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Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 11: "You Can't Fix Stupid"

ajones2.jpgI'm making this one as brief as my ranting brain can make it. Please feel free to start conversations and add details and moments I chose to leave out in the comments.

1) Cut Deep -- James has a gash on his finger that is not currently a big deal, but that might become an issue, esp if next week's previews are any indication. Too many people are having to go home with injuries. James and Amanda are also cut by Parvati's betrayal. Parvati acts like it's such a hassle to have to deal with the fallout of her actions, but James and Amanda aren't on her side anymore. James says it's going to be awkward and that once again someone has eaten the apple, and that he knew she would do it. She says he would never give her credit for having a plan. Amanda is ripped also and ready to bring some serious game.

2) Food Auction -- It's the food auction episode with a few twists. One of which is where Natalie ends up with bat soup and says she doesn't want it. James eats it and tells Jeff, "You gotta take off the skin first-- that's the trick." I love it. Later, Natalie gets a cake and is allowed to share it with 3 people. She chooses her alliance of women and they all pig out. Erik pays Cirie 40 bucks to lick her fingers and everybody throws up a little in their mouths. The BIG twist, however, is that Natalie buys a note which allows her to send someone to Exile Island. She asks if the idol is back there and Jeff says YES. She says Jason, who is desperately shaking his head not to go back.

3) Exile Island -- As soon as everyone except for Jason gets back to camp, Natalie starts talking about how Jason better not find the idol and how that would be the worst possible thing that could happen. THEN WHY THE HELL DID SHE SEND HIM TO EXILE ISLAND?? They intended to get rid of him next, apparently, and all agree that he CAN'T find the idol this time. I don't understand anybody anymore. Jason finds the idol.

4) Immunity Challenge -- Long and short of it is that the Girl Alliance wants James to lose so they can vote him out, even though they want to vote Jason out. It's a race to the finish between James and Erik, and Erik bounds ahead at the last second and wins. THe Girl Alliance quietly cheers. Then they all gossip and brag about it later. Yeah, right that alliance is gonna last...

5) Voted Out -- Natalie talks to Jason at the Immunity Challenge and says that she sent him for a reason. He says he realized that, because he is a raving idiot. After the challenge, Jason goes off to fish, etc. and Natalie rips into his things, searching for the idol. She finds it and it looks like James is the next to go. After all, they didn't want him to get immunity so they could vote for him, AND Jason has the idol. Right? NOPE! They decide to blindside Jason. Natalie tells him to vote for James (they figure it he DOES play his idol, James will get the second most votes and go home). Jason decides to trust Natalie because she voted out Ozzy (people need to stop trusting people for things that are in THEIR FAVOR. They need to start trusting people only when they take actions that at least superficially appear to be in SOMEONE ELSE'S favor). James hears about the plan from Amanda and can only hope that Jason doesn't play the idol.

At tribal, there's not much game changing talk and they all vote. Jeff asks if anyone wants to play the idol, and since Jason apparently SPACED OUT FOR THE LAST TEN WEEKS ON THE ISLAND, he DOESN'T use his idol. They all vote. James votes for Parvati, but 3 other votes are for him, and 3 other votes are for Jason. The last vote is read, and JASON is the newest member of the jury. A naive puppy-dog until the end, Jason is apparently the least street smart intuitive player Survivor has had in a while. I'm happy to see him go.

6) My Strategy: Having Jason go home instead of James is fine, but if I were James, who knew very clearly what the plan was that might send him home, I would have tried to rally the troops a little and change the path of the game immediately. Since the Girl Alliance of Cirie, Parvati, Alexis, and Natalie was voting for Jason (3) and James (1) that leaves James, Amanda, Erik, and Jason in play. Now, Jason thought they he was safe, but I don't think it would take too much to tell him that it was a trap and he should play the idol. If James, Erik (who has nothing to gain by the Girl Alliance existing), and Amanda voted for Parvati, she would have 3 votes, Jason would have 3 votes, and James would have a maximum of 2 if Jason didn't agree to vote for Parvati. If Jason played the idol to save himself because of the warning, Parvati would have been sent home in his place, thus breaking the Girl Alliance and evening out the numbers. OR, if Jason just LISTENED to them and voted for Parvati, he wouldn't even have to play the idol and it would be 4-3-1 with Parvati getting voted out. Instead, there are now the 4 Girls, Erik, James, and Amanda left-- the GA has the numbers to make their plan a reality. Simply Surviving might not be enough.

Keep Your Fire Burnin,

Posted by jon on April 26, 2008 1:45 PM
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>As soon as everyone except for Jason gets back to camp, Natalie starts talking about how Jason better not find the idol and how that would be the worst possible thing that could happen. THEN WHY THE HELL DID SHE SEND HIM TO EXILE ISLAND??

Becuase doing anything different would have required more brainpower that her tiny little head could generate in that short amount of time.

Are all thy giys really this stupid, or just edited to look that wayt?

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at April 28, 2008 9:33 AM

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