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Survivor Fodder

Survivor: Micronesia -- Who Do YOU Want To See Back

So now that we know that next season is going to be All-Stars versus Students of the Game, which Survivors do you want to see back? They said there is one from this last season, so I'm starting out with James. I'd also like to see Boston Rob, Sandra from Pearl Islands, Earl from a couple ago, Dreamz, I'd take Yao-Man, Terry from Panama (and my home town), and that's all I can think of. I think it'd be cool to see Lex back and having to interract with Boston Rob again after all this time. I also don't want to see Rupert again-- I'm over him. Please stay away.

Who would you want to see back?


Posted by jon on December 18, 2007 1:17 PM
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I will say it should only be Survivors SINCE the last All-Stars, and NO winners.

Yau-Man and Terry would both be excellent, and beyond that I'm open. Well, maybe Ozzy, too. Be neat to see Ozzy and Terry square off at challenges.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at December 19, 2007 10:25 AM

So Witz?

Survivor - 2. Getting pumped?

2. Posted by: Cecil Rose at February 5, 2008 7:15 PM

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