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Supernatural: My Bloody Valentine review

It seems like every week, I plan to write out my thoughts on an episode early in the week, after I post the recap on Friday.

And then I get busy and don't do it.

So I'm switching things up today. I'm going to give you my thoughts, and next week sometime - probably late in the week, I'll post the play-by-play. I know I don't have to - you can find details on the episode just about everywhere, plus you can always watch the episode online for free at The CW website.

But I like doing the detailed recaps - for one thing, I get an excuse to watch the episode again, plus a lot of times I see things I miss. And some of the lines are just great, I like to quote them as closely as possible.

But it takes a long time to recap, so I'm going to try it this way, so I can do it a little at a time, and also make sure I get my thoughts on the episodes into the blog. Sometime in the next week, I'll have a recap up. But for now, let's talk.

Catching up

There have been a lot of stand-alone episodes recently. I think everyone is surprised about that - we are down to 8 episodes to go, and as recently as 2 weeks ago, we were still doing stand-alones. In fact, a lot of people (meaning, I have seen it somewhere, but I'm too lazy to really check to see if this is a common belief) have taken this to mean a Season 6 is certain. More on that in a minute.

The last 2 weeks have advanced the story, however. Michael visiting Dean was a great move, in my opinion. I liked that Michael has a vested interest in Dean's welfare - to a point. And I'm digging that whole "as above, so below" thing (and not just because I predicted it). I think that is going to make a rich story at the end. If there is a "happy" ending to all this, it's going to be that Dean shows the way for Michael - Dad isn't always right, and it's okay to rebel. If what happens on Earth mirrors what has happened in Heaven, it makes me wonder - what will happen between Lucifer and Sam? Does what happen on Earth also mirror what happens in Hell?

Cain and Abel

I found the exchange between Michael and Dean interesting in another way. Michael told Dean this has been going on for eons - all the way back to Cain and Abel.

So is this a huge hint, or a red herring? What happened in the past to prevent an Apocalypse? There's a chain of events that has to happen - a vessel has to be prepared for Lucifer, then the 66 Seals have to be broken. Where did it break down in the past? Did the younger brother refuse to drink the demon blood? Did someone stop the Seals from being broken, particularly, the first (a deal with a demon, then becoming a torturer) or the last (killing Lilith)?

I'll be interested to see if the writers pursue this theme. For one thing - it could show Sam and Dean a way out of this. If this has happened before, it might have ended in a way they could duplicate. For another, it could be a great story line for a Season 6 - finding the next set of brothers, and stopping the chain of events. In fact, that could be a long term story line that allows a large number of stand-alone episodes, perfect - at least in that way - for Season 6.

About Season 6

So far, all I have seen is rumor and some strong suggestion that Season 6 will happen. But for every rumor, there is a point for and against it. For example, the ratings are not extremely strong, though for The CW, I guess they are. And they have to fill slots somehow. Also working both for and against a Season 6 are Jensen and Jared. Both are under contract, but this is a grueling show to shoot - it would be a major commitment for them.

So for now, I think nobody knows for sure. But I check every week to see if there's been an announcement - and there will be one, and it should be relatively soon.

On to this week

First of all, this may have been the grossest episode yet. Even more than the Benders episode. I read an interview with Ben Edlund, where he said this episode had the grossest scene he'd ever written. And I'm not even sure which scene he was talking about.

Gore with a side of funny

Secondly, the episode had several funny lines:
Sam: "Go ahead, unleash the kraken."
Sam again: "... unattached drifter Christmas."

Dean: "You mean the little flying fat kids in diapers?"
Cas: "They're not incontinent."

Cas: "It's their... handshake."
Dean: "I don't like it."
Cas: "No one likes it."

Advancing the mytharc

Then about the end of the cupid storyline, the episode does a 180 and gets into mytharc from what seemed a stand-alone.

I was wondering when we'd see the next horseman. And I thought this one would be tough to make scary. But they succeeded.

Neat interpretation of the horseman "famine" as an old invalid. It really lent extra impact to the hunger aspect - a creature that requires assistance physically, yet drains strength from others, but never growing strong physically itself. Nice twist away from the cupid set up, too. I didn't catch on until right before the reveal.

What kind of vehicle was Famine in? I didn't catch what he rode in. I'd love to know if it continued the horse reference from the War episode. But I did notice that the writers changed the verse from "horse" to "steed".


Maybe the scariest part of this episode was seeing Dean frozen into inaction, staring at the knife. I really thought his hunger would be revenge, rather than what happened.

Dean's basically empty inside. So what does this mean for him? Basically his soul is dead? How did this happen? Was it Jo's death? Just the hopelessness, his acceptance that this is all preordained? I think we need to know. And I don't think he's going to get any divine intervention, at least nothing obvious. It's going to be up to him to find meaning in this battle.


And Sam was out of control, back on the juice. That's disturbing. I believe that his addiction will be the reason he finally agrees to become Lucifer's vessel. I think the addiction will become unbearable to the point that he will do anything to be rid of it. It sure seemed like foreshadowing when Cas said that Sam would be all right once the demon blood burned its way out of him, meaning I don't think this addiction is weakening any.

I'm just not sure how his story is going to go. If the addiction gradually grows worse, can it be so bad that he'd basically give up his life and his body to be rid of it?

Death, just before taxes

So now we have a long break - returning about 3 weeks before tax day in the U.S. Judging from the previews, I would guess that Death is up next. If so, that would be strange, because the episode Abandon All Hope really plays up Death as being the most powerful horseman, and they haven't faced Pestilence on his pale horse yet - I am guessing Pestilence brings the Croatoan virus.

Of course, in some interpretations, the Pale Rider is Conquest, sometimes represented as the Antichrist. It wouldn't surprise me if the show combined these interpretations, having the Pale Rider be both an antichrist type, and the bringer of the Croatoan virus.

And I'm guessing that the Pale Rider will be... Sam.

Guess we'll find out. Look for the recall of last night's episode later next week.

Posted by Miller on February 12, 2010 8:18 AM
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