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Survivor Tocantins Week 2 - This is More Like Day Camp

Week 2 - This is More Like Day Camp

Night 3

Jalapao returns to camp from Tribal Council, happy to have fire, which they build almost immediately - in the dark. Jeff's overvoice of the previouslys says that Sandy avoided the vote-out "narrowly". Sandy says privately that she won "by a landslide". Guess it's all in your perspective.

Spencer shares that it'll still be Sandy next. Just so we're all on the same wavelength, when I say somebody 'shares' some piece of information or opinion, it means in a privately filmed message to us, the audience. The other competitors don't get this information.

Day 4

Jalapao uses their new gift of fire to spit-roast some carrots. Guess they stood in the salad line at the truck. Several point out the need for some protein, so Joe leads most of the group to some termite mounds he's spotted. These are about three feet high, not the giant mounds of Africa. Nevertheless, when kicked over they produce a lot of scurrying termites and a few larger grubs. Joe, JT, and Spencer adventurously bite off the head of a grub and share it around. Spencer tries a handful of termites. The ladies all gag and run in the opposite direction. Sydney shares that she'll eat a worm for competition, but not for fun. At least not yet.


At Timbira, fire is made, but rather hesitantly. Sierra shares pride in what she and they have accomplished so far, but she hasn't had a chance to search for the hidden immunity idol. She decides to recruit Brenden, the only one who didn't vote against her (that we know of) in the jump-off-the-truck vote. Sierra shows she's a smart cookie, mentioning that the idol is only good for the first Tribal Council. [I'll bet over at Jalapao Sandy is still looking for hers.] Sierra's first clue is identical to Sandy's:

A stick marks the spot
On your biggest beach
Dig for a while
And assistance you'll reach.

They go to the beach and - day-um - it looks just like Jalapao's. Surely it couldn't be - the camps are set up for the tribes not to meet outside competitions, but it sure looks the same. They find the second clue quickly, and it's almost identical to Sandy's:

With your back to the river,
Walk toward the lone tree,
Dig after ten paces
At the place where you'll be.

Sierra demonstrates more smarts by having Brenden stand on the line she's suppose to walk and keep her going straight between the stick and him. They commence to dig.

Back at camp, Debbie begins to wonder if Sierra and Brenden have fallen into a big hole, and appoints herself a one-woman search party. She finds them at the beach and - day-um - they're in a big hole! I mean a gynormous hole! A bury-your-VW-bug-in-it hole! Busted!

Or not. Sierra's thought of a cover story and briefed Brenden on it ahead of time. They've been digging a big fire pit so the gang can have a beach party tonight. I'm developing a liking for Sierra's smarts. Debbie swallows it hook, line and sinker and becomes their biggest fan, handing out praise like a middle school principal handing out "A" report cards.

When they go back to camp, she tells everybody about the wonderfulness of it and the two selfless toilers. Most of the tribe are impressed, but Candace blows it off with "I'd rather just stay here and talk crap", drawing a middle-school-girl level eye roll from Sierra.

[A digression. We never actually see Sierra or Brenden pacing the ten paces. Maybe they've got no more idea how long a pace is than Sandy. But that fine hole would have copped the next clue if they'd been within five feet of it - and we later seem to see Brenden digging extensions on to that.

We also never do see if they actually went back and had that massive bonfire on the beach that night. It'd be awesome if they had done so and right in the middle of it - FWOOMP! - the next clue or the hidden immunity idol goes up in flames before their eyes because they were only an inch of sand away.]

With a fire finally started, Candace has apparently taken the role of cook, but by what process we don't see. Right away there's some conflict because she wants to cook rice and beans together in the same pot, and Coach doesn't think that's such a good idea. He backs off when presented with the usual rejoinder in this situation 'all right wise guy, you wanna be the cook?' I'm hoping for an opportunity for someone to channel Utah "It's Good, Though" Phillips, but it doesn't happen.

Later Coach seeks Candace out to apologize, but it's one of those half-way, 'I'll admit I was wrong if you'll admit you were wrong, too' apologies. He tries to flirt a little with Candace, asking for a kiss, and she reluctantly allows a little peck on the side of the neck that I'm not even sure if landed. Later she shares "That man has an ego bigger than Brazil."


Back at Jalapao, there's a discussion going on and Taj says her husband, name of Eddie, is a "sports analyst" who develops information on college and pro teams and athletes. "Wait a minute, what did you say your last name was?" Joe asks.

"George," she tells him.

"George." "Eddie George?" "EDDIE GEORGE!" "You mean Ohio State, Heisman trophy winner, NFL running back EDDIE GEORGE!"

She admits it. Joe, JT, and Spencer, Southern boys all - from the three hottest hotbeds of Southern college football - Texas, Alabama, and Florida - are all impressed. Even the gay guys talk football in the South. Meanwhile the geek from Yale, Stephen is all "Who's Eddie George?" I'm sure he has other fine qualities, though.

Spencer shares that it's a privilege to be in a tribe with the wife of Eddie George. JT shares later that it's impressive and all, but he sure needs a million bucks more than the wife of Eddie George does. I wonder how Taj feels that nobody's asking about SWV.


The tribes get together and Timbira notes the reduction in boobage on the Jalapao tribe,

The reward they're playing for is immunity plus an assortment of fishing gear - net, map (?), line, hooks, poles, net, a knife, spear and mask. The spear is NOT the Hawaii sling we saw used so effectively in the Pacific. Also the ability to send an opponent to Exile Island, and a twist to be named later.

The challenge is sort of like full-contact, non-dribbling basketball on a flooded knee-deep court. Teams of three chosen randomly but with equal numbers of women and men. The goals are both at the same end. Jeff tosses the ball (more like a volleyball) into the center and both teams rush in from the periphery and try to grab it, make their way to the goals, and shoot one in. First team to three wins. As the competition begins, so does a tropical downpour (in this "arid wasteland" - thank you Jeff).

Round 1. Taj, Stephen, and Sydney for Jalapao against Sierra, Candace, and Tyson of Timbira. The teams naturally pair off Sierra-Taj. Sydney-Candace, Stephen-Tyson. Every matchup favors Timbira. Every pair seem more interested in rasslin than scoring - at least more interested in stopping the opponent from scoring than doing so themselves.

The ladies with the figures for it are mostly in very skimpy bikinis. You'd think the model vs. the beauty queen would be a tepid match, but you'd be wrong. Sydney and Candace rassle hammer and tongs. I think you could make a pretty good DVD of just this match.

It quickly becomes apparent that there's a third team involved here - CBS Standards and Practices. Oh, the pixilations are just a flyin'.. We've got blurage at boobs, blurage at crotches. Even Tyson comes in for some blurage. Wonder if the DVD gets blurage? Might make it worth investigating. Finally, Candace gets clear long enough to take a shot and BAM! The beauty queen has scored. Timbira 1-0.

Second round. JT, Sandy and Joe against Erinn, Brenden, and Tyson. Granny Sandy shows some strength and spunk against the hairdresser, but ultimately Tyson gets free of JT and scores. Timbira 2-0.

Third round - match point. All women. Taj, Sydney, and Sandy against Candace, Sierra and Erinn. Oh, there's some major blurage her, especially when they get in a four-woman scrum. At one point Taj just shrugs off her tormenter, who I think was Sierra, and trudges all alone to the goal, only to shoot an air ball. Sydney gets the rebound, shoots, and scores! [She is from North Carolina, you know.] Jalapao clings to life, down 2-1.

Fourth round. Match point. Testosterone division. (All men) JT, Joe, and Spencer against Brenden, Coach, and Jerry. Once again you'd think the matchups favored Timbira, but Coach seems strangely ineffective. Maybe it's water and having to handle the ball, but he's not much of a factor. The younger guys take charge, and JT makes an effective head fake to clear his opponent out of his face, then shoots a creditable jumper to score! And it's all tied up 2-2.

Fifth round. Double match point. Sydney, Stephen, and Taj, against Sierra, Candace and Tyson. Sierra again has the unenviable task of guarding someone twice her weight. And Taj shows she wasn't kidding about 'muscles under the fat', tosses her lighter opponent around. But she still shoots bricks. We get a Candace-Taj matchup at some point. Tyson gets loose but shoots a wild air ball. Sierra has a shot but misses. Somehow the ball comes to Stephen with a brief window of opportunity, and he carefully sizes up the goal, shoots, and the Nerd from Yale scores! Jalapao wins!

Jalapao collects their loot and names Brenden of Timbira to go to Exile Island. There's a clue to the hidden immunity idol to be found there. The twist is that Brenden get to pick someone from Jalapao to accompany him. The Jalapao members, greedy for that clue, tremble with anticipation. Sydney looks down demurely (Oh pick me, pick little ole me.) Brenden picks Taj, and off they go.

Timbira gets to go home and contemplate their vote. Tyson shares that it's probably going to be Sierra.

Arriving in camp, Jalapao celebrates their victory. Spencer is anxious to go get some food. Sandy agrees. Stephen shares that it's apparent JT is emerging as the tribe leader, and Stephen admires JT's outdoor prowess. JT show how to cast a net. JT and Stephen go off on a fishing expedition and Stephen vows to become an ace spear fisherman. When he dons the goggles and tries it, he's startled that he encounters fish almost immediately. But he doesn't spear any. Despite the lack of success he shares his happiness at the bond he sees growing between himself and JT despite their dissimilar backgrounds, and JT agrees.


Taj and Brenden do a bit of bonding, too. Exile Island turns out to be a huge sand dune in the river with vegetation on the fringes. At the top of the dune they find a table with two urns and a sign saying to choose one each. When they open their urns, Taj's has nothing inside, Brenden's has two notes, the first saying to open the second one privately. When he does so, he finds a broad clue to the hidden immunity idol, saying:

If you want to be safe,
Snoop around, take a peek,
But in tribal homelands,
Is the thing that you seek.

Brenden starts wondering whose tribal homelands the note refers to.- maybe that Indian tribe in the next state? At first he plays keep-away with the note, not letting Taj see it. Later though, as they trek the island, he breaks down and shows it to her and her first reaction is 'Oh, that means it's back at our camp.' Brenden is all 'Oh, I knew that', which he totally didn't.

The note also said he could choose, when leaving Exile Island, to defect to the other tribe, to which Brenden is like "fat chance". Since only Brenden actually got the note, I'm wondering if Taj has that option too, or just him.

Later as they cook their Exile Island rice on their Exile Island fire, they talk about maintaining bonds for the future and agree they should both try to return to Exile Island in hopes of a better clue. They also both state they won't be sharing the clue with their teammates.

Day 6

Someone points out that Jerry is missing a chunk of elbow from the challenge. He notes it was a very physical game. Candace agrees, saying she was almost drowned, and also notes that Coach didn't seem to perform much for someone she assumed was a top notch athlete. She's unimpressed with Coach all the way around.

Coach, Tyson and Debbie cool off in a pool. Debra rats out Candace's trash talking to Coach. Coach, ever the man with the metaphor, thinks "The poison apple has to go. Can't let it ruin the bunch." I think it's actually spoiled apples that ruin the bunch. The poisoned one just sit there looking all juicy and delicious until Snow White bites down.

Brenden comes home from exile, telling them Exile Island is one giant dune. He tells them about the two urns, but says he got the empty one, and Taj took her clue and want off for a while but he doesn't know if she found the hidden immunity idol. Crafty multi-millionaire. He also says Taj's on the outs with her tribe. Wonder if they agreed to tell the same story?

The rest of the day is spent plotting in small groups.

Candace tell Erinn, "The first one I want to see go is Coach."

Tyson, Coach, Erinn, and Jerry discuss the vote around camp. Coach says "We go with the plan." Which means Sierra - the original plan. Later Coach shares that that's what he wants the women to think, but it's really Candace.

Tyson and Jerry talk. They seem to agree with Coach.

Tyson privately shares he goes back and forth between Candace and Sierra.

Coach, Debbie, Sierra and Jerry relax in the water. Coach tells Sierra he will not write he name down tonight - he wants Candace." Sierra shares she hopes she can believe him.


Debbie and Sierra enjoy a refreshing dip. Is Coach walking on the water?

Candace and Erinn talk and seem to agree on "Sierra".

Jerry and Tyson chuckle over how "Things are heating up:, and I don't think they mean the rice and beans. [How did that come out, by the way? We never hear. If it was awful, it might have an effect on Candace's chances.]


In response to Peachy's questioning, we hear:

Sierra: She felt rotten after the initial fake vote-out. Maybe even wanted to quit. She's gotten better.

Taj: She thought Sierra looked miserable and unhappy.

Candace: Thinks she's OK with the tribe, but acknowledges "Sometimes I talk a lot,"

Brenden: Thought exile was "cool".

Coach: Respects and trusts Brenden, and believes 100% what he told them about exile.

Jerry: It's hard to choose for a vote - I've bonded with these people already.

Erinn: We don't really know our tribesmates yet and need to be cautious.

Debbie: Begs to differ, she's already bonded with several people.

Time to vote.

Tyson votes.
Candace votes.
Debbie votes.
Sierra votes for Candace. "You play a tough game, but nobody wants a snake in the grass."
Jerry votes.
Brenden votes.
Erinn votes.
Coach votes.


Jeff counts and reports:

One vote for Candace.

One vote for Sierra. 1-1 Candace and Sierra.

One vote for Candace. 2-1 Candace and Sierra. Candace looks concerned.

One vote for Candace. 3-1 Candace and Sierra. Candace looks very concerned. In fact, if you know how Survivor counts votes it's all over already.

One vote for Candace. 4-1 Candace and Sierra, and Candace knows it's over.

One vote for Candace. 5-1 Candace and Sierra, and it's official.

Boob fans cry in their beer for the second straight week.

In four votes so far, the decision has been 5-1 [and two of those for sure were really 7-1). These people are nothing if not decisive.]

Candace leaves without displaying a great deal of emotion.

Sierra and Debbie turn and share a smile. Coach grins quietly.

As the Survivors walk out of Tribal Council, I notice how close their torches come to the eaves of the thatched roof, and wonder if they've ever lost a Tribal Council set to inadvertent high-torching. And maybe that's another reason they snuff the loser - so there can't be any 'mistakes' on the way out.


There's a challenge involving blindfolds. Those are always fun. Taj makes a secret (4 way?) alliance with someone off camera - the voice sounds male, though.


As we see her teammates vote against her 7-1, Candace admits to being surprised and pissed at the vote. Her voice betrays more than a little hurt, as well. She tried to make her tribe strong, she says, and she thought that's what was wanted. "But this is more like Day Camp."


Status at End

Timbira tribe (7) - has fire
Brenden has one broad hidden immunity idol clue
Idol is in camp

Benjamin "Coach" Wade__37..Bolivar MO
Brendan Synnott________30..New York City NY
Debra "Debbie" Beebe___46..Auburn AL
Erinn Lobdell___________26..Waukesha WI
Jerry Sims_____________49..Rock Hill SC
Sierra Reed (1)_________23..Los Angeles CA
Tyson Apostol__________29..Lindon UT

x-Candace Smith 31..Dayton OH voted out week 2


Jalapao Tribe (7) - has fire
Taj has one broad hidden immunity idol clue.
Idol is in camp

James "JT" Thomas, Jr_______24..Samson AL
Joe Dowdle________________26..Austin TX
Sandy Burgin.(1)____________53..Louisville KY
Spencer Duhm______________19..Lakeland FL
Stephen Fishbach____________29..New York City NY
Sydney Wheeler_____________24..Raleigh NC
Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George__37..Nashville TN

x-Carolina Eastwood..26..West Hollywood CA voted out week 1

(#) = votes against

See you next week!

= Cecil =

Posted by Cecil on February 20, 2009 2:17 AM
Permalink |

I was starting to think I was liking Brenden, but how did he not know the idol was back at camp? He was already there digging for it!

I really liked Taj this episode, though like JT if I was on Survivor with a millionaire I would definitely feel no qualms about voting them out!

I don't think there was a map. I thought Jeff said "map" at first but I think he said "mask".

1. Posted by: FenwayBen at February 21, 2009 12:29 AM

Well, I could understand if Brendan thought there was more than one idol, but how could he not get the "tribal homelands" reference? Sheesh.

Seemed like he and Sierra were on the right track with the clues at camp. Wonder what they did wrong? That was a darn big hole. If all of the tribemates actually believed the fire pit cover story, I'd be surprised.

I had Candace as my first pick to go. So glad we don't have to see any more interactions between her and Coach. The argument was annoying, but that flirty almost kiss/lick thing that Coach did was repulsive. He skeeves me out. I bet he acts that way with his soccer team, too.

Loving JT, and Jerry is playing it great under the radar. Taj is strong. Still liking Tyson, also.

If there's always the option for the exile island person (who gets the clue) to switch teams, this could get very interesting!

2. Posted by: Clementine at February 21, 2009 11:24 AM

Fenway Ben - I bet you're right about the mask/map thing. I'll have to go back and re-listen. I was thinking may the locations of best fishing holes?

Ben/Clementine - I think Brenden reasoned the idol referred to by the note was different from the one he and Sierra searched for, because Sierra's idol was usable only at the first tribal council Jalapao went to.

I guess "homelands" is enough different from "camp" to raise some doubt in his mind that maybe a real tribal homeland was being talked about instead of the fake Survivor tribes. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it.

3. Posted by: Cecil at February 21, 2009 2:33 PM

I'll agree that the lick was skeevy, but Tyson's love of jewels and furs speech was creepy too. He seems quiet enough around camp though, if he keeps under the radar he could go far. Looks like Coach or Sierra will be next to go from that tribe.

I wonder what would have happened if the situation was reversed and Taj got the note and option to switch camps? Would she have?

He hubby was on ESPN yesterday, and they asked the analysts who was gonna win at the Oscars. He picked Slumdog Millionaire, and laughed when Stink (mark Schleyrith sp?) picked "Benjamin Buttons". Who knew Eddie George was a movie snob? ;)

4. Posted by: FenwayBen at February 21, 2009 5:37 PM

Coach is a slob. His licking was a crock of BS and he must go. Candace was an extremely strong player - witness the immunity challenge, in which she kicked ass! She did not deserve to go when there are so many weak players.
CR, you rock, baby! You may not be liked on the Lost blog, but you are defintitely LOVED here. Smooches!!!!

5. Posted by: CecilRoseGroupieSmooches at February 22, 2009 12:27 AM


I read this before I'd gotten to JudgeMeNot's post on the lost blog and was confused.

I think you get more of that type of reaction sometimes when you post under your own name - it stands out and gets remembered. I've posted my reasons elsewhere for not using a net name - I'll live with the flak.

6. Posted by: Cecil Rose at February 23, 2009 12:08 PM

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