part 1"







Four survivors left - Erinn, JT, Stephen, and Taj. Who will be the final survivor? Tonight we'll know - register your thoughts below...


We get a recap of the whole game, leading up to Coach's ouster last week. Timbira ahead 6-3 at the merge, then self-disintegrating and letting the Jalapao 3 pick them off one by one until only Erinn is left from Timbira.

Forza - Night 36

If I haven't missed one, I believe that's the 12th consecutive tribal council held under a full moon. Apparently they last a lot longer in Brazil.

The final four congratulate themselves on being the final four.

JT interviews that he kept his promise to Coach not to vote for him, even though he knew Coach was going home that night.

Stephen and JT trade a little kidding about the vote, following which Stephen interviews that the vote made JT appear a loyal ally, where Stephen looked like a backstabber. Of course, given the jury's reactions to Coach's stories, I'm not sure how many votes backstabbing Coach would cost you.

Forza - Day 37

The tribe wakes. JT, up first as usual, iv's how amazed he is to still be there, especially considering how his tribe was down 6-3 at the merge, and all three are still here. JT goes off to check tree mail.

Taj and Stephen talk about the coming finals and how JT is the man to beat. They both recognize that winning likely requires a JT boot, but neither can really work up much enthusiasm for doing so.

Erinn has joined JT at the tree mail idol, and they find a note and some big plastic tarantulas. Well, spiders anyway - they don't look much like tarantulas.

The note says something about not 'getting stuck in the web' or you might be on the jury.


The tribe walks in over a trampoline-like net that surrounds the center of the competition area. Various web-tunnels lead off the central area. Jeff welcomes the final four and takes back the immunity necklace from JT.

Seen from above, the challenge is a tarantula-shaped obstacle course, with the net-trampolines and a central deck forming the body and the net-tunnels (woven rope) representing the legs. Survivors must clamber through the 'legs' to reach the bags of puzzle pieces, bring them back to the central area one at a time, then solve a puzzle in the shape of a web. Each competitor gets a color for their bags and puzzles, JT-green, Taj-black, Stephen-white, and Erinn-red. They all get arm/head bands to wear just in case they forget what color they're looking for, I guess. It looks like the puzzle pieces have patterns printed on each side, increasing the difficulty of solving the puzzle.

At "GO" the survivors each choose a leg and start crawling/sliding though the leg-tunnels, which are anatomically correct - i.e. you have to climb up, then down on each one. There doesn't appear to be any strategy to selecting the leg, since the puzzles are on stands on the ground, there are only three bags, but eight legs, and it appears you can go to a puzzle stand from any of several leg exits. It would be funnier if five of the legs were dead ends, but that doesn't appear to be the case. JT crawls both up and down the tunnels in a fast crawl, where the others slide on their butts going downhill, a more time consuming process. JT is first back with his first bag, and retrieves his second before anyone even gets their first back.

Jet gets his third bag back and begins working on the puzzle. Stephen comes in second. Taj finishes getting her bags, then Erinn.

JT is down to a very few pieces, but it's not necessarily true that just because they all fit, the remaining pieces will. He discovers that he'll have to remove some and rearrange. Last-in Erinn is apparently a puzzle whiz and quickly passes Stephen and Taj, and is pressing on JT. JT is down to one piece, but it doesn't fit in the spot left, so he starts removing and rearranging. Erinn is down to four - if they're in the right places. With the last two pieces in her hands, Erinn hears Jeff call that JT WINS IMMUNITY!

The other competitors give JT a victory hug, and JT wears the feather necklace once again.

Erinn interviews how frustrated she was at being so close when JT finished. Now she's facing tribal against three people who were together at since day one.

Forza - Day 37

Back at camp, Taj interviews how she's sure the Jalapao 3 will stick together and vote out Erinn, even though Erinn will be trying her best to make her case.

The tribe mates all pour water on their legs and arms to soothe rope-burns from the challenge.

Erinn, who's looking really nice by the way, save only for the dorky glasses, goes swimming with the boys - well, more wading and sitting in the soothing mud than swimming. She praises the great game Taj has played and how likeable she is, which is a not-so-subtle way of reminding them that Taj could be tough to beat in a final two. (They seem to be assuming a final two, by the way, though I've heard no discussion of this.) The point is not lost on, especially, JT. And later, alone, he and Stephen discuss going to talk to Taj for a talk.

Stephen interviews that betraying Taj certainly would not make him look good. But he also thinks that Taj would be stronger than Erinn in the final immunity challenge, and might be more likely to take JT than himself if she won that challenge. [I question both these assumptions - who just nearly won the last challenge? And, what - does he really believe Taj would think herself more likely to win against JT than Stephen? Plus final immunity challenges frequently come down to endurance tests that almost always favor the thinner players - compare Taj and Erinn's recent performance on the 'wall' and 'pole' challenges.]

The Jalapao 3 confer around the camp cookery. Stephen and Taj both nervously insist that all they want is assurance they're not going. Both give it.

JT interviews that he and Stephen are reassuring Taj that Erinn's going home, and that may be the case, but they've not decided, 'they' being him and Stephen, and he says whatever they do, they'll definitely stick together..


The jury comes in. Brendan has finally shaved the beard, and looks better for it. Coach is still bearded, and still has his 'dragon cane'.

In response to questioning from Jeff, we hear:

Stephen: The three Jalapao are still here because we had a game plan and stuck together.

Erinn: I made decision that kept me here - and that's amazing to me. I have learned from those that went out before me that scrambling does not work. I wouldn't be surprised if they sent me home tonight.

Taj: Yes, it might be an advantage for Erinn in the finals because the jury is all former Timbira.

Stephen: Yes, that's a consideration, but you have to consider individuals at this point. I respect Coach's philosophy, and I almost hope I don't have to make the decision about who to take with me to final tribal.

[Thunder crackles in the background throughout.]

Jeff: Are you really that naïve? It's almost like you just showed up and don't really know how the game is played. You're deciding right now - you can only vote for Erinn or Taj, so which?

JT: I obviously trust Stephen and Taj more that Erinn, just because I've known them longer. They've kept the promises they've made.

Taj: I completely agree. Erinn's a great girl but I haven't been around her long enough to put my complete faith in her. I would be very shocked if it was me.

Erinn: I would be surprised, not shocked, if I went home tonight. I give myself a thirty three percent chance of sticking around.

JT: I'll keep the immunity necklace.


Time to vote, but not or immune-again JT.

Erinn votes for Taj: "You've played a great game. Hope to see you on the other side.

Stephen votes.

Taj votes for Erinn. "It had to be you or me."

JT votes

[Scenes of a coiled snake, with rattling noises dubbed over a constrictor.]


Jeff comes back with the votes. No immunity idols this week.


First vote - Taj. Taj 1

Second vote - Erinn. Taj 1 - Erinn 1

Third vote - Taj. Taj 2 - Erinn 1 - You can see a sigh of relief from Erinn.

In the jury box, Sierra appears delighted and turns to tap Debbie's leg. JT casts a worried look at Stephen, and Stephen shakes his head slightly. Worried they may have messed up?

Fourth vote - Taj. Taj 3 - Erinn 1

Our songbird goes home. Now that I think about it, why did we never hear her sing?

Debbie shakes her head as Taj presents her torch for snuffing. Taj is smiling and leaves without looking back.

JT puffs his cheeks out and blows a 'psssht'. Debbie shakes her head slowly - disbelief? Erinn adjusts her dorky glasses.

In her final words, Taj smiles and discusses her blindside by her buddies. There's no rancor in her voice, but she does say that if Erinn finds a way to weasel her way into the final two, she has Taj's vote.

One Southerner left against two Yankees!

Coming soon:

Erinn is the woman in the middle, trying to convince both men to take her if they win the final immunity.

Status at End: as of week 13

Forza (3)

Erinn Lobdell_(4)___________26_Waukesha WI
James "JT" Thomas, Jr______24_Samson AL
Stephen Fishbach_(1)_______29_New York City NY

(#) = cumulative votes against

x- Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George 37 Nashville, TN voted out week 13
x-Benjamin "Coach" Wade 37 Bolivar, MO voted out week 12
x-Debra "Debbie" Beebe 46 Auburn, AL, voted out week 11
x-Sierra Reed 23 Los Angeles, CA, voted out week 10
x-Tyson Apostol 29 Lindon, UT, voted out week 9
x-Brendan Synnott 30 New York City NY, voted out week 8
x-Joe Dowdle 26 Austin TX, left for medical reasons week 7
x-Sydney Wheeler 24 Raleigh NC, voted out week 6
x-Spencer Duhm 19 Lakeland FL voted out week 5
x-Sandy Burgin 53 Louisville KY voted out week 4
x-Jerry Sims_49_Rock Hill SC voted out week 3
x-Candace Smith_31_Dayton OH voted out week 2
x-Carolina Eastwood 26..West Hollywood CA voted out week 1

See you soon! with the final tribal council recap.

= Cecil =

Still having trouble telling the survivors apart? Forgotten who Carolina even was? Check out the Survivor Bios page - updated weekly with the latest observations. Add your own opinions of the players in the comments area. Just click the highlighted name below:


Posted by Cecil on May 17, 2009 8:02 PM
Permalink |

I have been a survivor fan for a long time. This season finally produced a true survivor in all ways. JT played with honestly, integrity, loyalty and gave his all in challenges and deserved all the immunity he received. He deserves the title of Survivor. Above all I believe he played with his heart. He makes me proud I am from a small country town. Go JT.

Marie McNeil
Waverly, TN

1. Posted by: Marie McNeil at May 17, 2009 10:53 PM

No way that lie detector test Coach provided was real.
They usually ask a whole series of questions to determine a baseline in order to have something on which to base their determination of if someone is lying. No way question #2 is "Were you captured by natives in the Amazon?"

Also you generally don't get a result saying you're telling the truth. You get on saying someone is probably lying or you get an inconclusive result. Even if someone "passes" it doesn't mean their not lying. there's a reason these things don't hold up in court. They're fairly useless.

Regardless the "test" was one more lie from Coach.
Great season though...can't wait for Samoa!

2. Posted by: Crispy Seaplanes at May 18, 2009 8:47 AM

Thanks, Marie. Coming from another little southern town not too far down the road from you, Sheffield, Alabama, I was glad to see JT win, too. And he's a Junior, as am I. I wonder how he managed to escape the most common Southern nickname for all us "Juniors"?


I had a lot of Samoan friends when I lived in Carson, California - great folks and too bad the Survivors don't interact more with the natives, as it would make great viewing. In fact, what a great idea for a Survivor series some time - Survivors vs. Natives!

Any one have any speculations on what the "18" Survivors announced for Samoa vs the usual 16 portends?

3. Posted by: Cecil at May 26, 2009 9:45 AM

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