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Survivor: Week 13 -- Acts of Mass Strategery

FINALLY! It's week 13 and I can finally say, "Now THAT was a great effing episode!" WOW. I'm all pumped up. Remember when I said I love it when a good plan comes together? Well, this time, the right people did the right things and I loved every minute of it. Here's how it went down:

I missed the first ten minutes, so I joined the show during the Reward Challenge. I imagine the first ten went something like this:

EARL: Yeah man, we stuck together
YAU: Final six.
BOO: I forget-- is it a good idea to eat your own feces?
STACY: I'm just happy to be here.
DREAMZ: Alex is dumb, huh?

Anyway, Reward Challenge:

Earl, Dreamz, and Cassie (aka Back In Black) competes against Boo, Yau, and Stacy (aka Team Awkward). Team members are tied together and have to complete a series of obstacles. The first obstacle is walking over see-saws without anyone falling off. Back in Black dominates this part and has a huge lead thanks to Yau-Man's lack of balance, heading into the Cargo Crawl (a series of cargo nets they have to weave through). Back in Black suffers here and Team Awkward catches up just in time for the Hatchet Dig. Teams must dig in the sand pit for a hatchet that they can use to chop a rope and bring down a large load of cargo onto the-- so they dig and Dreamz is digging furiously, but Boo finds the hatchet and Team Awkward advances to the individual part of the challenge. In this part, each competitor must throw an ax at their ropes tied onto a board. First to cut through their two ropes wins. Boo hits one, Yau hits one, and....Yau hits two! Show him what he's won!!!


But thank goodness he's the one who wins, because check this out: Yau-Man immediately says he wants to make a deal. Dreamz is the only one of the six who doesn't own a car. Yau-Man asks him how badly he wants a car and Dreamz says he really wants it. So Yau offers him a deal; Yau will give him the truck in exchange for Dreamz giving Yau-Man the immunity idol IF they're in the final four AND Dreamz wins the challenge......

WAAAAAY TOO CONDITIONAL! There's just so much in between now and then that could go wrong. In addition, it puts a target on Yau's back for the next TWO rounds by Dreamz AND a target on him for picking Dreamz as the recipient. Granted, no one has won the car AND the game, so maybe Yau never intended to win the car when he entered the game. Yau's strategy is to guarentee himself a spot in the final 3 by voting out Dreamz in the final 4. Smart, but way too expensive. Regardless, Dreamz accepts immediately and the truck is his.

THE SWEETNESS NUMBER TWO: Yau sends himself to Exile Island. He wants that clue and the other immunity idol for Earl. Smart, smart man.

The winners get on a barge with the truck and head over to mainland where they deliver useful toys and educational supplies to a native school. Everyone is happy and feeling good, so Dreamz goes ahead and tells us that he now intends to get rid of Yau-Man BEFORE the final four. Shock. Dreamz is a terrible human being.

Each player is on a floating square. They must throw a rope with a ball at the end into a hoop to pull down a bridge to cross onto the next step. Start with 6 players. Four in the next round, two in the final round. AND GO:
Dreamz gets his right away. Boo follows, with Earl close behind. There's a struggle between the girls and Yau-Man, but Yau pulls it off and gets into the four. In this round, they do the same thing and Yau and Boo make it to the finals. They now must do it one more time and then balance on a small pole and rope in a buoy. Yau man can't keep it going and Boo wins immunity for (I believe) the third week in a row. This made me realize how sad athletically this group is when a guy like Boo can cleanup in the immunity challenges week after week. Boo was NOTHING in weeks 1-10, but now has become a threat. Welcome to the game.

Back at camp, everyone's disappointed that Boo won except for Dreamz. Dreamz couldn't care less because he wants Yau-Man out. How badly? Bad enough to ASK STACY to vote with him. STACY-- DREAMZ's most hated opponent who he should have voted out 8 times already. Dreamz rationalizaes that he wants to vote out Yau now so he can keep his word and not have to break it later. He's a man of his word apparently, despite being a liar and idiot again and again. Stacy is on board because she thinks she's the next to go. Cassandra gets hooked in next for no apparent reason (she'd be smart NOT to piss off Earl at this point, so this is the first time her loyalty is tested), and Boo is on next. Only Earl and Yau-Man think Stacy is on the block.

Meanwhile, Earl and Yau talk and Yau helps Earl with the final clue so Earl can find the idol-- and he does! Yau and Earl BOTH have an idol now, and things are looking good for them as long as they don't make the mistake of not playing them when they need to.

They all return to camp and Stacy tells Earl that she knows she's going home, so there's nothing she can do. Earl says he really respects that and seems to buy into it wholeheartedly. Christ. Back with the group though, Yau-Man tests the waters and Dreamz tells him that he knows Yau's plan. Yau nods. Then he gets more bad vibes from Stacy and some others and whispers to Earl that, 'I have bad vibes." Earl shakes his head vigorously "No," but for the first time in Survivor history, I actually believe someone might snoop something out despite all signs. It's a classic epic moment-- Hubrus. Will excessive pride be Yau's downfall or will he understand the situation and save himself? Tribal Council will show.

They arrive at tribal and Jeff goes through his usual probsting of the survivors. Yau is all ears as discussions of the idol and of threats are told. All of a sudden, Jeff asks Stacy who she thinks will go home and she BAFFLINGLY replies that she thinks it will be very interesting and lines might be drawn anew after the vote tonight. Some people might be surprised. She cringes as she finishes as if she just realized what she did, and Yau-Man and Earl exchange confused and worried looks. Everyone casts their votes.

Before Jeff reads the votes, would anyone like to play an immunity idol??

There is the necessary long drawn out pause before we find out.





Stacy and company look STRICKEN and the votes are read. Stacy 1, Yau Man DOESN'T COUNT, Stacy 2, Yau Man doesn't count. Yau-Man doesn't count, and Yau-Man doesn't count. 2-0. STACY IS OUT!

FAAAAAANTASTIC!!! Everyone did everything right and Yau-Man came out ahead. He sensed it and he came through. Next week is gonna be insane. BUT OH WAIT:

THERE IS NO NEXT WEEK! SUNDAY IS THE FINALE! 2 Hour Finale @ 8pm EST. I'll be watchin' it tape delayed which is terrible, but only a few hours later, I'll know who this year's champ is. And Yau-Man's in the mix. And Dreamz is in the mix. And Earl, and Cassandra, and The Domination Known As Boo. Stacy is out.

There are five survivors left.

Bring on the Finale.

Until Next Week, Keep Your Fire Burnin',

PS. Huge props to Cecil Rose for the great episode summary last week. Way to step up and help out, I really appreciate it.

Posted by jon on May 11, 2007 12:29 AM
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You missed one cute thing in the beginning. Boo actually goes out and makes a second trail to the back side of the water barrel, saying he can sneak out there, hide in the grass, and hear what the others are saying about him when they go out for water, to find out if he's targetted.

Nothing ever comes of it. We never see any pictures of Boo-in-the-grass eavesdropping. Probably because the people at the water hole would have a hard time missing the camera crew standing around filming the grass.


>(Yau-Man's deal) WAAAAAY TOO CONDITIONAL! There's just so much in between now and then that could go wrong. In addition, it puts a target on Yau's back for the next TWO rounds by Dreamz AND a target on him for picking Dreamz as the recipient.

I don't agree. The others don't seem to mind Yau-Man giving the truck to Dreamz. It does put somewhat of a target on him for the next two weeks, but that's always been the case, and YM is most worried about the final 4 when his II is no longer in play, and further, if Cassandra and Dreamz are both in it, he's thinking the best he can do is a tie. But now if they are both in it, he can win immunity either by winning himself or by Dreamz winning, which is twice the chance of either of the other two winning, and eliminates the possibility of the physically impressive Dreamz getting it. Sure it's a risk, but YM has shown us he's a very sharp calculator.


>Dreamz goes ahead and tells us that he now intends to get rid of Yau-Man BEFORE the final four. Shock. Dreamz is a terrible human being.

No way. It's a game. For a million bucks. Dreamz is playing within the rules. He says (and I believe him) that if the conditions come true he'll live up to his agreement. That's all anyone else can ask. Playing to win is admirable, not despicable. If he were to renige on his agreement, win immunity and then not give up the necklace, *that* would be despicable.

Dreamz even goes the second mile and says if they both reach F4 he'll try hard to win immunity so he can give it to YM. That's admirable, and over and above the agreement. Johnny Sleazeball would make that agreement, then lay off in the immunity challenge just to avoid giving it to YM.


Immunity Challenge:

I got the impression that none of them were very good a throwing a rope - Earl looked surprisingly bad. Between this and last week's competitions, I'm wondering if Earl's just laying back and sandbagging, keeping a low profile.

>Boo wins immunity for (I believe) the third week in a row.

Nope, 2nd in a row. The third back was Stacy (STACY!) in the battleship game.


Yau Man was pretty darn smart, wasn't he? Played the idol just when he needed it. Heh. Wonder about next week - will they share the second idol as well? If it looks like YM's on the block again, will Earl hand it over?

Wonder could Stacy have anticipated that and redirected the votes to Earl/Cass/DreamZ? After all she came up with the strategy to redirect to Edgardo that caught the four horsesomethings off guard. It must have occurred to her to try to get Yau Man to waste his idol like Alex did. But busting that tight little block might have been difficult.


>Huge props to Cecil Rose for the great episode summary last week.

Thanks. The one thing that bothered me was not being able to go back and clean up my typos.


Check your comment queues for week 11. I think I have one out there that's never been appoved (URL in it - I avoided that last week knowing you might not be around to approve it. Hint - TVFODDER "House" Blog HINT HINT)

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at May 11, 2007 6:10 PM

You would think that since a show like Survivor needs nature in order to survive, they would be handing out hybrids instead of twelve ton hauling global warmers. you think that Dreamz knows enough homeless people to add up to twelve tons? Umm...did I just really write that? I'm not a bad person, really. I just don't understand the necessity of an average person needing a truck like that. But, then again, I am the person who wants to harrass every Hummer owner I see with the question, "Needed to run over any villages lately, seriously, what do you need a Hummer for?"

2. Posted by: Sara at May 12, 2007 3:12 AM

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