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Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 6: Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light! You Know, Or Don't!

hit.jpgAs Bill and Ted once said, "strange things are afoot at the Circle K." This week, one of the best players in the game, given new life by the tribe swap had to be pulled from the island for medical reasons, and then I was actually cheering for Chet NOT to get voted out.

Here's what went down that led to my unthinkable thoughts:


Jonathan's knee continued to be infected, forcing him to leave the island to go to a hospital. He first competed in the Rewards Challenge, which involved building a barrier so the other tribe couldn't progress through a stick tunnel, and helped lead his team to victory. He dragged boards up the beach with his one pained knee hindering him, and then dragged his entire body through the obstructed tunnel to claim victory. He pumped his hands in the air as they won, proving that Jonathan not only WANTS to be in the game, but he DESERVES to be as well. He's played a heluva game, and was finally in a position to make some moves.

Unfortunately, after the challenge, the medic checked out his knee, and determined that he needed immediate medical help or the infection could prove fatal. Now, this wasn't exactly a field medic coming to scope out the injury. If it was a medic who took part in any wars, they would have shot some more antibiotics into the vein, performed some sort of semi-passable surgery, and Jonathan could have been on his way. No, this was more like the Ultra-Conservative-Paid-By-CBS-Not-To-Get-Their-Asses-Sued type medic, and she vehemently stood by her call that Jonathan had no other choice or it could be fatal. I don't doubt the truth, just the vehemence. So after the challenge, in tears, hugging his teammates, some of whom he'd just met, Jonathan left the island. Not with a whimper, but raging against the dying of the light as Dylan Thomas kind of said. But how were we to know just how tough Jonathan was? Well, fortunately, we had a counterpoint later in the show.


While on Exile Island, Chet lies in the water because his foot has a little cut that is getting infected. Jason goes off in search of the idol which Ozzy has already found, and ends up finding the fake idol that Ozzy fashioned out of a stick. He holds onto it and is excited to find it. Ozzy, aka Captain Jack now that he's slowly looking like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, had already said that he heard Jason was naïve and might fall for the idol, so everything is going as he had hoped. Interestingly, at the immunity challenge, Jason calls out Ozzy on having already found it as a strategy to hide the fact that he found it (theoretically, at least). Ozzy denies it, and they get to the challenge.


It was kind of a cool immunity challenge this week in that one team went entirely against the planned way of completing the challenge and it gave them a huge advantage. Each team was supposed to hold up two supporting stilts that one member would slowly take steps across. Two tribe members had to get from one platform to another to win. Airai, however, utilizes Eliza and Poverty's size and balance along with James' tremendous strength and simply carry one stilt holding the person all the way across. They dominate the challenge and send Malakal to tribal for the second straight week. This leads to!


After dodging votes for the last four weeks, Chet returns home from their challenge loss and starts whining about his foot. He tells the tribe that he wants to be voted out. Ozzy makes a smart ass remark generally saying, "Who else would we vote out?" except considering that Mikey B and Joel were the last two to go in front of Chet, I don't think it's that obvious. Anyway, ordinarily, I wouldn't have any problem with the worst Survivor of all team being sent home, except Ami and Tracy had a plan. Earlier in the show, the two had talked and made a makeshift pact. Ami would vote with the fans including Erik, Tracy, and Chet, to vote out Cirie""another plan I was hugely in favor of. Now, all of a sudden, Chet is ASKING to be voted out, and the plan is dead in the water. They come up with another strategic plan and ask Chet to vote out Ozzy before he quits. That way, They will surprise Ozzy, he won't use the idol, and the other fans can stay alive once Chet is gone (the number's without Chet are in the favorites favor). Erik pleads with Chet and Chet says he'll think about it, but privately tells us that he's doubtful. Somehow he thinks that being voted out like this will be honorable. So let's take a look at that.

Chet has been the weakest, least useful, most horrifically lazy and whiny Survivor I can remember watching on the show. He's so bad that I have to ask what the producers were pooooosssibly thinking when they cast him. What were his hooking qualities? He doesn't get along with anyone, he's not charismatic, and he barely is capable of walking upright. Was the fact that he watched the show the sole mark on his resume? Or did they think, "Let's put someone massively underqualified in there to show everyone just how hard it is on the island. It'll mix things up"?

This is in the same day when Jonathan had to go home despite his protests and tears because his knee was infected while he worked hard in a challenge. How can Chet possibly stand there and ask to go home? He has an infected nub in the bottom of his foot, but when the medics were there after the rewards challenge, he didn't think to ask them to check it out? He didn't even ask Probst to call in a medic to scout it out before asking to go home? If he had ANY dedication, he would have at least gotten it diagnosed first. But no, he asks the tribe to vote him out, and when the rest of his group asks him to do something clever and sort of noble and useful, what does he do?

Well, he folds. After thinking it over, he votes for himself (or throws his vote away), and is unanimously voted out. This leaves Tracy and Erik on the chopping block for Ozzy to eliminate later, and Ami stuck in a faulty alliance with the favorites. He wasn't even able to make ONE play in the game, and as if to punctuate his baffling uselessness he says, "In the end, I decided not to vote for Ozzy. They can deal with that once I'm gone." Only they can't deal with that once he's gone, because it's a numbers game, and they no longer have the numbers now that he is out. Brilliant. Chet was seriously the worst Survivor the game has seen, and while I'm glad he's gone, he wasted too many hours of my Survivor watching life not to be pissed off. "! Go gentle into that good night," Chet. None of us would expect anything more.

Keep Your Fire Burnin,

Posted by jon on March 14, 2008 6:08 PM
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Huzzah for Jonathan:

At least he went out a hero, on a tribe that, at least temporarily loved and respected him. And having done magnificently in the challenge even while hurt.

How much better this was than being stuck in a tribe with whiny adolecents with the manners of a teen-age clique as in his last time on the show.

And even Cirie gave him some props when she heard the news - and Probst seemed to have developed some admiration for him as well.

Too bad Chet went out as uselessly as he played. I like Ozzie, but engineering his (or Cirie's) ouster on his way out might have at least given Chet some dignity. I think chet was worried if the plan had succeeded he'd have to stay at least another three days or ask to be taken out outside of Tribal Council.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at March 16, 2008 1:14 AM

I think Jonathon was working hard not just to prove to CBS and his team that he was useful to have around, but also to gauge himself as to how much he could take. And he proved he was capable, even in the amount of pain he was in, dragging himself thru that tunnel, only to have CBS worry about his safety and in the end, they were right that his leg and more so his health are more important than a game. No matter how much money is at stake.

Chet was proof that sometimes, CBS does not always know what they are doing. Yes they try to make the teams diverse, and yes, there will always be a person of a diverse sexual nature on there, but why oh why put on there someone who's job it is to tell people they look pretty or walk funny? Wasted spot, wasted episodes where he was a focus, and a minimal loss for his team, if only as a vote.

I would like for once, though it will never happen, but for once, CBS to put together teams made up of people who seem cunning, plotting, and devious enough to last. Not just the ones that look best in a bathing suit. I know the swimsuits bring ratings, but let's have a game where the people actually have a clue what they are doing.

These people are the fans who know the most and they still can't figure out how to get the favorites off! The freekin island has gotten more favorites off than they have. The favorites voted off Fairplay and Yao-man, the island voted Jonathon off, and the fans? So far, none. And at the rate they are going, it may be a favorite final four. Look for the old alliance of James, Poverty, love that name, Amanda, and Ozzy to be there.

Chet proved that he should never have gone when he could have extended his free ride and shocked the game by voting out Ozzy, but no, he was too much of a Chet to keep playing, which is why he critiques people, and doesn't compete himself.

I've got nothing against Ozzy, but when people conspire and take the risk to vote out the strong early, thats Surviving!

Goodbye Jonathon, you were my pick. I hope CBS gives you something to compensate because you had new life and your odds had dramatically improved.

Glad to hear all went well.

2. Posted by: dcj3400 at March 17, 2008 12:49 PM


Everyone take note that Survivor is on TONIGHT, WEDNESDAY, not Thursday as usual.

The annual March Madness day shift.

3. Posted by: Cecil Rose at March 19, 2008 11:28 AM

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