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Survivor: China -- Week 6 -- Quick Witz Summary

SEE! I'm not completely shirking my responsibilities, just a little bit. It's Thursday, Survivor is gonna be on again in a few hours, and I finally got to watch last week's episode. From the comments of The People's Post, you'll be able to see the outcome, so here is how it happened in brief:

The Show Begins:

James is on the chopping block for Zhan Hu-- no surprise there. Peih-Gee and Jaime's plan in action.

Over at Zhan Hu, Todd tells Amanda about the immunity idol clues. He admits that he can't find it himself and needs her help. This will tighten them more as allies.


The two teams send one member at a time running around into houses searching for planks to untie. They must gather the planks and bring them over to a puzzle board where they will assemble them to reveal a well known proverb. The reward is a trip to a nearby island where there is a tea house with western toilets, baths, and ULTRA STRONG CHARMIN TOILET PAPER. WHO THE EFF NEEDS EXTRA STRONG TOILET PAPER??? You gotta be kidding me if you rip weaker papers while taking care of business. Do you also break off the flusher and door knobs? Maybe it's time to lay off the weights and ease back down to earthly strength. EXTRA STRONG toilet paper. Puh!

Fei Long sits out Courtney, Amanda, and Denise. The challenge begins. They are neck and neck with the planks and get over to the puzzle board at about the same time. While in one of the houses, Peih-Gee says to Sherea that they are still with the old tribe and not to worry. Sherea doesn't respond. A short while later, Fei Long wins by figuring out the proverb, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." A bit mid-season for that, but ah well. James is kidnapped which is exactly what I said needed to happen this week-- he gets the immunity clue. Excellent.

During the reward reception, everyone's bathing happily, but Courtney is still hating on Jean-Robert for being skeazy and gross. She does, however, along with Amanda enjoy James' bare butt in the shower. Hypocrites.

Todd talks to James and tells him he knows about the clue. he tells James his plan: Have James throw immunity challenge, have the three vote for him, but vote for Jaime. Present the idol and get Jaime kicked out. Peih-Gee and Jaime's plan would be screwed going into merge. It's a good plan, and Todd is one worth watching, he's a smart guy. Frosti, however, sees Todd and Amanda looking for the idol, and sees when they find it, so Todd brings him into the fold. They then tell Courtney and Denise, so they are all in it together. It's a strong group and might really help them work harder at the challenge.


It's everybody favorite "Eat Gross Stuff" Challenge. First to 4 points.

Chicken Hearts: Frosti gets the point. (F.L.)
Eel: Jaime gets the point no problem (Z.H.)
Baby Turtles: Erik gets the job done (Z.H.)
Chicken Fetuses: This was the crux of the challenge. Absolutely disgusting with James versus Denise. James tried to throw the challenge, but Denise couldn't eat the fetuses (which is like winning in the "Not Grossest" game). James finally mans up and eats the fetuses reluctantly. (Z.H.)
Thousand Year Old Egg: Erik puts it away and wins the challenge (Z.H.)


At Fei Long camp, there is some arguing, but Sherea is first on the block. Courtney tries to get Jean-Robert to be the challenger, but Todd and Amanda aren't so sure. Nobody seems to hate J.R. as much as Courtney does. Todd makes a good point that maybe they should vote for J.R. just to take attention of Todd and Amanda making all the power plays. They go to tribal council.


Sherea and Courtney vote for Jean-Robert, but Todd, Amanda, Frosti, Jean-Robert, and Denise vote for Sherea, and somehow in the most round-a-bout, not nearly satisfying enough way, Sherea, the person who does NOTHING at camp and doesn't do amazingly well in the challenges as far as they show us, IS OUT.

Until Next Week-- er-- Tonight, Keep the Fire Burnin',

Posted by jon on November 1, 2007 4:03 PM
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I've never been able to understand the psychology of people that can sit in a group and tell another human being "you're a terrible person and nobody likes you." (Listening Sharea and Courtney?)

OK you can speak for yourself ("I can't stand you."), but how can you deem yourself fit to speak for the whole human race and sum some else's existence up as being totally loathsome?

OK, maybe if Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin were in the tribe, but not with normal people, all right? We're all the sum of plusses and munuses in our personalities, with some things to like and some to dislike, and you can choose for yourself which predominate, in your own case and inyour own feelings about somebody else.

But to tell another human being they're withoug redeeming qualities. How do you answer that short of "Well, my mother loved me."

Cortney and Sharea's diatribes remind me of the treatment of Johnathan two seasons ago. Not that John Robert is any Jonathan, but come on - every one deserves to be treated with some dignity. Lighten up, ladies.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at November 2, 2007 11:38 AM

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