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Survivor: Week 11 -- Taking Care of Business

I really don't have much to say about this week's episode. Then again, I've said that before. So here we go:

I think Survivor is getting better. Interesting game-play, good twists, and some actually intelligent players. I just wish we knew the rules. Last week there was a comment about what the rules of the game are and frankly, I have NO IDEA. I wish I knew what the rules were about pushing during challenges, playing idols, and most importantly, STEALING IDOLS.

This week, Alex and Mookie are on the chopping block. They talk to Dreamz and know he double-crossed them, but he still plays dumber (people play dumb, Dreamz plays dumb-ER) and acts like he didn't know what happened. They, thankfully, don't buy it.

At the reward challenge, the two teams play a game of "500." Two teams of four have one person shooting balls into the air and the others battle it out to catch them for a point. First team to 5 points wins. Yau-Man, Cass, Boo, and Mookie are on one team, and Stacy, Dreamz, Alex, and Earl are on the other. Winner goes to a resort spa. They are neck and neck, and end up tied at 4-4 with Dreamz making 3 catches to lead his team. Of note, Boo goes down with a knee injury, but toughs through it and gets back up. Mookie makes a play to win, but can't, and Dreamz comes through with his FOURTH point to win it for his team. Boo goes to Exile.

On the trip to the resort, they enjoy themselves, but it's pretty clear from Earl that Alex and Mookie are next and he won't say which is first--which is nice for a change. No being stupid.

After they return, Mookie and Alex try to mix things up. Mookie searches in Yau-Man's bag and finds Yau-Man's immunity idol. And this is what I'm talking about--I don't know if this is legal or not and I certainly don't know if it's legal for him to steal it. Knowing that they're on the way out, they might as well make enemies and steal the idol if that's allowed. We never find out.

Mookie and Alex are heard conspiring by Stacy and Cass in the bushes, even though they really can't hear very much. When they're spotted, Alex and Mookie rush off and "blackmail" Yau-Man, saying should they tell everyone or should he? He's surprised, but not too worried, and I use quotes around blackmail, because they don't demand anything of him. They simply want the information out to mix things up.

Yao rushes back to camp and tells everyone else what has happened. Most people are shocked that his bag was touched, not that he hasn't revealed the existence of the idol. Apparently people still don't understand that IT'S A FREAKING GAME OF SURVIVAL FOR A MILLION DOLLARS.

They go to the immunity challenge and this time play Battleship. Everyone picks 3 adjacent squares secretly and then all line up and guess coordinates. Dreamz proves his brilliance by picking his own square first, and is followed up by Cassandra doing the same. Nice. The rest pick some more and in very little time it comes down to Stacy, Alex, and Mookie. Stacy makes a good pick and wins the challenge. Stacy. Won. Immunity. I need a week off.

The alliance of 6 decides to vote 3 Mookie and 3 Alex in case one of them has the returned immunity idol (this idea courtesy of Village Genius, Boo, who thinks that without any clues, they might have found the replaced idol).

Alex and Mookie try and stir things up again at tribal, but it's not happening. Nobody really seems to care about Yau-Man. Alex votes for Mookie to keep himself in the game, and Mookie votes for Boo without explaining himself. Mookie is voted out 4-3-1. Not a surprise. This wasn't a spectacular episode, but it was interesting to see some strategy and some failed strategy, and it was an episode that had to happen. Next week should get interesting as Alex could be a swing vote in the 6 person alliance.

Until Next Week, Keep Your Fire Burnin',

Posted by jon on April 27, 2007 7:18 PM
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In fairness to Boo, he learned at exile island that the HII is:
(1) Somewhere around camp, and
(2) Not that hard to find
Thus there is the possibility that the dynamic duo could have possibly found it, and therefore I thought the 3-3 strategy made sense.

Too bad Alex's lawyerly treachery kept us from seeing what the tie-breaker would have been.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at April 28, 2007 8:51 PM

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