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Survivor: Week 10 -- Chaos Reigns In the Four Horsemen

So quickly calmness turns to chaos. After last week's episode, it was clear this week was going to be nuts and it didn't disappoint. Here's the Friday afternoon rundown of last night's episode:

First off, here's why Dreamz voted for Michelle instead Stacey: She said that Dreamz was the one person she didn't really know! .so Dreamz thought about that and voted her out instead of saving his and Mookie's ass. Backstab the second! or third.

To be honest, not much happened between then and the immunity challenge. The challenge was a Questions challenge--vote for the answer to each question and then answer correctly what the majority said. When you get it right, you smash one of the three structures that everyone else has. Last one standing wins. You've seen this before. Here's how it went:

Who would you trust with your life? The majority said Earl. True. The first three people who got it right smash Stacey's lifelines and she's out. Nobody likes Stacey.

Who would you be least likely to invite to dinner? Answer is Boo. Boo gets knocked out.

Who has the most sense of entitlement? Alex. No surprise there, he acts like he owns the island--this episode will show whether or not he does.

Who would you most like to be stranded with? Yau-Man is the answer because he is the Yau MAN. Earl gets knocked out.

Who don't you want to see again? I'll give you a hint--everybody hates her. Stacey. Mookie is knocked out.

Who smells the worst? Dreamz it is, voting for himself. Yau-Man gets knocked out.

Who mistakenly believes they are in control? Again Alex. Interesting--everyone seems to know this. That can't be good. Edgardo is knocked out.

Who has wasted the Survivor opportunity? Again with the Stacey. No love lost, yet she's still in the game. Hm.

Who has surprised you athletically? Yau-Man of course! Dreamz is OUT.

CASSANDRA wins the challenge! She will be going on a yacht trip and Mookie will be sent to exile snakesland. Who will she bring? Dreamz, Boo, and Yau-Man. A good group I suppose, and this isn't going to help The Four Horsemen any with Dreamz on the outs.

Aaaaaand! .
! Dreamz tells them about the idol. Backstab #4 or #10 or whatever. He's officially a backstabbing non-horseman who is pissing me off. But maybe it'll work for him! .and he'll lose unanimously.

Onto the Immunity Challenge:

Classic outlast challenge--they must balance themselves between two posts with varying sized footholds. As time goes on, they lower themselves to smaller footholds. They can't touch the sides with their backs or ass.

Cass goes out followed by Ed, Earl, and Mookie. At the 1 hour mark, Alex goes out, followed by Dreamz, Stacey, and finally Boo. YAU-MAN WINS!!! OF COURSE HE DID! He used his physics theories I bet. And his small size. Yau-Man! I'd love to hangout with him in the real world. Computer Engineer just OWNING it at the office. Hell Yeah.

This is when all hell breaks loose. The Four decide to vote out Earl, but Mookie thinks he has the idol so they change to Cassandra. Dreamz told the rest that Mookie has the idol, so they decide to vote for Alex. Mookie gives Alex the idol, but he inexplicably does so IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE INCLUDING DREAMZ. So Dreamz sees that and tells the rest that Alex now has the idol. They are going to now vote Mookie--that is until Stacey points out that they might as well not risk it and just vote out Edgardo. They all agree. Five strong plus Dreamz. They tell Dreamz that they are still voting for Mookie. Dreamz goes and tells Alex and Mookie that the other players DEFINITELY don't know that they have the idol. The Four get cocky and are pumped about their clever maneuver.

They get to tribal council and discuss the impending vote. Yau-Man blatantly tells them their voting plan which I never understand. Just keep shit under wraps until it happens. Why give up any info? Anyway, everyone votes. Alex PLAYS the immunity idol smiling like the entitled feeling faux-controller that he is. Mookie and Edgardo join in. Then the votes are read.

Cassandra gets three votes. Edgardo gets four votes. Dreamz gets one vote. There is one vote left.

The Four are silenced by the Edgardo votes. The last vote is read: Edgardo. Edgardo is voted off the island and The Four are in shock. Dreamz can't even stop from smirking and I just want to smack it off his face. Dreamz must have been one cruel homeless guy--stealing from the others, lying all over the place. No wonder he was homeless--or does that cross a line. Talk amongst yourselves.

Next week ish is going to HIT THE FAN. There is no possible way Dreamz doesn't get found out. Alex and Mookie are going to go off, but it doesn't really matter. Alex no longer has the idol. The vote is in the other players' favor now, and Dreamz can't possible expect to stay in the game past 3 more votes. He just burnt down his sure thing to the final four. On another note, Stacey swung away from The Four without any hesitation and Alex needs to take most of the blame for that one--there was no reason why she should have been brought in or kept around. Dreamz can take the rest for not voting her out, but apparently that's not his game anyway. Look--now I'm all worked up. At least Yau-Man and Earl are still going strong.

Until next week, keep your fire burnin',

Posted by jon on April 20, 2007 9:16 PM
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Interstingly enough, the two people who were impressive this week were Cassandra and Stacy.

Cassandra correctly predicted who the majority voted for on every single question in the reward challenge, flew under the radar and used her 'kills' wisely to mainly be the third hit when she could so as to not leave any opportunities for retaliation, and demonstrated really good feel for the game in picking who should accompany her on the reward. Boo and Dreamz both of whom were possible allies, but a little shaky - so as to shore up allegiances. Yau-Man to help with the persuading. And leaving Earl in camp to protect their flanks. Amazing! So many competitors in the past have just taken their faves or allies, leaving the left-behinds to nurse resentments and plot among themselves.

And Stacy correctly sensed she had more in common wih Earl's group than Alex's, then came up with a master strategic stroke of voting for Edgardo, so that any possible last minute switch-back of the idol was negated. And kudos to the whole group for realising that 'five is enough' and besides Dreamz has trouble controlling his mouth, and so not informing him of their switch in strategy.

Might come back to haunt them: Both Earl and Yau-Man's smug looks as the votes were counted. Earl began looking smug when he pointedly DIDN'T play the immunity idol that the other side thought he had.

And how must Mookie feel after jumping to the wrong side when he could have sided with his Old-Ravu buddies?

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at April 21, 2007 1:11 PM

Here's the Million dollar question... Is the most controversial thing that is suppose to happen this season going to be next week when Mookie goes through Yaowman's bag and discovers the immunity. Will he steal it? Will he hide it? What does the rules say? That's the million dollar question.

2. Posted by: Steven W. at April 21, 2007 2:53 PM

I found it very interesting that the immunity idol will be hid at camp again since it was not used. Hopefully that will turn out to be important.

3. Posted by: Lori at April 21, 2007 4:36 PM


>I found it very interesting that the immunity idol will be hid at camp again since it was not used.

But it was "used". It just wasn't needed.

If the immunity idol had actually protected someone would it have been retired? Does anyone know what the rules are here?

4. Posted by: Cecil Rose at April 26, 2007 3:48 PM

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