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Supernatural: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

So what happened?

Well, during the break, Supernatural was renewed for a 6th season. All indications are that the Apocalypse story mytharc will resolve by the end of the season (and we only have 7 more episodes left, max!) We don't seem to be very far along toward a big confrontation with Satan, but just like monsters popping out of the closet (or sick old ladies lunging at you from their bed), huge developments seem to come crashing down on the Winchesters with no warning.

Apparently, Eric Kripke will relinquish Showrunner duties for Season 6. He will take on new projects, while Sera Gamble moves from Producer to Showrunner. If anyone can handle it the way it deserves, she can, so I'm pretty comfortable with the decision.

Anyway, on to this week's episode

Sam and Dean roll in to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Bobby's home town, and a town where a dead man climbs out of his grave to kill the man that killed him. Except no one believes the one witness. Along the way they find out that Bobby is widely considered the town scoundrel. They even have him pegged for mail fraud. Funny moment when the sheriff hears Bobby's voice, expecting it to be the FBI supervisor, but recognizes him right off. The Winchesters sheepishly admit they're fakes.

Bobby tries a little subterfuge

Bobby acts weird. He's cleaned up, even cleaned his house, and he's anxious to run them out, telling them nothing is happening. The Winchesters leave, but are suspicious. They decide to check out the graveyard where the dead man murderer was buried. Sure enough, the grave is disturbed, and the coffin empty. (And how'd you like that shot where they stuck their shovels in the ground, and the camera followed to the bottom of the freshly re-dug grave? Nice!)

They check out the alleged zombie, and he turns out to be a regular family man, but he admits killing the man. Only fair, the man killed him first. Dean's going to shoot the zombie, Sam protests. "He's a soccer dad!"

Before they can resolve the issue, the sheriff shows up and arrests them. She knows the man is dead, but she won't let Dean shoot him anyway.

Bobby bails them out, and they find out that lots of the dead have returned, including the sheriff's young son. And Bobby's wife.

Waiting for the shoe to drop

While Bobby's wife seems fine, except for the fact that he'd had her cremated and she's come back with no memories and a new body, not even scars, the Winchesters tell Bobby that nothing good can come of it. Bobby protests. He vividly remembers her possession, having to kill her, and her rise with the Witnesses.

The Winchesters tell Bobby that she isn't safe. Bobby gets angry, and draws his pistol. "Get off my property," he tells them. "I won't tell you again."

They leave, and head to the diner to decide what to do. They're torn, so they decide to do what they always do - investigate. Dean heads back to Bobby's to watch, Sam gets a list of names of the revived dead, and starts knocking on doors.


Dean, as usual, is not too subtle, and is caught by Bobby's wife. She invites him in to talk. She tells him she doesn't sleep, and feels compelled to bake, which is how she seems to deal with stress. She doesn't know what happened, and she remembers everything, despite what she told Bobby. She thinks her job is to comfort him.


Sam comes to a house where no one answers his knock. He sees blood on the porch, so he goes in. Inside, he sees a frail, sickly old lady in a bed. She beckons him closer. She obviously isn't healthy, so he declines. She beckons him again. "Can't you just tell me from there?" he asks.

She beckons him again. Stupidly, he finally gives in and comes closer, and, of course, is attacked. He manages to draw his gun and blow her dead brains out, but not before getting slobbered on.

Meanwhile, the sheriff's son is sick, and complaining of being very, very hungry. Unfortunately, his taste is for dad's guts. Sam gets there just in time, and offs the demon-spawn offscreen.

Town drunk

They round up all the townspeople they can find, and take them to the jail. Sam tries to explain what is happening, but they don't believe him. They want to know who he is.

"I'm a friend of Bobby Singer's," he says.

"The town drunk?" one man says.

Sam is confused. "I thought he was the town drunk," he says, nodding at a man in the crowd.

"No, who told you that?" the man says.

"Uh, Bobby Singer..." Sam says.


When Dean finds out what's happening, he tells Bobby, but Bobby still insists he can't kill his wife, not again. And he won't let Dean do it either. Dean leaves, but Bobby's wife falls. She is sick, and she can tell she's starting to turn. When Bobby refuses to kill her, she tells Bobby that she remembers everything, and that she met a man in the cemetery, a skeletal man, who had a message for Bobby.

Bobby hears the message, and a few moments later, kills his wife yet again. Dean runs in, and sees what happened.

They pack up ammo and guns and head for the van to go to the police station with everyone else. But the zombies find them, and after a battle retreat to the house. They, surprisingly, run out of ammo, and the zombies smartly break through every window and door. Dean wheels Bobby to a closet, and they lock themselves inside.

Dean feels confident that the zombies won't be able to pick the lock. Seconds later, they do. Dean is able to hold them off for a moment by clubbing them with the butt of his shotgun, but there are too many.

"Get down!" Sam shouts, arriving with the sheriff. They commence target practice, and take down the last of the undead.


Later, they burn the bodies. Bobby has a separate funeral pyre for his wife. They ask if he's okay. He doesn't answer.

He does, however, tell them the message his wife delivered before he shot her. She met a Horseman - Death. Death told her why Sioux Falls was chosen. It was chosen specifically because of Bobby. Death wanted to kill or sideline Bobby. Bobby didn't know why - for helping Sam, or to cause him enough pain, or kill him, so that he's out of the picture.

But the message is clear - Bobby is a target now.

Posted by Miller on March 26, 2010 9:35 PM
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