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Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 7: Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy, Oi, Oi, Oi

I'm under the gun here on time, so I'll make this post kind of quick and let the comments do the big talking. Basically, it was just another ordinary week in Micronesia""one person sent home, one weak player quit, and Ozzy continues to run the game over at Malakal.

1) Eat It or Beat It? "" There's an opening argument at Malakal over whether they should kill the chickens and eat them for meat, or whether they should keep the chicken alive for the eggs. Ozzy is in favor of the renewable resource of eggs (aka Beat It) and Tracy leads the charge for killing the chicken. Words are exchanges, Tracy calls Ozzy out on being in charge, which he somehow continues to deny!

2) Reward Challenge "" Airai has a MISERABLE night with the rain, unable to sleep and retreating further and further in to their cave, ultimately sleeping with the rats and the bats and the bugs. I give them some credit, because there's no way I'd sleep in the Creepy Death Cave, so more power to them. Except for Kathy, who claims the most miserable of the group. She's down and out, and that never ends well. At the Challenge, each tribe has to roll gigantic coins while blindfolded to crush tiles and reveal puzzle pieces. Apparently Micronesian coinage was bafflingly determined by SIZE. So the larger the coin, the more it was worth. I think this is both hilarious and possibly brilliant, as any LARGE amount of money is not YOURS at all""it's however many people it takes to move the coin's.

"Hey, help me move this coin! "
"What are we getting?"
"WE'RE not getting anything""I'M going to buy more palm fronds to pimp out my hut."
"Oh cool""good luck paying for it, a-hole."

It's kinda brilliant""if we did that in our country, the richest people would no longer be able to keep it from the rest of us. Anyway, Malakal beats Airai, which is made worse by the fact that reward was a SPA with shampoo, and foods, and, ultimately, bare breasts. Jason is sent to exile as is Tracy, who is picked by Ozzy almost immediately and she is forced to miss the reward (but remember, he's not in charge! .right! ). At the reward, they all enjoy the bounty of food and cleanliness, and Ozzy showers with the topless Amanda and Ami. Cirie ain't feeling it, and Erik sits by like an Amish teenager who just walked into a strip club, and is trying very hard just to stay focused on the all-you-can-eat wings buffet.

3) Kathy (the K stands for Kwitter! that almost worked) "" After losing the challenge and being emotionally and physically drained, Kathy decides enough is enough and it's time to Chet""I mean quit. Jeff Probst is summoned and she tells him that she's definitely going home and that she, "Can't feel her family" anymore, confirming that she is not married to any bats, creepy insects, or sand-mites. Goodbye Kathy.

4) IMMUNITY CHALLENGE "" The challenge consists of having to run out on a bridge in the water while towing a hook, strapping that hook to floatable puzzle pieces, and riding the floatables while the rest of the tribe cranks you in. Then you have to make the puzzle. Ozzy is an absolute beast, running back and forth 4 out of the 5 times with ease for Malakal. Meanwhile, Airai is slowly getting their pieces and ends up behind when it comes to making the puzzle. Malakal stalls, however, and Airai somehow manages to pull out the victory. Meaning that once again, they won immunity, but lost a teammate. Ooph.

5) "Strategery" "" The initial plan that Ozzy draws up is to get rid of Tracy. Ami says, however, that she might be willing to flip and vote for Erik if Amanda and Cirie would go along with it. Amanda and Cirie are possibly alright with getting rid of Erik because Amanda FINALLY realizes that Ozzy is a bit arrogant and bossy. They say they'll consider it. MEANWHILE, Ami, Tracy, and Erik come up with the idea to vote for Ozzy once Amanda and Cirie vote for Erik and Ozzy votes for Tracy. They would win the vote 3-2-1 and Ozzy would never see it coming. Very smart, but it means that Erik, Amanda, and Cirie need to say ok to their deals. Erik might find it tough to vote out Ozzy, since he's rockin' a major Man Crush on the guy. To tribal they go!

6) Tribal Council "" With Ozzy, Erik, and Tracy on the block, anything can happen, and there's no telling who's decided to do what. I'm excited that a big move might be made, but it requires a lot of broken promises and betrayals of trust. In the end, much like Y2K, it's all hype, and the trickiest part of voting Tracy off was knowing how to spell her name. How's that work anyway? Do you go up to the person during the day and ask, "Hey, so I'm just curious""do you spell your name with a "y" an "ey" or an "ie?" Just wondering! " One tribe's down to five, the other's at six""the merge is coming.

Keep Your Fire Burnin,

Posted by jon on March 20, 2008 3:59 PM
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So Ozzie dodges the bullet twice in two weeks, because the opposition can't act in concert in their own best interests. Well, if anytbody could dodge a bullet, it would be Ozzie.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at March 20, 2008 4:27 PM

I have to confess, I was bombarded this week and missed the broadcast time change, figured it was a "catch up episode" on Wednesday and missed it, will watch tonight and post.

Nice post by the way.

2. Posted by: David at March 21, 2008 11:21 AM

Searching my on-line cable guide, there doesn't appear to be "Survivor" broadcast at all this week (Mar 24-28).

Did I miss some announcement? I went back and reviewed last week's (Wed) broadcast and it didn't say anything about skipping a week for the next one.


3. Posted by: Cecil Rose at March 24, 2008 2:01 PM

A visit to the CBS website confirms - no "Survivor" this week - returns Thu Apr 3, 8PM.

You'd think they might have announced this on last week's show.

4. Posted by: Cecil Rose at March 24, 2008 2:13 PM

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