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Supernatural: 99 Problems

The recap part of this is going to be a bit condensed.

Because I want to spend some time talking about Dean.

We open with the Winchesters being chased. Dean has the Impala pushed to the limit. Sam is injured, riding shotgun. Up ahead, a road block. They stop, demons jump out of nowhere to smash the windows and haul them from the car.

Suddenly, the demons are being firehosed with holy water, and exorcised at the same time, by a group of men in a red old-fashioned truck with Enochean symbols on the side. The Winchesters are saved.

Turns out there's a whole town of hunters, being led by Lean, the daughter of the local minister. She tells them angels speak to her. Dean asks her if she gets migraines, blinding headaches, etc. She does. Dean says she's a prophet.

The hunt

She doesn't know why the angels speak to her, but she's never been wrong. She can tell them where to find demons to attack.

The Winchesters find a bar, and talk to some people. Not everyone is on board with the religion here. Some are just going along to go along, including the local barkeep. While there, bells begin to ring. There's been another prophecy.

She gets a vision of a demon nest, and the entire town goes off on a hunt. The hunt is brutal, but successful, until the end. A teen wants to ride back in the Impala, the Winchesters agree, but as they relax before the trip, a demon hiding beneath the car pulls the teen under and kills him.

Sam and Dean can only kill the demon, then watch as the teen dies. Back at the town, the mother of the teen blames the Winchesters. She is hysterical with grief. Lea tells the town that they are being punished, because there are unbelievers among them. She puts the town under new rules - no drinking, no smoking, no out-of-wedlock sex. Sam says that is pretty much all of Dean's life. Dean is not only not amused, he almost approves. He says they'll be dead soon anyway, so it doesn't matter. Sam is stunned.

The righteous

Sam tries to call Castiel, but can only leave a message. He talks to the barkeep, who tells him he isn't a believer. They share a drink, but then it gets to be curfew time. Sam heads back to the hotel. He gets angry with Dean, telling him that knowing Dean has his back is the only thing keeping him going. Dean leaves.

At the bar, Dean finds the barkeep being attacked by townspeople. The angels told Lea they have to get rid of all the unbelievers, and he's one. He refuses to leave. Dean steps in on the barkeep's behalf, and the minister tries to get everyone to calm down. A shot rings out, the barkeep falls dead. The grieving mother shot him, so that the angels would let her be with her dead son.


Cas is at the hotel. He tells Sam that he finds his voice grating. Sam asks if he's drunk. He is.

When Dean arrives, he fills them in on the barkeep. Cas tells them that Lea isn't a prophet. He knows all the prophets, and she isn't one.

Instead, she's the Whore of Babylon. Her purpose is to lead as many people as possible to Hell before the end of the world. She can only be killed by a true servant of God, using a carved piece of Babylonian wood.

They try to recruit Lea's father. At first he refuses, but later admits that she's not acting like his daughter. He asks why her, and Cas says that he's a fallen angel, Dean is no follower of God, and Sam is an abomination. He agrees to try to kill Lea. They go to hunt her.


She's at the compound, having her followers lock up all the "unbelievers", with plans to burn them - including children. The Winchesters, Cas, and the minister attack her, but they're unable to harm her. She's too strong. Dean fights with her, but at the last second, finds the Babylonian stake and stabs her with it. To everyone's surprise, she dies.


Sam asks Dean how he did that. Dean says he doesn't know. Sam is very nearly in a full panic now - he wants to know if Dean is going to give in to Michael. Dean says, "Do you really think I'd do that?"

Sam is mollified.

Back at the hotel, they tend to the minister's wounds. Dean offers to get more bandages, but instead, drives off in Metallicar. Sam is dismayed.

Dean arrives at a house, and rings the doorbell. Lisa answers the door. Dean asks how she's doing, she says she's doing good, but wants to know what he's doing there. He tells her things are about to get bad, really bad. She wants to know if it's related to his job. He admits it is. He tells her that he's never really been happy, but when he imagines himself happy, it's always with her. She says she understands, and invites him in. He says he can't, he just came to say good-bye, and to tell her he's going to do everything in his power to make sure Lisa and Ben are safe. She tells him he's scaring her, and she again asks him to come in. She tells him whatever he's thinking about doing, to think twice about it. He tells her he's not giving in without some guarantees, and one of them is that Lisa and Ben will be kept safe.

He leaves.

So what happened?

Dean is about to give in to Michael. He doesn't see a way out. There is no help, and the task is impossible for mere mortals. He feels the best he can do is limit the damage.

He's seen Heaven, and he's seen what the promise of Heaven will do to people. Heaven doesn't seem that great to him, but others seem to like it. So he's wondering if it's worth saving people, if most of them are going to Heaven, where they'll be happier than on Earth.

But mostly, I think, he lost his moral compass. His break with Sam is complete now. He sees that there never was a family - just a deadbeat, absentee dad, a mythical mother, and a brother who wanted no part of any of them. The family is broken, it can never be repaired.

But in his despair, he doesn't see that out of the pieces of the family, a new tie was forged. He and Sam are close, closer than he recognizes. He doesn't see that he and Sam have grown - that Sam has gone from wanting out of the family, to clinging to what's left.


So what's next for him? Well, you can only begin climbing from the pit when you've reached the bottom. Something has to happen to show him the way up. Will we get that next week, or the week after?

Posted by Miller on April 10, 2010 12:36 AM
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