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Fans vs. Favorites: Week 12 -- The People's Post! (aka Survivor Makes Me Cry)

fans-12.jpgHey Folks--

There's no way I'm going to be able to write very much for this episode because I'm working until very late tonight and am busy all day tomorrow. So once again, The People's Post is back in full effect. I'm going to outline some of the key points, but if you want to write your opinions, details, etc. as a comment, I will post them back up as the post. Since I'm short on time, here we go:

1) James -- There have simply been too many people sent home because of injury this season. Three people have been forced out for medical attention due to the onsite medics saying, "I deem this too dangerous for them to continue." A gross finger, a knee, etc, should all be able to be treated by an on site facility-- make a medic boat if you need to, or have a sterile tent set up for a night. Sterilzation, stitches, and anti-biotics aren't that difficult and won't sway the game dramatically (if Jonathan had to eat an apple for blood sugar before having surgery for instance.) Forcing people out of the game for injuries like this will only make people more wary of competing hard in challenges. Part of the SURVIVOR slogan is outlast, and if the person is able to outlast an injury and pain, they should be allowed to stay. It's horrible that James had to go home.

2) Girl Alliance -- Nope.

3) Erik -- Stepping up in the clutch and winning immunity.

4) Alexis vs. Natalie -- Why would you send home Alexis when Natalie has clearly been the more actively strategic of the group and when Alexis already has an injured knee? In the same episode that James is forced to leave for injury, they vote out someone who is injured? It doesn't make sense. They had a potential no harm freebie getting Alexis out of the game, and now they pissed her off.

Keep Your Fire Burnin',

Posted by jon on May 2, 2008 4:48 PM
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And the Oscar goes to --- Amanda! For her brilliant, downcast performance telling the rest of the group she didn't find the immunity idol. Then exploding into pure joy telling Jeff, "...about that idol." Fantastic. Somebody has finally played a real idol, and they did so perfectly. For one more week, all is right with the world.

1. Posted by: John Shearer at May 2, 2008 5:08 PM

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