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Survivor China: Week 9 -- Feast or Famine

Whew--rough couple of days, but I got in my Survivor viewing and have mixed emotions after this week's episode. I'll start from the beginning, this week without the brilliant organization and literary references.

James wakes up the tribe by singing and doesn't get berated for it. That's good news, it means that the tribe is in good spirits and people don't mind having James around. That's good for them, because with James's two immunity idols and strong spirit and connections, he should be there for a while. He says that the 3 votes for him last tribal made him realize that he could go at any time, and from now on he'll bring the immunity idols to tribal council.

Courtney is happy Jean-Robert is gone and mentions how nice it is--and fine, she can be happy, but I'd love to STOP HEARING about him, and her hating him, now that he's actually gone. Denise, meanwhile, is not happy. She feels betrayed (rightfully so) by the voting out of Jean-Robert since she had no idea it was happening. She later voices the complaints to James and Todd who both give her a lot of support and say not to worry, it just kind of happened. She's wary, but I think she'll stick with them since she doesn't have much of a choice in the matter. Denise is quickly becoming the most useless member of the on-camera tribe (meaning maybe she's doing a lot we don't see off-camera) and is struggling to find any place to be helpful. It looks like she's getting depressed and feels unwanted, and I'm afraid for her that it will spiral into a quick booting in two weeks or so (although she might be the perfect person to keep around for the final two. She's done nothing memorable.)

Inexplicably, with Jean-Robert gone, Peih-Gee steps in and starts acting annoying. She argues with people at camp, starts getting loud and making herself an obvious target. It makes no sense, and it only continues as the show goes on. Todd brings it up and with Todd's fickle plans, who knows if Peih-Gee is next or not. We also get to see more shots of Courtney and Frosti massaging and hugging and nuzzling and just being pretty super annoying to anybody watching. Courtney is a baffling mix of a human being. Frosti is cool, and seems under the radar.

Reward Challenge:

For the reward challenge, they return to the two teams of four layout. Using four different sized drums, each team must bounce a ball in the air throughout an obstacle course. At the end of the course, they must bounce the ball into a bucket for a point. Three points wins it. In classic fashion (which is to say, redundant and obvious), Jeff announces the "Schoolyard Pick "˜Em." I love the enthusiasm and grit with which Jeff always announces the "pick "˜em," but it's really not that exciting! especially when Courtney and Denise will always be picked last. Anyway, the winning team gets a cruise on the Li River.

Red Team: PG, James, Todd, Denise

Yellow Team: Erik, Frosti, Amanda, Courtney

The competition begins and both teams struggle a bit to find the best plan. Both teams end up breaking down into two man teams. Yellow utilizes Erik and Frosti (who has tremendous balance and dexterity) and the Red team uses James and Todd, with Peih-Gee sporadically thrown in. Yellow hits their stride and gets the first ball in. Red keeps failing and starts to panic as Yellow puts in another. They finally get the ball TO the bucket, but miss the point and have to start over. They're frustrated and helpless. Denise doesn't touch the ball once as far as I can tell, and Peih-Gee only occasionally gets a touch in that rarely goes well--not that James or Todd do any better. Yellow flies down and gets their final point to win it 3-0. Todd and Erik dominated. They win the reward.

On the cruise, the four get a huge meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and bread. They all talk about how Peih-Gee is a problem and Amanda bonds with Erik a little. Frosti massages Courtney who babbles crazily in weird high pitched voices. I know girls like Courtney, and that's never been a good thing, but I'm really diggin' from afar how crazy and probably AWFUL Courtney is.

Back at the camp, Peih-Gee picks a fight with James and blames him exclusively for the loss. He doesn't wanna hear it and throws it back at her. He says she never wins because she's so negative and quick to blame. He asks her if she thinks she's the problem or if it's really EVERYONE else. Normally, I'd be worried that this might get people annoyed at James falsely, but in actuality, everyone just hates Peih-Gee. When the rest get back, they recount the argument and Frosti says, "That's like something Jean-Robert would do! " and they all agree. NOT GOOD FOR PEIH-GEE, but she's on the outs anyway. Time for the immunity challenge.


Jeff lists zodiac symbols-- the players must stab tiles in that order. If they get it wrong, they're out. Simple as that--except for the TWIIIIIST. Honestly, not that big a deal, but hey, twist, right? People can opt out for hamburgers, fries, and soda aka pop aka cola. James, Todd, Courtney, and Denise opt out. They can eat for the duration of the challenge. James and Todd I can understand, but Courtney and Denise? Really? It annoyed me a little that the four who just returned from the reward were talking up the food and hemming and hawing over what to do. They JUST had an amazing meal and it seems appropriate that Courtney would be the one to opt out to get another one.

Frosti, Amanda, Peih-Gee, and Erik start the challenge. After the first round, Erik is out. In the second round Amanda's out and Frosti loses his focus. He freaks out, but ends up getting it right. Peih-Gee seems focused and capable--why is it always the person who is next to get voted out wins immunity? I mean, I know she NEEDS to, but I'm guessing Survivor chooses challenges based on the feelings at camp. If this was anything physical, she'd be out for sure. Frosti messes up in the third round and Peih-Gee nails it. PEIH-GEE WINS IMMUNITY! Frosti is pissed because he passed up the food AND then lost the challenge. He says that at least if he loses, he'll know he did all he could have.

Todd, Amanda, James, and Denise talk about who's left. Erik is a threat because he's good with the women, and Frosti tells Todd this since he knows that he is the other target. Frosti is dangerous in challenges and has been flying a little under the radar. Meanwhile, Courtney is an X Factor, because she might not vote out Frosti. Todd confronts her and she says, "Why, because he's kinda my Survivor Boyfriend?" Sometimes she knows just what to say--I think she's sharper than she seems. She then says, "we'll see how it goes," which isn't particularly reassuring. Now Todd says maybe Courtney has to go--it's all up in the air.

Tribal Council:

It's Erik, Frosti, or potentially Courtney. There's no real way to know who they decided on. The votes are read! .

One for Frosti (from Erik), no Courtney, and five for Frosti (really six, but he only needed five). It's not unexpected, but it's a tough break, and I'll miss him. He was my number two pick, and I liked having him around. Frosti leaves, but TRIBAL COUNCIL ISN'T OVER! They stick around for--for--! ! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! They end the show on a cliff hanger, with them all having to stay at tribal council for some reason. That's all well and good, but that was IN THE PREVIEWS FROM LAST WEEK! That means that last week, they previewed the cliff-hanger of this week's show that won't be resolved until NEXT WEEK'S SHOW! That's baaaarely legal, like one of those Girls Gone Wild videos. CBS and Survivor better make this good, because I can't tolerate tricksterism like that. Only Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights could pull that off without my being angry at him. And Mark Burnett is no Coach Taylor.

Until Next Week, Keep Your Fire Burnin',

Posted by jon on November 17, 2007 6:44 PM
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Even worse, NEXT week's show is a clip show, so the TWIST won't be resolved for TWO weeks.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at November 22, 2007 7:15 PM

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