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Survivor China: Week 7 -- E'erbody In the Game Gettin' Crunk

I'm glad I caught up on last week's show just before this one, because this was a doozy. Not too much happened at the start, but it got rolling and a ton unfolded. But don't take my word for it:

James hangs around the Zhan Hu camp and waits for his opportunity to get the immunity idol now that he knows what it is. He finally sees his opening and pulls off the seal on their gate. The first side he checks is blank, so he pulls off the other side and finds the idol. He quickly stashes it in his bag, where the other idol also resides. Two idols for James. Let me say that while it might have become obvious over the last two weeks, James is now my personal favorite for the season. He seems like a friendly guy who is much smarter than he lets on and a whole lot of strategy and strength. He's quiet, but amusing, and as of two weeks ago, he was the underdog. Now he has two immunity idols and a shot at survival if the merge happens.

Peih-Gee tries to be friendly to James and asks if he's with them, reminding him that they're loyal. James replies that they are loyal to each other, but it's absurd of them to think he would be on their side after the massive betrayal of throwing the challenge to vote out his teammate. Back at Fei Long, Courtney continues to complain about Jean-Robert and is frustrated that people she likes keep getting voted out while people she can't stand stick around. She could be a big problem going into a merge.

The two tribes go to the Reward Challenge separately for the last time. Jeff greets them and tells them to drop their buffs. he hands out black buffs and the new tribe is born-- 10 members strong. The six Fei Long members and the four Zhan Hu are one. They are sent off to a big feast and celebration with local culture, but Jeff reminds them that the game is always on. They go off, eat, get drunk, enjoy festivities and head back to the Fei Long beach to paint a new flag and come up with a name for the tribe. They decide on Black Fighting Wind in Chinese.

Jeff arrives on their shore and suddenly it's time for the Immunity Challenge. Not surprisingly, as they gather together, it is a quiz on what they saw earlier at the celebration. Each person writes down their answer, and if you're wrong, you're out.

The first question is asked (which doesn't make much sense to repeat since you didn't see the details of the celebration) and James, Amanda, Peih-Gee, and Courtney are OUT. Another question and the remaining group gets it right. On the third question Todd, Jean-Robert, Erik, and Denise are OUT. Frosti and Jaime are left. On the next question Frosti gets it right and Jaime gets it wrong. FROSTI WINS IMMUNITY.

As Jeff leaves, the strategy continues. Peih-Gee asks James if he's still with them and he says yes. He then goes off with Todd and tells him about Jaime having the fake immunity idol. He hopes hopes hopes that she'll play it because it would be "The best thing EVER." He tells Amanda the same thing. Frosti, meanwhile, hears from Jaime that she has the idol and thinks maybe she does, but maybe she doesn't. I have to go back now and mention something hugely important. Jaime SEARCHED JAMES' BAG while he was out of Zhan Hu camp, and FOUND his TWO idols. First of all, that is the kiss of death if it ever gets out that you searched someone else's bag, and I'm surprised it's not illegal. It's also horrible character, but a smart move as far as the game goes. So it's a tough judgement call on the move. Secondly, she misinterprets his having two, as assuming there are FOUR idols. She is convinced she has one.

James, Todd, Denise, Amanda, Jean-Robert, and Courtney are the alleged group of 6. Courtney, however, might flip to Peih-Gee, Jaime, Erik, and Frosti's side if they vote for Jean-Robert. Jean-Robert speaks with Todd and wants to make sure that it's Todd, Amanda, and Jean-Robert in the final three. Jean-Robert also says he'll hold Todd personally responsible if he's screwed over, and it will cost him the game. Todd nods and says yes, but tells us that it was appeasement and Jean-Robert is expendable. That could be interesting down the road if Jean-Robert survives another night. Jean-Robert says he wants to vote Peih-Gee instead of the group decision of Jaime, so if he does and Courtney flips, he will be voted out.

They go to tribal as one, with Jaime, Peih-Gee, and Jean-Robert on the block. Courtney and Jean-Robert exchange their normal arguments and comments, and James says how annoying Jean-Robert can be. They go to vote and JAIME PLAYS THE IDOL-- oh wait-- it's not the idol, it's just wood. Jeff throws it in the fire and Jean-Robert breathes a huuuuge sigh of relief. The votes come out and there are no twists. Everyone who was supposed to vote for Jaime does and she goes down 6 votes to 3 with the last vote also going for her even though it wasn't shown. Jaime is heading home, the fake immunity idol came out, which was awesome, and James is out of the basement. Good stuff all around. A lot to think about for next week.

Until Next Week, Keep Your Fire Burnin,

Posted by jon on November 1, 2007 9:09 PM
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It appears to me that James, who is *much* smarter than he first appears, was saying not so much that Jean Robert is annoying as that he is un-strategic. I.e., that he should sometimes remai silent rather that give away important strategy points. Amazing that a grave-digger is having to point out obvious strategy points to the poker player.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at November 2, 2007 11:26 AM

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