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Survivor Tocantins Week 10 - Nothing Left to Say

Survivor Tocantins Week 10 - "Nothing Left to Say"


How come I cain't ever catch any catfish?


We see Tyson's and Coach's pride going before very big falls. Coach alienating Sierra. Erinn and Stephen hatching the plot to eliminate Tyson. Tyson going down. [kerplunk]

Forza - Night 27

A hoarse Sierra describes her unexpected salvation. Coach and Debbie must have agreed on their spin on the way back from tribal council. They each separately congratulate the majority on a fine blindside, and also thank them for keeping them (Coach and Debbie) ignorant of their plot so they would have any hard choices to make. Coach says he doesn't resent JT's lying to him at all, he appreciates it. It's laid on a little too thick for Stephen, who shares he'd rather have an honest blowout than someone smiling to his face while plotting against him.

They've still got that beautiful racing dive by Debbie in the opening sequence. I hope it really was in a challenge and not just from some recreational swimming they did on a reward somewhere. Maybe today?

Forza - Day 28

JT make fire with Debbie and Stephen nearby, They discuss upcoming strategy and agree that it's Sierra next, then Erinn. JT tells Debbie that she, himself, Stephen, and Coach should be the final four.

Debbie interviews that she appreciates JT's words, but has to pull back and assess whether she can trust him.

Debbie - still one fine looking grandmother in a bikini bottom and buff top - talks it over with Coach and is uncomfortable, despite her spin from the night before, at being kept out of the loop on Tyson. And she realizes that if Sierra and Erinn go next, there's three former Jalapao members heft against her and Coach from Timbira - sitting ducks.

So what can they do about it, Coach wonders. No way their breaking up the Jalapao thee, so that leave somehow forging and alliance with Sierra and Erinn, the two people Coach has been alienating for the last several weeks.

[Could it be done? Possibly, if the facts were presented rationally and the suggestion made that even people who don't like each other can cooperate to survive a little longer in the game. Are these people mature enough to recognize and negotiate in their common interests? (Think Yul/Jonathan in Cook Islands.) We'll see]


It's the old "Predict how the other tribe member voted" Survivor quiz. Everyone takes a private poll answering questions about their tribemates. The challenge is to predict which person was the answer most frequently give by the tribe. Every tribe member gets a totem with a hammer poised over it, held by three ropes. Answer a question 'right' and get to chop a rope. Last totem standing is the winner, gets to join a local family for a feast and go swimming in a special and unusual spring, the Furvadora. Not said by Jeff at this point but traditional in these sorts of challenges is taking one or more people with you on the reward.

[I kind of like these sort of tricky psychological puzzles. The questions are usually a chance to put somebody down. When you reveal how your answer, you risk making enemies. If you win, you risk alienating the people you didn't take with you, plus you isolate yourself and whoever you take with you from the rest of the tribe, giving them a chance to plot against you. Perhaps the best strategy here might be to chop your own rope, taking yourself out of the position of answering as quickly as possible. Nobody every seems to give it that much analysis, however.]

Coach Debbie Sierra Erinn Stephen JT Taj
__3_____3____3____3_____3____3__3 (Ropes left)

Question 1 - Who has not lived up to their potential?

Consensus: Coach - correct: Debbie Erinn Sierra Coach Taj
(Wow, self insight from Coach.)

Erinn chops Sierra's #1
Debbie chops JT's #1
Taj chops Debbie's #1 (Debbie says "I still love you Taj")
Coach chops Sierra's #2 (Sierra is unsurprised)
Sierra chops Coach's #1


Coach Debbie Sierra Erinn Stephen JT Taj

Question 2 - Who would squander the million dollars the quickest?

Consensus: Sierra - correct: JT Debbie Erinn

Debbie chops Erinn's # 1
JT chops Sierra's # 3 - Wham, Sierra's out ("Awwww, JT!")
Erinn chops Debbie's # 2

[Another strategy suggestion - if you're trying to win, never chop the rope of someone who's still got a chop left in the same round ]


Coach Debbie Erinn Stephen JT Taj

Question 3 - Who would never survive on their own?

Consensus: Debbie - correct: Stephen Debbie Erinn Taj
("I'd have no one to talk to." Debbie says)

Taj chops Coach's # 2
Erinn chops Coach's # 3 (Bam! Coach joins Sierra on the bench
Stephen chops Debbie's # 3 ("It's OK babe." She says)
Debbie chops Erinn's # 2


Erinn Stephen JT Taj

Question 4 - Who would you trust with your life?

Consensus: JT - correct: Stephen JT Erinn Taj

[JT interviews he doesn't know why everybody trusts him so much since he isn't (he says) so trustworthy in the game and he wonders when everyone will catch on to that, But I think the way the question's worded most people answered it meaning "outside the game" they'd trust him with their lives. After all, in the game no one's risking their lives, only money - and the occasional tooth.]

Taj chops JT's # 2
JT chops Erinn's # 3 ("I'm sorry baby." See rule above.)
Erinn chops JT's # 3 (Now was JT trying to in,, and dumb, or did he agree with me that getting out it the wisest policy and provoked Erinn intentionally)
Stephen chops Taj's # 1 (See rules. Jeff comments on the force he used.)


Stephen Taj

Question 5 - Who is most likely to stab you in the back?

Consensus: Sierra - correct: Stephen Taj

Taj chops 's # 1
Stephen chops Taj's # 2


Stephen Taj

Question 6 - Who would you least like to see win this game?

Consensus: Sierra - correct: Stephen (Taj said Coach)
(Sierra grimaces with pain.)

Stephen chops Taj's # 3 and wins

Sierra applauds while smiling and frowning at the same time. The answers have been pretty devastating - hard to take when you're 23 years old.

Stephen chooses Erinn to go to Exile Island, apologizing immediately. he interviews that he sent Erinn because his four-way alliance of himself, JT, Taj, and Erinn want to keep Exile Island to themselves just in case a new idol pops up.

Jeff says to pick one person to join him on the reward. He picks Taj. Jeff tells him to pick one more person. (Coach make a begging motion with his hands.) Stephen says "I made a promise," and picks JT.

[I used to think Stephen was a pretty smart cookie, but this strikes me as a dumb move. Leaving the three former Timbira together alone to plot against you? Coach and Debbie would seem to have only one chance - to pull Timbira back together. Now they've got some unmolested and unobserved time to try and pull Sierra in then go for Erinn when she get back from exile. It would be difficult, but a case can be made for each of the four Timbira to make a marriage of convenience. Funny, though, how this reduces Coach's ideal of a warrior elite into trying to make a deal with three little women. Hah - fate.]

Coach even interviews that if Stephen and JT stick with Taj, he's at their mercy. [Coach, you idiot, you've still got a shot while it's 4-3 Timbira's way.]


The rewardees stroll into the Brazilian families holding. It's a farm! With cows! JT feels right at home. The food comes right out, pot after pot of it. City boy Stephen share there were the freshest eggs he's ever had in his life - vegetables! Carrots! Beets! All native to the region. A little girl falls from the table, triggering Taj's mother-genes to comfort her. The girl is the same age (three) as Taj's son, and it brings tearful thought of home.

After thermals. Two girls of the family accompany them to the Furvadoro - a local spring with crystal clear water (and fish for JT), and pristine white sand on the bottom. It appears to be only two or three feet deep, but appearances are deceiving. The spring water bubbles up from underneath, so that the sand does not support any eight. Without the water layer this would be quick sand, reputedly dangerous, though not really so dangerous as reputed. With the water on top, the sand acts like another layer of denser liquid underneath, and the swimmers bob in it like corks.

Once they've gotten used to the unusual swimming conditions, Taj proposes having a power talk. JT says that Sierra is 'obviously' the next target. [Not so obvious to me - why not Coach?] Stephen has an answer for 'why not Coach?' - he says Coach is actually the weakest player left right now, and Sierra is stronger so he agrees with targeting her next. Stephen also worries about Debbie, whom he considers "shrewd,"

Stephen interviews that Sierra is more erratic and less predictable than Debbie, and normally he'd be all for Sierra first, but he thinks but he thinks the four of them (he's including Erinn) need to think seriously about Debbie.


Speaking of Erinn, there she is on Exile Island, finding another totally useless idol clue, to the place where they know the idol isn't. She tries and fails to start a fire. Before she can start one, the rains come, and she says she had no food, no water, no warmth, no way to dry anything, and she slept in constant pouring rain with only a blanket covering her.

[Sheesh - in constant, pouring rain you can get some water by just opening your mouth and turning your head up. Ever heard of leaf funnels? Does nobody ever consider building a shelter on Exile Island? Or a fire shelter there or in camp? Or does the production crew tear down anything built, when an exile departs? Come on people, survive, for crying out loud!]

Erinn says she's as "girly and prissy" as they come. And this experience will rank at the top of the list of things she never thought she could have done.

Forza - STILL Day 28

Sierra joins Coach and Debbie at the fire. Coach says that now that they're all together, and with Erinn hopefully getting pissed about being at Exile Island, they have a chance to make a move. Debbie speculates Erinn may be mad enough now to throw in with the, and asks Sierra if she would go along with whatever Coach decided [I don't think that's the way to pitch it to appeal to and alienated tribe member - talk self interest here, Debbie.] Sierra makes a non-committal response and Coach asks "I thought you said you were going to be loyal?" [Strike two! Come on people, enlightened self-interest and common support are the things to appeal too. We're talking fricking reality show tribe, not nation groups.] Sierra is miffed that Coach wrote he name down last night and Coach miffs right back "so that's how it's gonna be? You're next then baby." He asks Sierra again for Erinn loyalty.

Sierra and Debbie get into a shot-fit and the snits fly fast and hard. Debbie blows up and walks out on the negotiations and Coach can only sit there and chew over the situation.

Sierra interviews with some satisfaction (but little reflection on her own best interests) on how Coach and Debbie approached her. She thinks they are outcasts and they're late strategy has sucked and she'd rather go with the smart people in the other alliance.

[But coming in late this could do her little better than a fifth place finish even if they temporally took her in, whereas an alliance of convenience with the former Jalapao's could take her to the final four, at least, and the closer you get to the finale the better you chances to win a crucial immunity challenge an slip even closer. And that's what Coach and Debbie should have sold to her. The endgame is where you look for any slight advantage to improve your position and last a little longer.]

Coach and Debbie wade in the river and discuss their options. They can see they're getting nowhere with Sierra. How much can they depend on what JT's told Debbie about F4? Will they really abandon Taj and Erinn for them? Coach says he'll worry about JT.

Forza Day 30

Hey, what happened on day 29?

Coach asks for a private conversation with JT to reassure himself of JT's loyalty and that the plan is to vote Sierra off next. He tells JT that Sierra approached him about reforming Timbira. This week Sierra is a snake. [Hmmm - bowel movement to princess to snake - I'm trying to find some sort of progression here,]

Coach interviews that he doesn't trust Sierra and JT was very receptive and congratulates himself on a good day's work.

Meanwhile, Sierra is telling Stephen the exact opposite (and, incidentally, the truth) that Coach and Debbie approached her Stephen says they'd better get back to the group so they're not obviously discussing strategy.

Stephen interviews that this panics him. He also say matter-of-factly that, of course they're going to have to eventually betray Coach and Debbie.

Coach greets Stephen warmly when Stephen joins them where Coach and JT are sitting. Coach tells him of course the Jalapao's talked about alliance, but it came from Sierra. And Debbie. He throws her under the bus, too. He says he told them 'no way'. The camera must have missed that. Now Sierra's a "halfwit. Hmmm, half-wit, snake, half-wit, snake - which is better?

Stephen interviews he favors 'a plague on all three of your houses' since he can't tell who is telling the truth.

The two buddies can't figure out who to trust. They sound like they're ready to send Coach home this week.


Poor damp Erinn returns from Exile Island. Stephen gives her a hug and a sweater. Debbie gives up her immunity necklace.

The challenge is in two parts. In part one, they must use grappling hooks to retrieve three backs on the ground about fifty feet away. The first three people to retrieve their bags move on to part two. In part two they much navigate a ball though a tilt-table maze. If a ball falls in a hole before the final goal, they must start all over. First one to the goal wins immunity.


JT snags bag # 1
Taj snags bag # 1
Debbie snags bag # 1
Stephen snags bag # 1
Coach snags bag # 1
Sierra snags bag # 1
Coach snags bag # 2
JT snags bag # 2
Coach snags bag # 3 and becomes a finalist
JT snags bag # 3 - one place left
Erinn snags bag # 1
Debbie snags bag # 2
[Stephen has a knot and puzzles over how to get it out]
Stephen snags bag # 2
[Stephen and Debbie hook on to a bag at about the same time and race to pull it to the finish without dropping it off the line.]
Debbie finished first with bag # 3 and becomes the last finalist.


Balls are placed, tables are ready GO!

JT takes a lead but drops a ball through a hole and has to start over.

Jeff comments on Debbie's efforts and she blames him when a ball drops on her.

JT cuts corners to catch up to and pass Coach. But very near the end drops a ball down another hole.

Coach goes slower and finishes first. "Yeah, baby. Dragon slayer!" he exults. Guess they had tilt tables next to the 'throw steel balls at tiles' arcade on his last Amazon trip. JT give him a hug, Jeff gives him an immunity necklace.

So much for Coach being the consistent weakest.

So much for running Coach early.

Too bad he's not an easily convinced young'un who'd give up his necklace to prove his loyalty.

Sierra interviews "It sucked to watch Coach win." And now she figures it's either her or Debbie so she'd better make sure it's Debbie.

Back to Forza Day 30

Back in camp Coach crows to JT "Guess there won't be a blindside of old coach Wade tonight," and Sierra's expression show exactly what she thinks if that.

Coach interviews that his prayer, meditation and focus won for him today, and even though he's secure in his agreement with Stephen, JT, and Debbie, but still appreciates the added security.

Sierra repeats her story of Coach and Debbie trying to get her into an alliance to JT and Taj. JT says Coach said it was Sierra's doing. JT says he only has her word for that. Of course he only has Coach's word for the opposite, too. Coach comes back into camp with some firewood and Sierra confronts him, saying let's air all our dirty laundry.

Everyone else is in earshot, and Coach asks them if they all want to hear this, saying he doesn't think everybody does. But everybody says 'yeah, sure, let's hear it.' So Coach pretty much tells his side of the story, lying his ass off [at least to the extent that we know, which is only what the cameras show us.] Sierra gives a more accurate account. Coach denies it. Sierra says they told her that maybe Erinn was maybe pissed off enough to join them. She asks Coach and Debbie to say yes or no if they said that. [They did, we heard it.] Sierra vows she will walk off the game right then if they look her in the eye and deny saying that. Coach waves 'bye-bye' and of course Sierra dies not walk off, but calls him "such a liar."

Debbie says they only talked about options, and wonder why Sierra has become such an angry person. [I, for one, can think of a million reasons.] The snits are on the wing again. Debbie cries and says "I am too old for this."

Stephen and JT confer and Stephen believes Sierra. They discuss voting out Debbie, since Coach is off limits. On the other hand, losing Sierra would reduce the tension and drama around camp. Sierra talks to Taj and Erinn and asks what they believe. Taj says "you exposed him". Erinn says she will not vote for Sierra tonight.


The jury enters Brendan has his beard, Tyson has gone clean shaven.

In response to Peachy's leading questions we hear:

JT: The game's definitely changed. The plottin' is a goin'. I'm scared to take the time to go fishin' - I'm afraid of what's goin' on at camp.

Debbie: Our happy little family is not so much any more.

Coach: There's been a catalyst. I'm standing firm in what I'm doing - I'm not eliminating anybody because I'm afraid of them beating me later in the game.

Sierra: Coach's reputation for honest has suffered because I told the truth, and they lied.

Coach: I and neither a coward or a liar, but in Sierra's warped mind she thinks she's telling the truth. But I hold two things most precious. Honesty, integrity, and courage. [I think that's three things.] But, big man that I am, I forgive Sierra, because as St. Stephen said when they were stoning him, "God forgive them for they know not what they do." [THIS website reports that St. Stephen's last words were "'Lord Jesus, receive my Spirit.' Then he knelt down and said aloud, 'Lord, do not hold this sin against them.' And with these words he fell asleep. (Ac 7:59-60)" "Father forgive them, for they know what they do." were among Jesus's last words on the cross. Coach is being a little Messianic tonight.] This twenty-three going on five year old girl is the catalyst that's spread mistrust in the tribe. [Hmmm bowel movement, princess, snake, catalyst - will the metaphors never cease?] (Sierra varies between disbelief and amusement.)

Taj: I absolutely love this - it's better than soap opera.

Debbie: I hope I'm not a threat because I'm loveable. I love everybody and hate having to write anybody's name down.

JT: You gotta think about physical threats, you gotta think about social threats, and you gotta start thinking about who you want to take to the end with you, and how to get rid of the rest without making them mad.

Stephen: You have to keep sight on your ultimate goals, and make really difficult decisions.

Coach: I'll keep the immunity necklace, thank you.

Jeff: Let's vote.


Time to vote (but not for Coach, safe in immunity feathers):

Stephen votes.

Erinn votes.

Debbie votes for Sierra. "We've said it all, there's nothing left to say."

Taj votes.

Coach votes. (Brendan seems amused by something.)

Sierra votes for Debbie without comment.

JT votes.


Jeff comes back with the votes and says if anybody wants to play a hidden immunity idol, now would be the time. Nobody does.

First vote - Sierra . Sierra 1

Second vote - Debbie . Sierra 1 - Debbie 1

Third vote - Stephen. Sierra 1 - Debbie 1 - Stephen 1 (Interesting) (Stephen gulps visibly.)

Fourth vote - Sierra. Sierra 2 - Debbie 1 - Stephen 1

Fifth vote - Debbie. Sierra 2 - Debbie 2 - Stephen 1 (No! Not Debbie!)

Sixth vote - Sierra . Sierra 3 - Debbie 2 - Stephen 1

Seventh vote - Sierra.

And our model/designer is gone.


Sierra looks resigned and not especially disappointed to go. She takes her torch-snuffing with a slight smile and nary a look back at the tribe. More notable are the reactions around her. Coach grins maniacally. Stephen looks concerned. Debbie kisses a ring (wedding ring?) that hangs from a thong around her neck.


It's the "News from Home" show. Emotions run wild and tears flow. And flow. And flow. "Debbie turns on Coach". [Maybe she heard he threw her under the bus with Sierra.] She proposes taking Coach out to Stephen and JT.


Over the closing credits, Sierra reminds us she started out super-sick from the flu and persevered for 30 days, which she's proud of. No anger evident. Season of the nice guys continues.

For the record, voting for:

Sierra: JT, Debbie, Coach, JT
Debbie: Taj, Sierra (The Taj vote is interesting, wonder if it comes back to bite her)
Stephen: Erinn (Guess she didn't lie when she told Sierra she wouldn't vote for her that night.)

Status at End: as of week 10

Tribes merged - Forza (6)

Brendan's immunity idol went with him.
Taj has a hidden immunity idol, but apparently Stephen is still 'holding' it and seems to consider it his to use.
Taj has revealed her idol to Sierra, Stephen, JT
Joe's fake immunity idol - location unknown.

Benjamin "Coach" Wade_(2)__37_Bolivar MO
Debra "Debbie" Beebe_(2)____46_Auburn AL
Erinn Lobdell_(1)___________26_Waukesha WI
James "JT" Thomas, Jr______24_Samson AL
Stephen Fishbach_(1)______29_New York City NY
Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George_(3)_37_Nashville TN
(#) = cumulative votes against

x-Sierra Reed 23 Los Angeles, CA, voted out week 10
x-Tyson Apostol 29 Lindon, UT, voted out week 9
x-Brendan Synnott 30 New York City NY, voted out week 8
x-Joe Dowdle 26 Austin TX, left for medical reasons week 7
x-Sydney Wheeler 24 Raleigh NC, voted out week 6
x-Spencer Duhm 19 Lakeland FL voted out week 5
x-Sandy Burgin 53 Louisville KY voted out week 4
x-Jerry Sims_49_Rock Hill SC voted out week 3
x-Candace Smith_31_Dayton OH voted out week 2
x-Carolina Eastwood 26..West Hollywood CA voted out week 1

See you next Thursday!

= Cecil =

Still having trouble telling the survivors apart? Forgotten who Carolina even was? Check out the Survivor Bios page - updated weekly with the latest observations. Add your own opinions of the players in the comments area. Just click the highlighted name below:


Posted by Cecil on April 30, 2009 5:19 PM
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Er...not an attractive picture of JT, Cecil! He's way better looking than that!

Debbie's challenge repartee with Jeff is quite amusing. Too bad she's married. He needs a new girlfriend.

Ugh, Coach or Sierra. Sierra or Coach. Can't we have a double eviction?

Noooooo! Not Debbie!

1. Posted by: Clementine at April 30, 2009 8:46 PM

Tribal Council:

Did Jeff have some "work" done? He looks refreshed.

Sierra: blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Coach compares himself to Jesus.

Taj enjoying the distraction that is Coach and Sierra (from under the radar.)

Who the heck voted for Stephen? (the look on his face was pretty funny) Bet it was Taj.

Adios, Sierra!

2. Posted by: Clementine at April 30, 2009 8:54 PM

Sorry, the review's coming a bit late this week due to extranious factors.

The pictures come from CBS and I'm pretty much limited to what they give me through the fodder network. I've tried to lighten it up a bit by making funny captions ala' vacc's bit over on the Lost blog. Maybe we should have a contest - post a funnier one and I'll replace mine with it.

The Stephen vote was from Erinn, and very intersting it was. He sure didn't look happy about it, and I can't figure what she thought she stood to gain by it - maybe just unable to bring herself to vote for fellow coach-outcast Sierra and had to throw it somewhere.

Sierra didn't look look all that unhappy about going either. Tired of camping? But with only nine days to go?

3. Posted by: Cecil Rose at May 1, 2009 12:12 PM

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