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Survivor: Week 2 - Snakes Are Misunderstood...

Welp, day four begins by showing Ravu squirming around their loser's camp starving and dehydrated. Oh yeah, and they also don't have fire--HOW DON'T THEY HAVE FIRE???? You might ask. Well, great question, but how can one expect the survivors to know that making fire would be a skill to perfect before going on the show when there's only been 13 previous seasons when this is a problem. 15. That's a good round number to learn by.

Anyway, Yao-Man's got nothin', they start lickin' leaves and Ravu is hurting. Meanwhile, Moto is chillin' back at the paradise camp, and it turns out Lisi is a little bit off. She entertains folks with crazy voices and smashes a bug with a hammer. Boo appreciates this and then promptly chops his hand with an ax. THE CONSTRUCTION WORKER first got something in his eye, and then chopped himself with an ax. The only left to do is get into the hammock! which crashes to the ground. Boo is cursed and I'm starting to wonder if Katrina wasn't his fault, too.

Sylvia returns from Snakesland and everyone still hates her. Yau-Man takes a peak into her satchel and that isn't a metaphor. She doesn't have the idol, but it does lead to the first slow motion replay I've seen on Survivor. Someone needs to tell Rocky that the Boston thing's been done before--but I do appreciate that he has "Boston" tattoed on his shoulder. Ya think he got that after Boston Rob's season? And if so, how awkward would that tattoo be to get if the artist had seen the show? No worries though, because Sylvia is just pissing off everyone and being bossy, and she won't last the week. Everyone agrees. Miraculously, after searching the entire damn island, Erica decides to stumble into the woods right by camp and finds a freaking pineapple harvest. The tribe celebrates and Erica is the hero. Earl wants to marry her and says, "She's a good woman." She'll be around for a while with a big find like that--right? Right??

Before we get to the immunity challenge, let's talk about Rita. Did she wander onto the set one day while trying to track down Luke Wilson? Does she always wear her hair and that "sad spirit" frown? She's easily the most cinematic contestant I have ever seen on the show. I'm not even convinced she's real since I haven't seen anyone interact with her. In fact, maybe I'm making her up--can someone please confirm that Rita exists?

Immunity Challenge: Lacking in creativity, Survivor goes for the "paddle a boat, collect the crates, put stuff together from the crates" challenge. Winner gets fishing gear and fire if you need it. I know there have been a lot of challenges, but can't we come up with something better for these challenges? I feel like I've seen this one a million times. Add a new element at least. Let them battle or something.

So the two teams paddle, paddle, pull, run, they're even, no one stands out, and eventually they're putting together their puzzle poles and are about even. One of Ravu's pieces won't fit and Erica loses it, screaming "that was it, that was it" to one of the pieces. So they try it and--wait a minute, that's not the piece. The piece doesn't fit, Moto wins, Rocky gets pissed, and Earl gets sent to Snakesland. Pineapple or not, we've seen how Ravu rewards those who put effort into the challenges when they give it a shot and fail. On exile, Earl kills a snake and apologizes, saying snakes are misunderstood, but he can't take that chance. Wow. If I were on exile, I'd be holed up in a corner, holding my machete, killing every snake-like object I see.

Back at Ravu camp, Anthony is really uncool (ya know how Michael got lame and annoying on Lost? That's like Anthony, and in his words, "It's only day 6.") Mookie is tired of Erica. It's gonna be Sylvia or Erica. Mookie tells Sylvia and she says, "Oh nooo, nooo." God I hope she goes next. Rita is present! .I mean I think! .

At Tribal Council: Sylvia and Erica neck and neck. It's a win/win in my mind, as the only two characters to start annoying me are on the chopping block. The votes come out! .aaaaand! ..the only person to provide sustenance for Ravu is voted out. Erica goes home. Once again, failed effort results in elimination.

That's all for this week--my time is limited and my jokes are half-baked. Keep up the readin' and receive your own challenge reward.* Until next week:

Keep Your Fire Burnin',

*this is a blatant lie and you probably know it--there will be no challenge reward other than the joy you feel in your heart and the knowledge you gain for your mind. But as always, thanks for playing.

Posted by jon on February 16, 2007 4:49 PM
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1) Is it just me, or are they devoting 90% of the time to the low-rent tribe?

2) Are all the challenges going to be combined immunity/reward challenges this season?

3) Anyone want to purchase a guaranteed fire-starting method that can be done with native materials and/or thing most contestants will likely have on them? Leaned from a Papua New Guinean native who visited our chuirch?

1. Posted by: Cecil Rose at February 16, 2007 7:47 PM

1) no kidding! I feel like I've barely met most of the survivors and it's going to get worse if they keep up with only following the hardship of the losing tribe...though I suppose that's how they usually do it, it's just even more blatant this season.

2) I think usually during the first bunch of elimination rounds, they combine the two challenges into one for the tribes. I could be very wrong on that.

3) The Survivor Prep Kit by Cecil Rose.

2. Posted by: Witz at February 16, 2007 8:07 PM

Am I the only person who ever watched Brat Camp? If a bunch of whiny teenagers can start a fire with a shoelace and some nice dried somethin' or other, why can't these folks who should be prepared to...ummm...survive?

3. Posted by: Sara at February 16, 2007 8:59 PM

>-- Posted by: Sara at February 16, 2007 08:59 PM

You link your myspace profile to your name, but when we go there, its private and we can't see it. :(

4. Posted by: Cecil Rose at February 21, 2007 2:31 PM

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