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Supernatural: The Song Remains the Same

Dean dreams of strippers dressed as angels and devils as Warrant's Cherry Pie plays in the background. Strippers, and Anna?

No, Anna is communicating with Dean in his dreams. She's curious. Is this really what he dreams about? Dean's embarrassed.

Anna tells him she's been imprisoned in Heaven, thanks to Cas, and she needs to talk to Dean alone. She wants to meet him.

Cas is back

Cas meets her instead. He doesn't trust Anna, because he knows what torture in Heaven's prison is like. Anna calls him out for handing her over to Heaven, and Cas tells her it was a mistake. Anna tells Cas he underestimates her. Anna has a knife, but it doesn't kill angels. The knife Cas is carrying does, however. Their standoff is resolved. Anna tells Cas that's she's going to kill Sam. Cas says that Satan will just resurrect him, but Anna says she'll scatter his molecules across the universe. Cas tells her to find another way, because Sam is his friend.

Anna disappears, leaving Cas standing alone.

Back in time

Anna suddenly falls out of the sky onto the hood of a Trans Am, with a couple making out inside. She's unconscious, and they take her to a hospital.

Cas tells Sam and Dean about Anna's plan. Dean can't believe it. He says she's gone all "Glenn Close." Cas is confused, and Dean explains. Sam wants to know if Anna's plan would work. Cas says no, "She's Glenn Close."

Cas is looking for Anna. He wants to kill her first, because he thinks she'll eventually be successful. He works a spell, and finds out that Anna has gone back to 1978 to kill Sam and Dean's parents.

Cas says he will stop her. The Winchesters insist that they go also. Cas is reluctant, because time travel is so difficult that it will leave him weak. He finally agrees. They pack, and Cas takes them back.


They arrive, but Cas is injured, vomiting up blood. Dean finds a motel, while Sam finds John and Mary's address.

"I mean, the mustaches alone..." Sam says when Dean returns.

Dean paid Cas up for 5 nights in the honeymoon suite, and told the manager not to disturb.

"You know what he said?" Dean asks. "'Yeah, don't sweat it. Wanna buy some dope?' Dope. We ought to stick around here, buy stock in Microsoft."

"We might have to if Cas doesn't recover. Is he all right?"

"What do I look like, Dr. Angel Medicine Woman? He'll wake up. He's tough for, you know, a little nerdy dude with wings."

They head to John and Mary's.


They arrive, and Dean stops Sam. He wants to know what they're going to tell them. Sam says the truth.

"What, you mean their sons are back from the future and they're here to save them from an angel gone Terminator? I mean, c'mon, those movies haven't even come out yet."

Sam says that Mary will remember Dean as a hunter. Dean says that he disappeared right when her dad died. He tells Sam to follow his lead.

Mary is surprised to see Dean. She tells him he needs to leave. She has a normal life now. Dean tries to explain, but John comes to the door. Dean introduces Sam and himself as Mary's cousins. John mentions that Sam was Mary's dad's name. Dean says it's a family name. Sam shakes John's hand, but can't let go, and has tears in his eyes.

John asks Sam if he's okay. Sam says he is, it's just been a long trip. John invites them, against Mary's wishes.

John asks Sam again if he's okay.

"Uh, yeah, sure, it's just," he looks at Mary. "You're so beautiful." John leans forward, a bit unsettled.

"He means that in a non-weird, wholesome, family kind of way," Dean says.

Dean says that Sam hasn't seen Mary in some time, and she resembles their mom.

John asks how they're related. Dean says distantly. John wants to know if they knew Mary's parents. Dean says that her dad was like a grandfather to them. John says Samuel died of a heart attack. Mary looks at Dean.

John asks them why they're in town. Dean says business. John asks what business.

"Plumbing," Sam says, while Dean says "Scrap metal."

Mary tries to rush them out the door. The phone rings, and John goes to answer, after asking them to stay.


John is talking to his boss on the phone. He's been let go. John begs to keep his job. His boss tells him to come into the shop, and they can talk. Except it's not his boss on the other end of the line, it's Anna.

Mary tells Sam and Dean they have to leave. Dean tries to explain. Sam tells her John and Mary are in danger. Dean says something is coming for them. Mary wants to know what, Dean tries to deflect the question but Sam tells her.


Mary scoffs. Angels don't exist.

"I wish," Dean says. "But they're twice as strong as demons and bigger dicks." Dean is convincing. Mary agrees to leave. They notice John is missing. They find a note that says "back in 15".

The shop

John shows up at the shop, and finds his boss, dead, with his eyes burned out. Anna is behind him, and she begins throwing him around, but she's still not fully recovered from the time travel.

Dean is there, he attacks her with the angel-killing knife, but she grabs his arm. Dean says, "I wish I could say it's good to see you."

Mary grabs the knife Dean dropped, and gets a slash on Anna. But Anna throws her across the room onto a car. Mary rolls down the car, and grabs a crowbar and stabs Anna with it.

Anna pauses, then pulls the crowbar from her chest. "Sorry, but it's not that easy to kill an angel."

"No, but you can distract them," Sam says, and places his hand inside a blood sigil. Anna disappears.

Safe house

John is driving Metallicar, and asking questions. He wants to know how long Mary has hunted. She tells him all her life. Dean tries to explain how they have no choice, but John stops him.

"Shut up, all of you. Not another word, or so help me, I'll turn this car around."

There is silence for a moment, until Dean turns to Sam.

"Wow. Awkward family road trip," he says.

"You're not kidding," Sam says.

Mary takes them to a safe house. Sam tells her the usual demon protections won't work on angels. She wants to know what will. Sam tells her not much.

"Great," she says.

"He said not much, not nothing," Dean says. "We packed."

They show her the blood sigil, and the holy oil. Sam takes Mary into another room to explain how to use the holy oil.

John wants to know about the sigil. Dean starts to explain, but John stops him. He doesn't care how it works, he just wants to know how big to make it, and where to put it.

Dean tries to tell John to let him handle it. John says he's not useless. "I can draw a damn, whatever it is, a sigil."

Dean tells him to go help Sam, because the sigil has to be drawn in human blood. John grabs a knife and cuts his palm.

"So, how big?" he asks.

Dean pauses. "I'll show you."

"Hmm," Dean says.


"All of a sudden, you really remind me of my dad."

John makes the sigil. Sam tells him it's really good. John wants to know if Sam came to check on him. Sam says he's sorry, he knows it's a lot to take in. John wants to know how long Sam has known about hunting. Sam says all his life, his dad raised him in it.

John is shocked. He thinks it's terrible that a father would do that to his kid, put him in danger like that.

Sam admits that he came kind of close. John says it must have done a number on Sam's head.

"Your father was supposed to protect you," John says.

"He was trying," Sam says. "He died trying."

"I used to be mad at him, I mean I used to hate the guy," Sam says. "But now, I, I get it. He was just doing the best he could. And he was trying to keep it together, in this impossible situation. See, my mom, she was amazing, beautiful, and she was the love of his life. And she got killed, and I think he would've gone crazy if he didn't do something. Truth is, my dad died before I got to tell him that I understand, why he did what he did, and I forgive him, for what it did to us. I do, and I... I just... I love him."


Anna meets Uriel from the 1970s. He senses that Anna is not from that time. She tells him he needs to kill some humans. They kill him in the future. She's giving him the chance to kill them first.

Mary catches Dean alone, and asks Dean what's going on. Dean stalls, but she insists. When she threatens to leave, Dean tells her that he's her son. She doesn't believe him, until he tells her personal details. She starts to cry. She's upset that she raised her sons to be hunters. Dean tells her that she didn't. "Because you're dead."

She wants to know what happened. Dean tells her that the YED killed her, and John became a hunter to get revenge, and that he raised them in the hunter life.

Dean tells her the exact date she dies, and tells her take Sam before that date and run.

Sam interrupts. He says that's not good enough, that the demon will find her. The only way is to leave John, so that they'll never be born.

She tells them she can't. Dean tells her that there's a big difference between dying and never having been born. He tells her that they're okay with that.

"Well I'm not!" she says.

Sam tells her she can't have a normal life, she is going to die, and her children will be cursed.

"There has to be a way," she says.

Dean tells her there is no other way, she has to leave John. She tells him she can't. He tells her it's bigger than just the family, he tells her there are a lot more lives at stake.

She tells him again, "You don't understand. I. Can't. It's too late. I'm, I'm pregnant."

John comes in, and tells them the sigils are all disappearing, and Mary notices the holy oil is gone.


Anna and Uriel arrive. Dean attacks Uriel, Sam attacks Anna. The angels win. Sam drops the knife, and John tries to pick it up, but Anna knocks him through the wall. When Sam attacks, Anna stabs him with a broken piece of wood. It looks like a mortal wound.

Outside, John sees a bright white light.

Anna walks up to Mary, and says, "I'm really sorry."

"Anna," John says.

Anna turns. "Michael," she says. Michael, in John's body, puts his hand on Anna, and she begins to burn.

"Michael," Uriel says. "I didn't know."

"Good-bye, Uriel," he says, and snaps his fingers. Uriel disappears.

"What did you do to John?" Mary asks.

"John's fine," Michael says. He puts his hand on Mary's head, and she falls unconscious.

"I'd say this conversation is long overdue, wouldn't you?" Michael says to Dean.

"Fix him!" Dean says, pointing at Sam.

"First, we talk, then I fix your darling little Sammy."

Dean wants to know what Michael did to John. Michael says he told John he could save Mary, and John said "yes" to Michael using John as his vessel.

"I guess they oversold me, me being your one and only vessel," Dean says.

"You're my true vessel," Michael replies. "But not my only one."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It's a blood line."

"It's a blood line?"

"Stretching back to Cain and Abel. It's in your blood, your father's blood, your family's blood."

"Awesome. Six degrees of Heaven Bacon. What do you want with me?"

"You really don't know the answer to that?"

"Well, you know I ain't going to say 'yes', so what do you want with me?"

"I just want you to understand, what you and I have to do."

Dean tells him that he understands that Michael has a beef with Lucifer. He tells him to get some therapy, but not to take it out on his planet.

Michael tells him he's wrong. Lucifer defied Michael's father, but he doesn't want this any more than Dean would want to kill Sam. Michael says that he practically raised Lucifer, and that he still loves him. But he says he is going to kill Lucifer because it is right.

"Oh, because God says so?"

Michael says yes. God knew from the beginning that this is how it was going to end.

"And you're just going to do whatever God says?"

"Yes, because I am a good son."

"Well trust me, pal, take it from someone who knows, that is a dead end street."

"And you think you know better than my father?" He wants to know why Dean gets to choose.

Dean says he has to believe that he gets to choose what he does with his life. Michael tells him he's wrong. He says that all the random things that have happened, all the random choices he's made, yet he keeps getting closer to his destiny. He tells Dean that it's because it's not random, it's destiny.

"Free will is an illusion, Dean," Michael says. "That's why you're going to say 'yes'."

Michael says that some angels will leave their vessels drooling and senseless, but that he won't. He says he'll leave John better than new, and that he'll make sure that John and Mary don't remember any of what happened. Dean says that means Mary will be killed. Michael says, "Obviously, but you knew that was always going to happen. You can't fight city hall."

Then he sends Sam and Dean back to 2010.

Back to the future

Sam and Dean are packing. Cas appears.

"Hey, Dean. I'm very surprised," he says, then passes out. They put him on the bed, and pour themselves a drink.

"This is it," Dean says.

"This is what?" Sam asks.

"Team Free Will. One ex-blood junkie, one drop out with six bucks to his name, and Mr. Comatose over there. Awesome."

"It's not funny," Sam says.

"I'm not laughing."

"They all say we'll say 'yes'."

"I know, it's getting annoying."

"What if they're right?"

"They're not."

"I mean, why would we? Either of us, but I've been weak before..."


"Michael got Dad to say 'yes'."

"That was different. Anna was about to kill Mom."

"And if you could save Mom, what would you say?"

Dean doesn't answer.

Back in 1978, John and a very pregnant Mary admire the new nursery. Mary is showing John her garage sale purchase. It's an angel, and she doesn't know why she likes it.

The baby kicks, and she tells him it will be okay. Angels are watching over him.

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