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Survivor: Introductions - Part I

Introductions: Part I

In three days, Survivor: Fiji will begin. We will meet nineteen new contestants vying for 1 million dollars. Once again I will swear that I won't be drawn in, and once again I will form almost immediate emotional ties to these characters and I'll be yelling along, swearing along, cheering, laughing, and--nope, sorry folks, Survivor does not make me cry along. But it does grab me with it's deliciously formulaic tentacles and pull me in time and time again. In three days, we will meet nineteen people who we will become absurdly attached to, be it by love or hate, but before introducing the contestants, I thought I should introduce myself.

I write for my personal blog Witz Pickz and a "24" blog called "They Don't Know Jack" which has deteriorated with the quality of the show. I just got signed on to write this blog for and I couldn't be more excited.

I fought the Survivor craze until All-Stars. Then, as a joke, my roommate and I started watching. We thought it would be a time for drinkin' and hangin' out. Sweatpants and a sweatshirt, post intramural sports goodness. A time to relax. Right. Then came Boston Rob, Lex, Rupert. Each week more of our friends showed up to "ha-ha" watch Survivor and each week there were more of us shouting and cheering along with the action. We looked at each other with eyes that said, "This stays in this room," and turned back to the television. Survivor won, and I have been addicted ever since, despite my claims that, "I don't think I'll watch this season." I always watch.

So here's some more about me: I watch more television that I ought and eat fewer carrots. Pizza is not a type of food, it is a food group. I read lots of books, but can never remember them when I'm finished. I once ruined Christmas, but it is important to note that I also SAVED Christmas moments later. I swear that my t-shirts are shrinking in the wash and not that I'm growing everywhere else. I can build a fort. I think that I should be on Survivor despite having visual evidence that every other young guy on the show has more muscles than me and a name like "Tanner" or "Rex." I plan to outwit.

I am excited for this season of Survivor and I'm even more excited to have you readers with me for the journey. Thanks for readin', stick with me, because this is going to be fun, and remember to protect your torch at all costs (read: genitals, economic stability, family).



Posted by jon on February 5, 2007 2:51 PM
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There was a "Survivor Preview" promo program on my digital cable guide channel last week, wherein they revealed that the reason there are nineteen instead of 20 at Fiji is that one woman, after being selected and flown to Fiji, took one look at the conditions that prevailed and decided "I just can't do this."

The tribal council set has a distinct "cannibal" theme this season. Wonder what that may presage for the 'gross out food' challenge?

If you like classical allusions with your soap opera, click over to my TV fodder "Rome" blog before the torrent hits. Good luck with the coming season.

1. Posted by: Cecil at February 6, 2007 2:03 PM

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