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Survivor: Week 4 - Papa Smurf's Head Is Spinning, but Not from All the Twists

Alright, short and to the point this week. Ravu is hurting back at their camp and Rocky lets it be known. He's sick of Anthony's whining and not acting like a man. Storm's a brewin'. Moto is hurting just as much back at their palace. Papa Smurf's head is spinning and he doesn't think he can go on. Lisi tells us that she'll be alright with him leaving because it's a game and it's one more person off the list--add Lisi to my list of hated Survivors. Papa Smurf is told that he can get medical attention, but they will have to get him off the island and out of the game. He says do it and somewhere in the world an angel loses its wings.

No more Papa Smurf. Let the record show he never lost a vote.

Dreamz is upset about Papa Smurf leaving because he was the only person he talked to, but there's no time for that because the reward challenge hits us quickly. Up for reward this time is fish, spices, and a king-sized bed. Somehow Moto gets excited about this, as if they've been having trouble lately. Ravu is famished and eyes the goods anxiously.

For the challenge, they must all line up on a thin balance beam by team. Each team must then find a way to get the person furthest on one side past all of their other teammates to the other side. Ravu and Moto both look ready to go, but when the game begins, Ravu tears out to a large 2-0 lead. Their strategy is to have people slide very slowly past each player. It gets awkward for a moment when Rita and Yao-Man rub up against the others for a bit long and we have to wonder if all the guys are just thinking, "please go quickly, please go quickly" and not because they want to win the challenge--although they do. Unfortunately, Moto comes up with a strategy: their team members squat down and have their moving climb over them. In no time, Moto has hit their stride and take a commanding lead. Ravu, no longer full of skinny, balanced players, hits a road block and Anthony of all people is unable to get past anyone without falling off the beam and having to start over. Rocky is pissed. Moto wins, Rocky and the rest of Ravu let out a giant cry of anguish, and return to their camp.

Back at Ravu camp, Rocky loses it. That feeling of unvote-ability I was talking about last week fades as Rocky just GOES OFF on Anthony and the rest of the tribe saying, "Five in a row??? Five in a row?? HOW DO WE LOSE THAT MANY!" He's right, but killing team morale more than you have too is never well-received. Fortunately, he's one of the only physical forces on the team besides Mookie, so he might get away with it. Anthony breaks down near tears in front of us and says that if they want him gone, they'll have to throw him off the island! .I'm guessing they'll just have to vote him out, but that's just me.

Immunity Challenge Time. Each team has caged members that must be released. Between the cages are the infamous Lilly Pads that barely float and collapse when you step on them. Once all the members are our of the cages, a raft at the end must be paddled back to pickup each freed member and dropped at the beach. The team must then form a HUMAN PYRAMID to have the final member stand up and unlock an elevated cage on the beach, releasing the final member. HUMAN PYRAMID! HAHAH! AWESOME. Probst tells us the winner gets immunity and a surprise inside a glass bottle.

So we begin and Ravu immediately falls behind. They can't manage the pads or the locks and Moto shoots a near two members ahead. Rita pulls herself across the pads instead of running, and that's how you lose ground. Somehow, however, through tough paddling, they begin to catch up, and nearly pull even as they form their pyramid and have a chance to unlock the cage and pull ahead. This is when the second blurred nipple of the season takes place--Rita. God Bless Her. That's 2 for 2. Ravu can't get it done and Moto wins the challenge. They win immunity! OR DO THEY!?? (classic suspense moment)

Inside the bottle is a note that says they can either keep immunity and go to the crappy camp, or they can give up immunity and stay in their own nice camp. A quick vote reveals that they will give up immunity. WOW. I have to say, being willing to shed a team member and lose all advantage (it would be 7 v 7 again) rather than sleep for 2 nights on a beach is a tough call. It's not like they've lost a challenge yet--they'll get the camp back next time. Also, this note seemed weird because it wouldn't have worked if Ravu had won. They would have FINALLY won a challenge and then not gotten immunity and the camp. They would have been screwed over the ONE TIME they managed to pull off a victory. This would have angered me.

So Ravu sighs a barely audible sigh of relief and returns to their crap camp. Moto goes back to the nice camp, but with a decision to be made. As soon as they return, Dreamz starts speaking some truth and says instead of being sneaky and snakes, let's just be honest and say who they should vote out. Dreamz believes that Cassandra and Lisi are the two weakest players on the tribe. No one tells him to be quiet or that he's wrong, but they don't speak up either. Lisi and Cassandra are annoyed by Dreamz, and quickly jump down his throat for trying to play nice. A bit later, the Moto Five (Alex, Edgardo, Lisi, Michelle, and Boo) choose to vote out Liliana even though she's clearly one of their strongest competitors. Cassandra is the other target.

They get to tribal council, the votes come out, and yes, it's Liliana who's sent home. I hate Lisi more and more and I can't believe the lack of intelligence on Moto's part, but we'll see how it goes down. They might have made the right choice by keeping the health advantage. When Yao-Man returns from exile with another clue, I can't wait until he shows that he can command snakes and they do his bidding for the rest of the show.

Until next week, keep your fire burnin',

Posted by jon on March 2, 2007 4:05 PM
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Farewell Papa Smurf, farewell. Sad.

1. Posted by: Sara at March 3, 2007 4:08 PM

I think it would have worked if Ravu had won the challenge.. they would have had to choose between the "good camp" with tribal council OR the crap camp with immunity

I'm waiting to see what Jeff meant by the big decision.. he said it was a HUGE thing and that everyone will be on one side or the other of the issue and there are no shades of grey... verrry interesting!

2. Posted by: michigirl74 at March 6, 2007 9:42 PM

I agree it would have worked, but what I meant was, after losing all the challenges and being really down, it would have been horrible for Ravu to FINALLY WIN and then be told they don't get BOTH immunity and the good camp like they would be expecting. It's like, "YOU WON!-- Just kidding you didn't really"

3. Posted by: Witz at March 7, 2007 11:34 AM

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