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Survivor: Week 6 Schoolyard Pick 'Em

I'm gonna get right to the meat--the juice--the skinny--the hotness if you will. Because it's day 15 of Survivor: Fiji and everything you thought you knew just went out the window. The Ravu and Moto that you woke up knowing are not the Ravu and Moto that you are falling asleep to.

The two tribes arrive at what they thought would be a reward challenge to find Jeff standing with a secret up his sleeve and a smirk on his face. "New tribes." Schoolyard pick "˜em style. Edgardo and Earl are the two captains and they must pick someone from the other tribe and so forth until only one person is left. Here's how the teams broke down:

The new Moto: Earl, Boo, Michelle, Cassandra, Yao-Man, and the last picked Stacey who I can no longer look at without wanting to hit something or yell at the television.

The new Ravu: Edgardo, Mookie, Alex, Rocky, Dreamz, and the last picked Anthony, who was whiny and lame as usual as he joined the team.

The odd woman out? Lisi. She goes to Exile Island despite her comment that she thought she was going to be out and was cool with it. Jeff lights into her more than I've heard him ever do before, concluding with, "maybe you can spend your time on exile island remembering why you want to be in the game." What a miserable human being she is.

As for the new teams? Moto might be decent in head game challenges, but physically, hooooooooly crap are they in trouble. I mean, look at the new Ravu. It looks like Ravu found Jason Giambi's discarded steroids. How could this all male team have possibly been picked? And why didn't Moto make one move to stop it from happening? I mean, WOW! It's the Dream Team of Survivor Competitors. All these guys except for Anthony (who, to his credit, stated that he is the nerd in the group of "burly men") are in absurd shape, are great competitors, and know how to play the game. Survivor has always been dominated by physical challenges, and if that trend continues! look out.

Unfortunately, in their first "challenge" Ravu captain, Edgardo, picks the wrong buff out of a bag and lands his squad back at the terrible camp. Moto will retain the good camp, but now it is Earl, Yao-Man, and Michelle who can enjoy some food and comfort.

Before the immunity challenge, Ravu and Moto bond a little, and enjoy their new groups. Both seem happy, but Rocky expresses his extreme pleasure over their unbelievable power-house potential. They begin catching crabs (not that kind) and fish together, while Anthony remains back at camp tending the fire, water, and season one DVD's of Sex In the City. It doesn't take long, however, before Edgardo, Alex, and Dreamz, get Mookie into their four person alliance. Rocky and Anthony are the odd men out for Ravu.

The Immunity Challenge arrives and it's an interesting one. All six team members are strapped into a "spokes of a wheel" type device, where opposite members can slide forward and backward through the center of the device. Each team must follow a path through 5 gates and to the finish line. They cross paths at 3 intersections along the way. Now, it's usually at this point where I describe the challenge, but to be honest, there's not much to describe unless you saw it. And to be even more honest, if you care that much about the details and play by play of the immunity challenge, why aren't you watching the show? Between live, VCR, and DVR, AND ONLINE, you really ought to be able to see these parts and then enjoy some witty banter and insights about them here. So yeah, they are neck and neck the whole way, it gets a little physical and is totally deadlocked at the end when! ..MOTO WINS AGAIN. Ravu is heartbroken and proves that no matter who is on your team, the name Ravu is Fijitian for "Will Never Win Anything!"

The argument back at the Ravu camp is that Anthony sucks and is whiny and lame. Rocky, on the other hand, is loud, crazy, moody, and blunt. It seems like Anthony is on his way out, but then Rocky lights up the screen with a montage of being loud and mean, and suddenly who knows. Rocky on this Ravu is not as untouchable as the Rocky on old Ravu. He has come crashing back down to Earth.

At Tribal Council, Rocky lays into Anthony and tells him what a whiny "little girl" he is. He tells him that he needs to stand up for himself and speak his mind, and then proceeds to cut him off while he tries by telling him to "take off his skirt." Rocky makes good points about Anthony, while simultaneously showing why he, himself, ought to be voted out. Not good for anyone.

But then the voting happens. And as usual, no matter what tribal council looks like, unless the vote was going to be decided by one swing vote, the votes come out and the planned player is gone--in this case it's Anthony. 4-1 Anthony is voted out and for another week I can smile. Lisi will be joining Ravu next, which means that most likely she will be the next one out for them, no matter what Rocky does next. The switching up of teams will force her to take the competitive digger that was demonstrated by her physical digger last week (a moment I somehow didn't mention because I don't think I believed it and processed it myself. What are the odds that my most hated player would just kinda face-plant directly into the sand and then just lie there as a coverup for the fact that she actually had no idea what numbers were or how she could match them up from memory). Next week, watch out for Ravu to step up and get things done. And for Yau-Man to show us that he can, in fact, use magic.

Until next week, Keep Your Fire Burnin',

Posted by jon on March 22, 2007 8:10 PM
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> RE Lisi: "Jeff lights into her more than I’ve heard him ever do before, concluding with, “maybe you can spend your time on exile island remembering why you want to be in the game.” "

With the exception of a certain hat-bringing-to-tribal-council event from last season, anyway.

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at March 23, 2007 12:38 PM

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