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Survivor: Week 7 -- Rocky Road, Hot Dogs, And Big Falls

Alright, a lot happened this week worth noting. So instead of my usual wandering, detail-oriented self, I'm gonna give you the swift goods this week. Here they come:

Lisi rejoins Ravu now that Anthony has been voted out. The show manipulates me so that I somehow don't hate her after just five minutes of listening to her talk. Amazing what they can do and how horribly fickle I am as a person. It's clear right off the bat that it's Lisi or Rocky on the chopping block.

Moto is even at 3 members apiece (3 former Ravu). Earl and Ravu are still working together to acquire the idol. Left alone at camp with a pick-ax, Yau-Man starts digging. I start to laugh hysterically while watching, because the thought occurs to me, "What if they came back RIGHT now and don't know about the clues?" Can you imagine. Just, "Yau-Man! What the HELL are you DOING!???" So yeah, I laugh alot, but meanwhile he FINDS THE IDOL!!! He gets his creepy on with it, kissing and petting it, before putting it away and refilling the hole.

Rewards Challenge: Each tribe uses jai-lai like things to chuck fireballs at big tarps. They set on fire when you hit them. First to get all three goes to an Arcade, which is actually nearby apparently, where they will play all sorts of games, and eat hot dogs and beer. Rocky is PUMPED. Earl misses, Dreamz HITS. Yau-Man HITS while Mookie makes fun of his arm strength. Yau-Man is having a DAY! Mookie HITS. Dreamz HITS AGAIN. RAVU WINS THEIR FIRST CHALLENGE EVER!!! They send Earl to Exile Island again.

At the Arcade, everyone pounds down hot dogs and brews and some brownies. They goof around for a few and Lisi starts to fit in as a guy's girl. Soon though, they all feeling MISERABLE. Except for Rocky. Rocky hangs out and starts getting pissy and worked up about how they're complaining. Once again, Rocky has taken a good thing and managed to tattoo a bulls-eye on his ass. The magic is gone.

Earl chills on "Earl's Island" where he is bored (already found the idol), and makes a huge sign on the beach-- I'm not gonna lie, he had a loootta time on his hands.

I can't look at Stacey without wanting to punch her in the face. She has the most sh&t-eatenist grin I've ever seen.

ASS-CRAZY ALERT: Yau-Man has a "really evil thought" and makes his own immunity idol that he buries in the sand. It seems WAY too dangerous and I'm not sure how it will help, but it could prove incredibly funny if they vote out Boo and he pulls out a fake idol saying, "Not so fast" and then Jeff has to tell him it's a fake.

Immunity Challenge: person a tower leads blindfolded teammates to pinata smash some hanging pots and put puzzle pieces that fall out into a trough. When all the pieces are there, they take off the blindfolds and solve the puzzle. Callers are Michelle for Moto, Lisi for Ravu. Michelle is GREAT at it, and gives the cutest directions I've ever heard. Alex takes over for Lisi who did a good job, but can't project her voice far enough. Alex is scary with his directions, shouting out commands angrily including "NOW GET ON YOUR KNEES!" To Dreamz. It'ssss...a little awkward. Boo doesn't know left from right. Shock. So, they are basically neck and neck when the funniest moment in Survivor happens: Michelle is saying, "Follow the rail, follow the rail, follow the-- rail. The "--" being when she FALLS OFF THE TOWER and topples to the ground while finishing her sentence. I rewind it four times and laugh harder each time. Stacey is great, but the comedic timing was better. The best part is that only ONE OTHER PERSON could have seen it. Everyone else was blindfolded. Amazing. Follow the-- rail. hahahahaha.

You all know Moto wins. Is there any other conclusion ever? Nope. So now the fight is on, Rocky or Lisi. Edgardo and Alex want Rocky and Lisi is with them. Mookie said he wouldn't vote against Rocky, so he will vote for Lisi. Dreamz straight up says, "I'll prolly vote with you." Dreamz and Rocky have oddly bonded, and Mookie knows they need Dreamz. Dreamz tells us that he would rather Lisi leave. That would mean a 3-3 tie with Lisi and Rocky.

Not much is said of worth at Tribal, and the votes are counted. No one has the immunity idol. The votes are counted and.....Rocky is voted out 4-2. WHAT???? WHO FLIPPED YOU WONDER??

DREAMZ. The biggest part of the show happens in the credits when they show people voting. Dreamz voted for Lisi. They don't explain WHY or WHEN he made this decision, they just show the result. That's the biggest play of the whole episode and they fail to explain to us why it happened. Dreamz is an idiot. He's screwed without teammates who are on his side. Granted, he might make it to the merge, but who cares? He has NO connections. They better explain what happened in next week's episode.


Keep your fire burnin,


Posted by jon on March 30, 2007 4:52 PM
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I believe you meant to say Dreamz voted for Rocky. Rock and Mookie were the only votes for Lisi. Unless you mean voted "for" Lisi in the sense of "didn't vote against".

It makes a certain sort of sense in that everyone still identifies with their old tribe, and Rocky was Old Ravu while Lisi was Old Moto, like Dreamz. The count is now Old Ravu 4, Old Moto 7, so unless the Old Ravu people can come up with a way to flip Dreamz and Casandra, they're in trouble in the event of a merge. If Rocky were a more intelligent player, he might have been able to make this case to Dreamz and generated a 3-3 tie. Wonder how long a Rocky-Lisi make-fire tiebreaker would have lasted? Certainly no longer than last seasons final four playoff.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at April 2, 2007 10:24 AM

I also wonder - would it be legal for Yau Man and Earl to sneak over to Ravu and dig up their immunity idol as well? And maybe bury another fake there, as well?

And is Lisi being disingenuous about not being sure of the location of the immunity idol, or is she really that dumbb?

2. Posted by: Cecil Rose at April 2, 2007 10:28 AM

Oh, and one more thing - wasn;t this week 7? Or are you counting the week without a show as 7?

3. Posted by: Cecil Rose at April 2, 2007 10:29 AM

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