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Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 8: Grasping To Stay and Loyalties Betrayed

ep7.jpgSorry for the late post-- it's been a crazy week and unfortunately, that insanity wasn't quite as rampant on Survivor. Here's a quick recap of the important stuff and then we can all discuss.

1) Returning from the last Tribal Council, Erik admits that he's pretty sure no matter what he does, he'll be the next to go. Maybe he should have thought about that when he DIDN'T vote for Ozzy in the last vote. Then again, if Ami wasn't going to do it, then he would have just made his target larger. Ozzy, on the other hand, realizes that he's overextended himself and taken too much control of the group. Now that he's been called out in front of the tribe, he says he needs to tone it down. Annoyingly, he continues to mention that "he doesn't see himself as the leader" to everyone he talks too and it just makes him sound scared and more guilty of being the leader. Also, for the record, HE'S THE LEADER OF THE TRIBE.

2) Food -- In this one episode we ran the extremes from catching giant crabs (not the kind that I imagine Parvati has caught), to eating skeazy rats (not Johnny Fairplay). Cirie and Ami hunt down the crabs which was kinda cool (and the only thing I've ever seen Cirie do), and Jason caught the rat to eat. He was a bit more excited than one might hope when he got it, and decided to cook it up on a kebob and eat it like in Season One. Parvati says that Jason is trying to prove himself to the favorites, but in actuality, he's just a loser. Nice girl.

3) Tree Mail and Immunity Challenge - Before the challenge, each tribe got a note saying they needed to select one member of the opposing tribe. If that tribe lost the challenge, they would go to tribal council that night, but the person selected would sit out the challenge and get individiual immunity. Alexis and Ozzy are selected not to participate and are given individual immunity. The rest of the players take their positions at The Gauntlet (not a cross-promotion with MTV) where two players from each team will throw sand bags at the other players who try to run a balancing act course and retrieve five flags. It becomes clear early on that a) the sand bags aren't all that dangerous) and b) Jason and Erik are going to be battling for victory. Erik brings back four flags, but Jason dominates the course and retrieves four flags with Eliza getting the other one. Airai wins the challenge and Malakal goes home unhappy. As a reward, beer and pizza is delivered to the Airai tribe. This raises the question, would you really drink the beer if YOU were on the island? I'm sure I'd want to, but is a dehydrating, heavy beverage the best idea when food and water is limited? I feel like I'd get drunk off one beer and wake up with a splitting headache in the heat. On exile island, Ozzy finds that someone has taken his fake immunity idol. THings could get interesting.

4) Malakal starts the tribal council process and its obvious that Erik is on the block. In a desperate act, he calls out Ami and tells everyone else what Ami has been planning and how she has ALMOST orchestrated a number of moves against them. It's not really a devious act as it's his only play, and they didn't have any deal or pact. Amanda, who I've been liking less and less each week as she gets more arrogant and snooty, says they'll take it into consideration, but tells Cirie and Ozzy that at least they KNOW Ami can't be trusted. Ozzy, on the other hand, doesn't abide anyone who makes a move against him, and once he finds out Ami tried to rally people against him last week, she's dead to him. But Ozzy isn't the leader, right? So we'll see.

Ami's defense once she's been called out is to say that while she HAS considered options and brought up plans to oust some of her alliance members, she never actually DID make those moves. It's almost convincing if you don't consider that maybe there were other circumstances involved, such as failing to get numbers, and not seeing that as the best strategy for her at the time. When Cirie and Amanda assure her that she's a part of their alliance, they all hug and Ami feels a part of the group for the first time. She then goes over to Erik and gives him the single Cold Bitchiest line of the season, THANKING him for calling her out because now they're closer for it. Erik stumbles like a puppy that has just been bludgeoned on the head, but manages to say "No problem" when Ami actually says "Thank you." STILL, for Ami It's a thin defense, but we go to tribal council uncertain.

5) Tribal Council -- You've heard the defenses, and they are just reiterated with some more fire at tribal. Ozzy calls out Ami, Ami defends herself and cries. Erik sits looking wide-eyed like the new guy in Cell Block 4, and the voting begins. Jeff takes the votes, reads them out, and, somewhat surprisingly, it's AMI who is going home. Everyone voted for her, so the other alliance seems together and everyone did exactly what OZZY wanted. Hm.

Keep Your Fire Burnin,

Posted by jon on April 6, 2008 2:11 PM
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Betch' Ami really wishes she'd gone along with Tracy's plan last week to oust Ozzie, and betcha' they both hate Chet a little more now.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at April 7, 2008 9:25 AM

Yeah, I bet this wish alot of things.

Once again, people just don't think!
Imagine what might have happened, if they had chosen Eric to go to exile island and given him immunity, forcing the women to choose between voting off one of themselves, or Ozzy.

Then again, if Eric had gone, and Ozzy had played, they might not have beaten the greatest Survivor in challenges and then they would have been voting. So, for that decision, I pat them on the back.

But, according to the sneak peak, it looks like Alexis and Ozzy may have formed a bit of a friendship on exile while there, and I think the funniest moment will be Eliza telling Jason that he hasn't found the idol, "cause thats just a piece of weood!"

But I agree, Ami is sulking cause they had multiple oppurtunites to get rid of Ozzy, and they had the bad luck of getting idiots!

But I do hope that the merge allows them to start voting off Parvati and Ozzy and the other members of the click.

But with only two fans left, I would guess they will go first unless Alexis can snuggle to Ozzy and save herself.

It still amazes me that the island has taken out more of the Favorites than the Fans!

Fairplay, by the Favs.
Yau-man, by the Favs.
Jonathon, by the island.
Ami, by three favs and one fan.

Good luck Alexis, I'm pulling for ya!

2. Posted by: David at April 9, 2008 10:16 AM

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