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'Supernatural' Getting a Big Reboot

The big Supernatural news from Comic-Con is about the big "reboot".

Interesting stuff, and welcome news. I'm sure anyone who is a fan of the mythology of the show, rather than the monster-of-the-week episodes (count me in as a mythology fan), has been wondering... how to the ghosties and ghoulies the brothers face weekly tie in with Heaven, Hell and Chuck/God (and yes, I think Chuck was God, I'll explain below).

It sounds like this year we may find out, as E! Online reports from Comic-Con. For me, I had a few big questions related to plot for this season: would the Sera Gamble takeover mean the end of long-term story lines? Still unanswered.

The article also really doesn't say how things will fit together. Sam comes back a changed man - how could you not be changed? But where will the brotherly conflict come from, once they've worked through the issues resulting from Sam suddenly returning from the Pit? That's the other big question for me.

I'm glad to see Cas and Bobby returning. At the end, Chuck said Bobby and Dean wouldn't see each other for a year. Now we know why. Glad to see some continuity.


It sounds like the whole Heaven mess is not resolved. I find it interesting - I think the angels are just as interesting as the demons on this show (never thought I'd say that). I look forward to seeing more angel mythology revealed, and hopefully, more demon mythology, especially if Crowley is included. He's a great character.

And maybe Chuck will be back. And here's the long promised explanation for why I think Chuck was God.

1) He told the Winchesters he was God. Remember "The Monster at the End of This Book"?

"I'm a god," Chuck said. "I write things and they come true, I must be a God."

Yes, it got explained away. But it's exactly the kind of thing the writers would do - tell you the truth and have it get explained away as being wrong.

2) It fits the writer worldview. Writers are notorious for thinking of themselves as gods.

3) All the little things - the Magda reference, Chuck just happening to know exactly where the final battle was to take place, disappearing at the end, a missing God that no one can find. Individually, they can be explained away. Taken together, they give hints that Chuck is God.

But I think there's plenty of room for interpretation. And I also think the writers like it that way.

Here's to the new season, hoping we get lots of mysteries to talk about this year, too (and the answers!).

Posted by Miller on July 30, 2010 7:44 PM
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