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Survivor: Week 9 -- Killing Me Not So Softly

I'm going to have a giant bruise on my thigh. I just know it. I'm going to have a giant bruise on my thigh, because I punched it--repeatedly. "Why would you do that, Witz?" you might ask. Well Reader, I punched myself in the thigh repeatedly because I like it when a good plan comes to fruition. I just do. When you see the angles and you have the odds in your favor, and you set a plan in motion and it succeeds. Maybe it's the innate OCD that everyone has a little of or maybe it's something else, but I just like it. Having said that, it does not appear as if the mighty plan of The Four Horsemen is going to succeed. It doesn't look that way at all.

Alex, Mookie, Dreamz, and Edgardo, i.e. the remains of the Ravu tribe, dubbed themselves The Four Horsemen. They will stick together and make their way to the final four. When the tribes merge (and they did this week, creating the tribe Bula Bula, which means "Hello Hello" in Fijian! ) they will separate physically, and each stake out a part of the group to find out what's going on, all the while gathering info and returning to each other to spread the word and organize the next vote. It's perfect. It's the conspiracy theory that some people have about a Global Government and on a tiny island, it should work.

When the new Bula Bula tribe returned from Exile Island, where both tribes were made to go to merge, the Moto camp is GONE. In its place is the barren land and cave that it started out with. That's it. Immediately, everyone goes to work finding their groups and plotting. Earl, Yau-Man, Michelle, Cassandra have a thing going, while The Four Horsemen track down Stacey and Boo along with the rest. It is decided that Boo and then Stacey will be voted out. Perfect. Only something changes. Mookie inexplicably tells Dreamz about the immunity idol which they have possession of. Dreamz freaks out that he's paranoid now, and Alex and Edgardo are pissed that Mookie told him (they're afraid Dreamz will tell Cassandra). Alex and Ed resolve that they ought to bring Stacey into the fold so that they can vote out whoever they want no matter who finds out. This would also give them a 3-2 tribe advantage over Mookie and Dreamz if it came down to the final 5. Mookie and Dreamz dislike this, but Mookie never explains that to them as far as we see.

They go to immunity challenge and Survivor throws them a twist. They will compete as two teams for immunity. Winning teams gets food and no tribal, whereas the losing team will have to go to tribal council. The teams break down into Team 1: Boo, Yau, Earl, Cassandra and Edgardo and Team 2: Alex, Mookie, Dreamz, Stacey, Michelle. So in order to vote out Boo, Team 2 will have to win.

The challenge is to memorize a shield with symbols, paddle out to get 3 puzzle bags, and put them together from memory in the right spots. The teams are neck and neck at the finish, but Team 1 pulls it off and is safe for the night. Jeff gives them the reward and reads a note for Team 2. It says that they must go immediately to tribal council--no time to strategize. Great.

Clearly, with 3 of the 4 Horsemen together, it's either Stacey or Michelle going home. Since Dreamz and Mookie want Stacey gone, and Alex wants her in the alliance, and Michelle will vote for Stacey, there's a 3-2 advantage for Stacey to be voted out. Alex makes it very clear who he's aligned with by saying, "I have no reason to vote him out." For Mookie, Dreamz, and Stacey. Michelle is his clear vote and his message is received. Still, no problem, 3-2.

So they vote. We see Alex voting for Michelle and Mookie voting for Stacey. I wonder why Mookie didn't talk to Alex about his issue back at camp, so there's no awkward moment afterwards no matter what the result is. Jeff reads the votes. Alex's vote for Michelle, Mookie's vote for Stacey, Stacey's vote for Michelle, Michelle's vote for Stacey. 2-2. Mookie holds his head in his hands and waits for the final vote--Dreamz's. Jeff opens the paper:


EFFING MICHELLE! Dreamz was quoted as saying, "We can't have Stacey, then they'll have the advantage," as well as, "I've been waiting to vote Stacey out." Now he has the clear time to do it, with no reason not to--he will save himself AND get rid of someone he hates, but instead, for absolutely no reason, votes out Michelle. I'm wondering if when he was homeless, he actually had a house to live in, with no reason not to live in it, but chose to sleep in the alley and eat out of a trash can. Who is this guy??

So Michelle is voted out and evil Stacey is left alive. All my Dreamz are shattered. The plan has gone awry.

In the previews for next week, which I try not to watch, but had to this time, Dreamz goes ahead and reveals to Cassandra and Earl that Mookie has the other immunity idol. So they were right about that. He also argues with Mookie about whether or not he just screwed them over. Dreamz says no. Mookie says trust him, they absolutely are screwed. Dreamz is an idiot. The best laid plans! ..I'll just wait until next week for the bruising to go down.


Posted by jon on April 13, 2007 6:09 PM
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If they'd had more time to think about it, Earl and Yau-Man might have realized that it might have been a better strategic move to LOSE this competition, then combine with Boo and Cassandra to vote out Edgardo.

In general, when the survivors are still divided into tribes, I think it's a mistake to ever intentionally lose a competition in order to vote somebody out. Every time it's been tried, the intentional-loser's tribe seem to lose momentum that they never regain.

However, in this case, where the group is purely transient for the duration of the competition, Earl & Yau-Man might have considered that their alliance was in a 4-1 or 3-1-1 majority in this group (depending on how you count Boo), but in a 3-2 or 4-1 minority in the other group (depending on where Mookie's loyalties lie - and he seems to be 'turned') so it would probably be better to take a 'loss' and whittle down the opponents, rather than win and be whittled down. And there's no continuing group to lose momentum.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at April 16, 2007 12:23 PM

I TOTALLY AGREE! If they had time to think about it, they definitely should have thrown the challenge. On the other hand, there was food at stake, and they might not even recognize Ed as a problem since the larger Four Horsemen alliance isn't revealed yet. At the same time, with a 3-2 advantage in the other group, there is no excuse for not voting out Stacey. Dreamz is traumatizing me on a weekly basis, but who knows, maybe he'll get to the end somehow because of it...and then lose HUGE via the jury.

2. Posted by: Witz at April 16, 2007 12:31 PM

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