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Survivor Fodder

Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 1

fans1.jpgI'm gonna try something different this season and we'll see how it goes. Rather than go through every minute detail of the show as it happened, I'm going to assume that you either saw the episode, are able to see the episode on, or generally just want to know what major events went down. If this doesn't work, we'll go back to the old way, but with new seasons come changes. Unless of course you have 10 of the 20 contestants being FAVORITES:

This episode was all about the clash of old and new as I imagine most of the season is going to be. There was a mixed reaction as the favorites were revealed to the fans. Everyone seemed psyched to see some of their previous counterparts, but some got more applause than others which was particularly awkward. I loved how Cirie got about five claps, proving to me that nobody liked her as much as Survivor wants us to think-- or if they did, it wasn't the up and coming contestants who want to win, it was the people at home who said, "I'm glad she's doing that so I don't have to." Anyway, Yau-Man, James, and Ozzy got the most applause from what I could tell, and Johnny Fairplay got the least applause and the most groans. This basically setup the entire episode.

In a bizarre twist, Johnny Fairplay was the first person voted off Survivor. Not that odd since he was the least trustworthy, but odd in how it went down. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I felt more like I was watching Entourage than Survivor-- because instead of Johnny Fairplay, it was all Johnny Drama. First, the two tribes (fans and favorites) rush across the beach to get immunity idols that they can only use once. Fairplay grabs the idol off the wrong boat (which is why he didn't keep it to answer a comment from the last post), which leads him and Yau-Man to chase down the other one on the edge of the other boat. They bump into each other and Yau-Man comes up with the idol. Good for him. Fairplay starts whining to everyone around that Yau-Man tackled him and then tries to bad mouth him in the confessional. Nobody cares.

The rest of the episode, Fairplay stirs up trouble by first taunting the fans at the challenge and then saying to his tribe that with a kid on the way, maybe he wants to go home. He presents this to us as a decoy, but to everyone else as truth. Nobody really trusts him, and as the tribe breaks into two more obvious groups (more on this in future posts as it matters), Johnny tries to position himself in a place of power, while telling one group that he wants to go home so they'll vote for him (instead of Parvati) and lose at tribal to "his" alleged group (voting for Eliza). It's maybe a good idea, but since he's NOT ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK, it is entirely unnecessary to put himself in danger. When he's finally voted out, the vote is 9 to 1 where he voted for Ozzy. He says, "If I was gonna go out, I wanted to go out on my own terms," but he WASN'T GONNA GO OUT this week and if he meant what he said, he would have voted for HIMSELF not OZZY. Inexplicable drama from Johnny Fairplay.

Johnny wasn't the only one creating the drama this week, however, so now with that out of the way, here are some other interesting bits:

Some of the fans look very competitive and potential threats-- Joel is GIGANTIC and says that James was the largest competitor on the show until he got there. To his credit, James looks jacked as ever, and Joel has great respect for him. Mikey B got some face time this episode too, and while not much went down with him, he sounds like a legit player with strength and smarts. My boy Jason also looks solid. The women haven't really shown much yet, but I'm sure that will change next week.

One female Fan did stand out-- Kathy. Now, aside from the fact that she looks, sounds, and has the same name as Kathy Griffin, I'm told it's not her. She seems to run her mouth a mile a minute and already hit on the topic of sexuality with Chet (which to her credit, she wasn't offensive, just interested and uninformed, i.e., "But you don't actually want to BE a girl, right?"). She picked up the immunity idol at the beginning of the show thanks to Yau-Man pointing it out to her, so she's safe until the second time the Fans go to tribal. This means we'll get a bunch more drama out of her.

What made me happiest in this episode was watching the Favorites DOMINATE the camp aspects. They built a shelter in no time, starting bringing in multiple food sources, and got a fire started. Meanwhile, the fans struggled like all newbies do. It was just nice seeing everything work out the way that made sense.

At the immunity challenge, the Fans straight up trounced the Favorites. It was a typical challenge course with strength and puzzles. The favorites had a lot of pressure on them from the get go and couldn't put together their first puzzle. This led to the Fans getting a huge lead and the Favorites getting even more pressure. Eliza (who I didn't remember before the show and then remembered very vividly as she starting shouting directions to the group and annoying the hell out of me) tried to help, but mostly just added confusion and noise to the group. As a bonus, she was later tossed headlong from the cart she was riding in as it hit a root. This made me feel better up until I saw her eye was bruised at which point I felt bad for giggling. Eventually, the Favs got close to the Fans, but the Fans didn't let up and claimed the first victory.

First Entourage, now Temptation Island-- James and Parvati got very close very fast, which isn't surprising at all, and I'd be happy for James if it didn't put a huge target on his back. Next up, Amanda, coming off an entire season of being best buds with Todd, jumps right into the romantic mix with Ozzy, who is kind of like a bizarro Todd. It's going to be interesting to see Amanda on the show without Todd making all the major plays. My guess is those four aren't on the show that long unless they start winning challenges.

Final Note: Yau-Man wins player of the week in my mind. He got the immunity idol and fought off Johnny Fairplay to do so. He started fire by placing a drop of water on his eye glasses and magnifying the suns rays to light kindling. Despite the fact that I want him dating my grandmother, I'm glad to have him back on the island. Go Yau-Man.

Keep Your Fire Burnin,

Posted by jon on February 8, 2008 4:42 PM
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Season 16, or
"The One With the Amazing Bazooms"

Not too many oldsters for us geezers to root for - Yau man will have to carry the freight for the experienced set.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at February 13, 2008 2:31 PM

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