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Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 3: Cirie-ous Game

beach.jpgI don't know what happened, but when I turned on my television to watch Survivor this week, Cirie was suddenly in the spotlight. From the least enjoyable and least useful character on the show (ok, you know I mean "after Eliza"), Cirie suddenly leapt into the spotlight this week. Perhaps this was because not all that much really happened and so Cirie ended up filling the void.

I'll get this out of the way-- the hardest hitting part of this week's episode was literal. During the reward challenge, each team had to physically fight each other to get five sacks into their end zone. It's exactly like Capture the Flag, only you need to capture five flags and the game starts at that point in the game where all the kids get frustrated and the game devolves into Kill the Carrier. There were some memorable hits, and some awkward guy crushing girl hits (Amanda gets flipped over Eric's head as she tries to tackle him), and ultimately the favorites took the five thanks to James putting in some intense effort. Joel vs. James was cool to see and I look forward to more of it.

Once the reward challenge was over, the episode basically became stagnant. Kathy and Ami went to Exile Island, but Kathy didn't wanna look for the idol again, so she talked Ami out of it since it started raining. I'm not exactly sure why Kathy didn't start looking on her own island since she KNEW that's where it was, but whatever-- she'll be back there. The rain meant that everyone had a terrible sleep and the huddling and sitting in place continued. This made more obvious than ever the breaks in the two tribes. On the favorites side, it's the two couples vs. the older members, leaving Cirie in the middle. On the fans side, Mikey B and Joel are vying for power as others fall in behind. Mikey B did call Joel on his move, but Joel isn't willing to grant him power of the tribe.

So somehow, due to the coupling on the favorites side, Cirie was handed vast amounts of power. Ozzy, Amanda, James, and Parvati decided a week or two ago to team up because they're all big targets now that they're schtupping. The old folks banded together because they had very little other choice, and because they have seemingly learned very little from previous years. Banding together by age or sex is rarely a good idea unless you have tremendous numbers and nobody breaks rank. Have you seen that happen yet? I haven't. So it's 4 v 4 and Cirie. She's SUPPOSED to be part of the older group, but is easily courted by the couples. There are two aspects to this that we need to talk about.

1) Cirie says she has to figure out what alliance is best for her. She doesn't trust Jonathan and says that she knows that when it came down to it, Jonathan would keep Yau-Man around longer than her. Fair enough...except that on the other side, she has four people who are HOOKING UP. I highly doubt James would vote out Parvati, Amanda would vote out Ozzy and vice versa BEFORE they would vote out Cirie. She's paranoid and in no logical position to be picky. She then ends up determining that the couples are somehow the better decision for her, but as Jonathan says, "What have I done TO YOU to make you distrust me?" Nothing. I don't get her decision, as clearly in that relationship, she is the odd one out.

2) Whichever side she chooses, Cirie doesn't have much power-- she OUGHT to just be the swing vote and be happy to be part of an alliance. Instead, the Couples group somehow decides that Cirie gets to decide who to vote for as she presses to vote for Yau-Man. They want to vote out Eliza, but end up changing their vote to get Cirie to vote with them. She says she's voting for Yau-Man no matter what, so I don't see what the danger is. Maybe you piss off Cirie a little while she'sfeeling inflated and self-important, but then it's 4-4 and it's not a big deal because you KNOW that your 4 aren't going to break for a bit. They give Cirie power that she doesn't deserve, but maybe that's a credit to Cirie for presenting herself as having power even when she doesn't. Yes, she is the "swing vote," but she's also not in a position to demand whatever she wants. She's the second most useless member of the tribe. I just don't get it.

Inevitably, the Favorites lose immunity in a strength and coordination challenge, or else the plotline wouldn't have even been that important. So Cirie becomes huge, they go to tribal council and after a prolonged argument between Cirie and Jonathan, they vote and Yau-Man, through no fault of his own, is sent home. Jonathan is pissed, Cirie is pleased, and the Couples are in control. The tribe is so obviously divided for no real reason that I just don't get it, and am not excited about the prospects for the next few weeks. Hopefully, the Favs can pull it together and win some immunity challenges, or else it's gonna be a very predictable few weeks.

Keep Your Fire Burnin',

Posted by jon on February 22, 2008 10:32 PM
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1) Cirie's game play is rational *if* she's in a nine player game and headed for the finale. She's NOT, she's in an eighteen player game and the finale is a long way off. There's a merge up ahead where all the rules change and she's forgetting that, and how powerful, thinking players like Jonathan and Yau-man can help their entire tribe come though that merge in a bettter position.

2) Sigh. I miss my Yau-Man already.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at February 24, 2008 1:33 AM

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