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Survivor China -- Week 12: More Faster, More Furiouser...

Welp, there are five Survivors left and the finale is on Sunday. Everything moves faster from this point forward so let's do the same.

The show starts off with a very brief clip of Denise saying how people wanted her to vote out Todd and she just couldn't do that. After the credits it's tree mail and BOOM, Reward Challenge time. I told you things are moving faster.


Each player shoots arrows from a 4th century Chinese repeating crossbow. They shoot at a big target with everyone's name on it several times. Each player drops arrows in other people's vases to determine how many shots each person gets. Then, everyone shoots their arrows in order and whoever gets the most hits on their name wins the reward--the big one: A jet to the Great Wall of China where they will get to visit and sleep for the night. Everyone's excited.

After all the arrows are dropped, Peih-Gee ends up with one arrow and nobody is surprised. Denise ends up with two arrows, Amanda gets four, Todd gets six, and Courtney gets twelve. It ALMOST accurately reflects the order in which people are gonna get voted out, except that Courtney got twelve arrows because she's generally incompetent and a terrible competitor. Glad to have her still around!

In place of a description, I'll post the stats of the Reward below. They shot in the order of fewest arrows to most and whenever a player's name gets hit, they get a point, regardless of who shot it.

P.G. "“ misses
Denise "“ misses, DENISE (1)
Amanda "“ misses, DENISE (2), DENISE (3), misses
Todd "“ TODD (1), TODD (2), TODD (3), TODD (4), TODD (5), misses (was remarkably good at this and only missed number six after Jeff jinxed him)
Courtney "“ misses, COURTNEY (1), DENISE (4), AMANDA (1), misses, TODD (6), DENISE (5), DENISE (6), TODD (7), misses, DENISE (7), AND THE LAST SHOT HITS! .DENISE (8)!!

DENISE WINS! SHE PICKS COURTNEY TO COME WITH! SHE GETS ANOTHER CHOICE AND PICKS TODD. She says she can't pick Peih-Gee because she doesn't want her to get stronger. Peih-Gee starts whining because she gave Denise a reward, and it's totally understandable, but she once again has to understand why she wasn't chosen. She's had to work the hardest because she IS a threat.

At camp, Peih-Gee and Amanda reflect on their situations and Amanda asks why Peih-Gee is always so standoffish to her. Peih-Gee (strategically, I imagine) says she's actually glad the two have time to hangout together now. They cook a good rice and fish with sake meal and bond some. It could be a problem for the others, but probably only if Peih-Gee wins immunity.

The three arrive at the Great Wall after a good flight, and get to see a magnificent view of the Great Wall. They arrive to a full meal on a table, but aren't sure how to actually go about the eating of it. All the meat is uncooked, and there's a hot pot in the middle. Aha! They are instructed to put the meat in the middle and then to eat it. After they eat a little, they all feel a little sick. Later on, they have beds to sleep in and they are brought iced coffee which they thoroughly enjoy. Todd finally brings everyone back to reality, asking if Peih-Gee wins Immunity, would people want to argue amongst the four remaining or just vote for Amanda? Courtney makes the obvious point that nobody wants to go home and if Amanda were there, the conversation would be different. There's no real consensus.

Meanwhile, at camp, Amanda and Peih-Gee start in on the "Would you be willing to do Todd or Denise next?" train of thought. Amanda replies, "I am open to things! " and the stage is set for Tribal. When the three return to camp, they are asked how it was and Todd and Courtney explain how the food made them sick, etc. Amanda and Peih-Gee are inwardly furious at their complaints, but to be fair, it was a lose/lose situation for Todd, Denise, and Courtney. If they came back and said everything was awesome, everyone would still be resentful. Denise, however, takes the opportunity to make a smart play ans tells Denise that Todd ate a sandwhich on the way home instead of bringing it back for them. Denise also reveals that she brought them back some nuts. The play might never see the light of day, but it's important to note that she is making some strategic moves, they just might not matter. Todd doesn't improve his situation when he complains that Amanda and Peih-Gee ate all the rice and didn't leave very much for later. They deny it, even though they did eat a ton of rice, and secretly get angrier at Todd. It's fair that Todd just had a chance for a good meal, but at the same time, future meals are important, especially with only four people left.


This challenge is actually a combo of previous challenges. There are four rounds:

1: Each throw 3 stars at target. 4 highest scores move on.
2: Eat one baloot (bird fetus). Top 3 to finish move on.
3: Bounce a ball on a drum through course and into bucket. Top two move on.
4: Use sword to cut rope and release discs "“ complete puzzle "“ First done WINS.

PG "“ 2, 0, 0
DENISE "“ 0, 3, 3
AMANDA "“ 0, 0, 3
COURTNEY "“ 2, 0, 0
TODD "“ 1, 0, 0 (OUT)

It's interesting to see four women in the challenge and one guy on the sideline. This is one of the few seasons when a "male/female" alliance hasn't been attempted (they never work), and so it's interesting to note that it has resulted in four women and one guy. Peih-Gee and Amanda eat their grossosities like it's no problem. Denise just can't do it (she had to try this one before). She urges Courtney on until she finishes. Denise is out, but I think it's saying something positive for our nation when a lunch lady is not able ot eat bird fetuses. Cafeteria food can't be all that bad.

The three are close, but Amanda gets her ball in first and Peih-Gee gets hers in second. It's an interesting dynamic now for the immunity idol. If Peih-Gee wins, a whole lot of craziness could break out.

The two are neck and neck on the chopping, and it's a good thing Courtney didn't get to this point--she couldn't chop through one rope, let alone four. Amanda gets her discs free very slightly before Peih-Gee, but they are just about even at the puzzle. Amanda gets her first two pieces quickly and holds a tough lead, but stumbles at disc six and has to backtrack. Peih-Gee tries to catchup, but Amanda recovers and has only two discs left. She picks one up and it slides on correctly. She puts down her final puzzle piece and the onlookers erupt! Amanda wins immunity!

As soon as they get back to camp, the movement begins to possibly get rid of Todd. Peih-Gee spearheads the movement, obviously, and tries to get Amanda and Denise on board. Amanda appears to be 100% into the idea. Denise says she could be into it, but secretly, she kind of wants to go up against Todd in the final two. And just when I thought I was free to speak, Peih-Gee brings up the idea that it could be "The three girls" in the finals. She's grasping at straws. Amanda says she doesn't want to see Peih-Gee go home, and Denise says the same, but it's definitely her turn to be the Swing Vote again.

Todd and Peih-Gee are on the block. Courtney explains the Great Wall debacle with the food, but then calls herself a Negative Nancy. There's a lot of eye rolling this tribal council, and Peih-Gee and Amanda are the first. After Courtney's comments, Peih-Gee says she's a positive person, which gets a lot of eye-rolling from Courtney and Todd, and a lot of laughter from James on the jury. Todd is acting a little arrogant, but it's up to Denise and Amanda to make that a problem for him. So the votes are cast and Jeff reads them off: Peih-Gee, Todd, Peih-Gee, and PEIH-GEE. Peih-Gee is out. She did play a strong game, lasted longer than she ought to have, and worked through a lot. She also pissed a lot of people off along the way and constantly acted like a victim. Ultimately, it really was her unluckiness to be on the losing tribe that did her in, but she played a strong game and will be interesting to see on the jury. Most interesting here, though, is that since the vote went 3-1, we know it's 4-1 (and the footage after the show proved it), which means that while Denise didn't sway, neither did Amanda. I'm anxious to hear what she has to say on Sunday @ 8pm, because there was no evidence that she wasn't going to vote for Todd.

So we have come to the finale, this SUNDAY at EIGHT. TWO HOURS of competition and then the REUNION SHOW. Craziness. But, not unlike a certain show starring Adrian Paul and a theme song by Queen--There can be only one.

Until SUNDAY, Keep Your Fire Burnin',

Posted by jon on December 14, 2007 4:33 PM
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