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Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 2: Show and Tell

smash.jpgOn Valentine's Day, Survivor teaches us one of the biggest lessons of them all-- the number one rule in film, literature, life, and love: Show, don't tell.

The Favorites come home from tribal council upbeat despite having to vote out Johnny Fairplay (or maybe because they got to vote out Johnny Fairplay). The Fans, on the other hand, who didn't have to vote anyone out, start out the next day with bickering, concerns, and negativity. They need to build a new shelter and they need to start fire (with flint). The half of the tribe that wants the fire works hard to make it and keeps failing. I guess everyone was being such good fans of the show, that they didn't take the time to go buy some flint and try and learn to start a fire with it BEFORE going ON THE SHOW. Good to know the preparation hasn't changed at all over the years. So while they are trying for fire, the other half (Kathy, Tracy, Chet) are complaining about needing to build a shelter, but not doing anything. This leads to Mikey B, Joel, Jason, and Eric basically yelling at them to stop TALKING and start DOING. By the end of the argument, it's clear that there is a 7/3 majority in favor of the younger members. They go off and start building separate shelters-- not the spitting image of a perfect tribe dynamic.

Meanwhile, over at the Favorites camp, Ozzy is talking some big game about not wanting to get too close to Amanda so he doesn't become a target. Amanda, meanwhile, seems not to remember how Survivor works, and is flirting and getting closer to him. James and Parvati are also continuing to flirt and get close. There's a lot of TALK about not wanting to get too close or look like a target, but during the next night, while people sleep huddled together, Amanda and Ozzy start making out and James and Parvati cuddle up and follow suit. Cirie, who doesn't sleep because she manages to utilize so little energy all day, catches them, and the next morning the two couples wake up as two new franchises for Target, Inc.

At the immunity/reward challenge, everything's pretty straight forward. Individually run across lily pads, dive into water, climb a ladder, smash a block holding a key, and go dive into the water again to retrieve the key. Use all five keys to put open the lock box (the person who does so is called the Key Master, which makes me think back to Ghostbusters fondly and want to know where The Gatekeeper is), and then use the puzzle pieces to blah blah blah. We all know this. Anyway, all you need to know is that the favorites acted quickly and efficiently, only slowing slightly when Jonathan couldn't find his key, but otherwise, they cruised through the challenge. The fans did the same with one exception and it was that exception that cost them the challenge-- Chet. Chet looked physically exhausted VERY quickly and was incapable of diving down to find his key. By the time he gave up and came back to the shore while Joel yelled at him to hurry up, the fans were virtually out. Jason swam back out to get the last key, but it was too late. Favorites won. They get to send someone from Fans to send to Exile as well as one of their own members.

On Extraneous Island-- oh sorry-- Exile Island-- Kathy and Cirie do more in a day than I've ever seen them do before on any episode. The clues for the idol send them back and forth between small islands. They go through four clues, crossing waters, and even Cirie admits that she's moved more for this than ever before. After the third time, we do get a great quote from Cirie, "So now that we find the third clue...BACK across the ocean!" It was the first time Cirie said something that made me laugh and like her. The whole thing reminded me of a frustrating video game, where you have to go back and forth back and forth and it wastes a ton of time, but not very much actually happens. Regardless, they finally got back to the original beach with four clues, but aren't able to find the idol (that we know of). Still, they SHOWED me something searching for the idol, instead of maintaining the idle they usually make theirs.

Mikey B makes a super confusing, but ultimately intelligent plan for the 7 (including contingencies in case of an idol). They will vote out either Chet or Tracy, but all of Mikey B's talk and his recently developing relationship with Mary (of course), leads Joel to start some dissent. He goes and talks to the 3 and Kathy when she returns from Exile Island, and convinces them to vote for Mary in order to cut down on Mikey B's power. It's a very smart move.

At tribal council, Chet's on the block because instead of going against the rule and TELLING everyone that he can't swim or that he was tired, he SHOWED how poorly he could compete. However, with Joel's wrangling, Mary is on the block, she just doesn't know it. The votes come out and 2 chet, 2 tracy, 5 mary means MARY is voted out. Mikey B is shocked and astounded, Mary is completely blindsided, and Joel lets out a telling smile of relief. He and Mikey B are about to vie for power, and I'm excited to see it go down.

Keep Your Fire Burnin,

Posted by jon on February 15, 2008 2:00 PM
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Sorry to see Mary go - for utterly selfish reasons.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at February 16, 2008 10:36 PM

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