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Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites- Week 4 -- All Stars (No Hyphen...See...Clever...)

baked.jpgThis week the Favorites might have had some trouble at camp, but they certainly didn't have any trouble with the game in general, and the fans were finally shown just what the Favorites are capable of. There are only four real things I want to talk about this week:

1) Cirie and Camp Dynamics -- I realize that sounds like the name of a new indie rock band, but I'm referring to Cirie's inexplicable rise to power and subsequent arrogance. This was the one problem the favorites had this week, and it's really pretty annoying. If you've been reading, you'll know that Cirie isn't my favorite person of all time. She's generally lazy, and as strategic as she might talk, she has rarely done much in the past. I'm guessing that producers asked her what she'd do differently if she came back this time, and she probably said, "I'd take control and make more moves." The last few weeks, Cirie has suddenly stepped up and become one of the major players in the Favorites Tribe. The thing is, she has made potentially bad decisions (siding with couples) and she has now started being extremely arrogant and not caring who hears her speak. With Jonathan in earshot, she told people that she doesn't trust Jonathan and that she wanted Yau-Man and Jonathan out. There's a difference between being honest and being arrogant and by intentionally making enemies and not caring because she thinks she has numbers, she is being arrogant. Incidentally, what the hell is Cirie doing back at the old people camp? She hates Jonathan, she just voted out Yau-Man and Elilza probably isn't best buds with her. After breaking that alliance, what right does she have to be there? And why don't the others get more upset, knowing that the alliance of 4 will now be able to pick them off one by one, especially since Cirie wants to vote out Jonathan? She even goes on the lecture Ami about Ami voting for her, as if she's the betrayed ruler. Cirie is riding a power high, and I don't see it being able to last very long.

2) The Challenges: This is where the Favorites came out and owned it. In the reward challenge, Ozzie showed that he's been there before and used a smart strategy that paid off in the long run (moving coconuts to the front of the 20 ft cage so that others wouldn't have to swim as far). It put them behind in the very short term, but paid dividends after not very long, especially when some weaker swimmers had to go out and get it done. The Fans played well, but they couldn't overcome the strategy. Also, James was the one who guessed what the scrambled word was at the end of the challenge, and even he admitted that was kinda shocking. In the Immunity Challenge, it was no contest. Strapped into that "Kerplunk" like matrix device, they had to maneuver through trees and obstacles to acquire necklaces. They all worked together and fluidly made it to the end and back by the time the fans even managed to get moving at all. Dominant. And this is all with Eliza being sick.

3) Exile Island Immunity Idol: Ozzie came up huge here as well. By taking advantage of Kathy's lack of enthusiasm for acquiring the idol, he snuck off and found all the clues on the different islands. Once he had the clues, he picked out just where to go and found the immunity idol. I have no idea how he thought to look UNDER A ROCK in a hollow tree stump, but well done. He then spent the rest of the day whiddling a new idol out of wood to put back to be found Yau-Man style. Meanwhile, Kathy Griffin was sitting back on Exile thinking up her next poor Hollywood B-Actress move.

4) The Fans camp is having issues. Mikey B and Joel became clear leaders in the tribe, and Joel already "betrayed" Mikey B once to vote out Mary. I don't see how he really betrayed him though on the first tribal council. Mikey B wasn't in charge, he was simply the one who stepped up and tried to be in control. The fact that Joel didn't do exactly what he wanted didn't make it a betrayal, it just meant he wasn't willing to give Mikey B control of the group so easily. This week, Mikey B acts betrayed, but willing to mend the relationship and wants to get rid of Chet, because he is miserable in-- no, he's just miserable. This week, Joel wants to vote out one of the weaker players (all of whom are already camping out on the ice berg waiting to be pushed out to sea), but Mikey B wants Chet out. Because of this point of contention, Joel goes and tells The Others that one of them is getting voted out. Tracy steps up and starts talking smack about Mikey B to Joel to get him to do what she knows he wants to-- vote Mikey B out. Joel says he's not sure what he'll do, but he definitely considers it. It would mean voting out one of the strongest players on the tribe, but it would also mean eliminating a potential threat-- even Mikey B says, "I want to keep Joel around until the very last moment before the merge and then we cut his head off." They go to Tribal Council with Chet and Mikey B on the block-- a very clever move by Tracy. The votes are cast and Jeff informs us that indeed, MIKEY B is going home. Furious, he leaves, but I'm pretttty sure they edited out him saying something to Joel as he left, and I'm guessing it wasn't for home audiences. Check that out on the DVD and reunion show. So the fans are in turmoil, Jason and Erik are going to be pissed, the tribe is weaker, and Chet is still around. The Favorites are strong mentally and physically, Jonathan or Eliza are probably the next to go, and Cirie is bafflingly still in control. Only on Survivor...

Keep Your Fire Burnin,

Posted by jon on March 1, 2008 1:01 PM
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Just as Cirie thinks she's in the carbiord seat, it looks like everything gets shuffled. I hope she ends up in Joel's tribe.

And Jonathan maybe avoids extinction in the next faves loss. And Chet, Tracy and Kathy maybe get away from psycho Joel before the ax can drop. When Tracy began talking to Joel, I nudged my wife and said "She knows just which buttons to push." It was like Benjamin Linus manipulating Locke.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at March 1, 2008 10:26 PM

What? No one watches Survivor anymore and wants to post? I guess we are the last three. I only read this post on occassion, I watch the show religiously and enjoy even the slow seasons and episodes, but I usually just read Mac's LOST review and move on, but on a rainy day I decided to see whats up and read up and listen to your opinion to see if I'd be back.

And to quote the great Terminator:

"I'll be back!"

Couldn't agree more on Cirie. Pulled for her on her first trip, don't care for her now. She thinks she got it all figured out, but so did every other loser thats crossed the sand a time or two. You really can't run a complete game thru the whole season,(last season's winner may have been the closest) you have to be able to adjust and adapt, especially when they swap sides like this week. But I won't post forward thoughts on this post, just wanted to let you know I was reading and agreeing, and looking forward to this week's review!

2. Posted by: dcj3400 at March 7, 2008 11:57 AM

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