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Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 9: Fanvorites

eorlins.jpgI JUST realized that I could have given Eliza the nickname Eliza DoLittle and didn't! Not because I dislike her anymore, really, but because she really didn't DO very much at all, did she? In fact, this was the first episode I've seen where Eliza stepped up her game from the level of "Not Doing Anything" to the level of "Conspiring With Others While Doing Nothing." And so it is that this week is Eliza DoLittle's episode.

1) Two Become One -- Like a celebrity wedding that you know will end in divorce, Airai and Malakal merged to become one tribe this week. Erik, thinking that he was certainly gone last week watched it happen like...well, like a guy who scoops ice cream, really. His bright eyed wonder made me actually feel good for him, although I imagine he will be shattered soon enough. Parvati is reunited with Amanda where she reveals that she has made a deal for them to be part of an alliance with Alexis and Natalie as well as their old alliance with James and Ozzy. Amanda's pissed off, but can't say anything, and reveals with tears in her eyes that she has to question her alliance with Parvati (the tears are most likely on account of the fact that she can't just ride one player to the end like she did with Todd). She also questions her alliances when Alexis starts to cozy up to Ozzy, leaving Amanda out in the cold-- well, out in the tropical warmth. Amanda wants to vote out Alexis, but it doesn't look quite that easy anymore. Jason and Eliza buddy up and Jason assures her that he has the secret idol and will give it to her if he wins immunity at the challenge. Eliza is in shock (or maybe her body just needs some food) and shows the most emotion I've seen from her. More on this later. The best part of the merge comes when Erik announces that he likes the name "Dabu" which is Micronesian for "good." Only, Erik admits that he doesn't know Micronesian and that Dabu is just a word he made up. At least he made an impact on the game in one lasting way, and it was worth it when Jeff Probst holds back a laugh when they reveal their new name at the challenge.

2) Immunity Challenge -- The key to this challenge, was the same as it was for me every time I fell asleep in the bath or sat down in the shower: don't drown. Each competitor stuck their head under a grate and let the tide rise over their heads. It came down to Jason, James, and Ozzy fighting with some great creativity, but in the end, James bailed out and Ozzy gave up, looking more roughed up than I've ever seen him and Jason won the challenge. True to his word, he goes to give Eliza the other immunity only....

3) Stickin' It To Eliza -- As we all know, Jason has a fake immunity idol crafted by Ozzy. When Eliza sees the idol, she immediately knows it's fake, and at first thinks that Jason was trying to trick her. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't, and sheepishly asks why it can't be real. Eliza tells him, "Because it's a #$&% stick!" It was uncomfortable watching Jason's embarrassment, but they ultimately decide to use the stick just in case. The plan is to get Ozzy to be voted out since everyone will be voting for Eliza.

4) Tribal Council -- At tribal, Eliza and Parvati get into it and Alexis refers to Eliza's game in the past tense-- not a shock, but a little bit of an awkward slip. Eliza calls out how people have made the same mistake time and time again by voting out the most disliked people and keeping around likable members. She then plays the fake idol and is rebuffed by Probst, but Eliza uses the opportunity to call out Ozzy on having the idol, which might come into play later on. She is then promptly voted out. What I don't understand is why Eliza and Jason didn't try and get Alexis and Natalie to vote out Ozzy since he'd never see it coming. He isn't part of their alliance and it would act as a barometer on how legit their alliance with Parvati and Amanda is. There would be no detriment to Alexis or Natalie, and it would even things out a little more as far as fans and favorites. Even without knowing about their alliance, it seems like it would have been worth a shot and made some logical sense. Oh, well.

The favorites are not strictly going for fans anymore, and with the mix up and the questionable alliances, next week might reveal quite a bit of intrigue and alliance hopping. Until then,

Keep Your Fire Burnin,

Posted by jon on April 11, 2008 8:03 PM
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The Faves were cool voting out another fave because they enjoyed a 6-4 margin. Next week, I guarantee it's another fan that goes.

The Fans don't seem to realize that their best chance was to pick the most marginal Fave (which would have been Eliza) and flip them.

Once again we see the losing strategy being played out all over - "anybody as long as it's not me." Never realizing that that's the best way to insure it eventually WILL be you.

In fairness to Jason, Ozzie left the fake immunity idol wrapped in the parchment saying "you've found the hidden immunity idol". I would have laughed my *ss of if TPTB had ruled "Anything found wrapped in the official paper is hereby declared to be an immunity idol whether it's the one we left there or not."

Eliza hasn't been all that useless - she's been more of a challenge monster than the alleged CM James, probably winning the balance challenge for her team last week with a lunge to touch the barrel balance and win the right to go ahead of Erik last week, and a come from behind working of the puzzle challenge the week before.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at April 12, 2008 1:13 PM

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