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Supernatural: Sam, Interrupted

A woman is talking to a doctor in a mental hospital. She claims that "a monster" killed her friend. The doctor tells her she's hallucinating, and that her friend killed herself.

She tells the doctor that she can tell the difference between her hallucinations and the monster.

Later that night, she hears noises in the ceiling. Screws in the overhead vent slowly begin to unscrew themselves, while she watches in terror.

Something attacks her, but the shot is of the outside of her door. The patient in the door across the hall, who disturbingly has a passing resemblance to Castiel, watches as the woman presses her face against the window on her door and screams for help, then is yanked away.

The nurses finally respond when the screaming stops, to find the woman with her wrists slit, lying dead in a pool of blood.

Checking in

Cut to Sam and Dean talking to the same doctor, posing as Alex and Eddie. They claim to have been referred by a Dr. Babar in Chicago.

"Isn't there a children's book about an elephant named Babar?" the doctor asks.

"I don't know, I don't have any elephant books," Dean replies.

Dean is explaining that Sam is crazy. The doctor asks Sam how he's feeling. Sam says he's just a little depressed. The doctor asks why.

"Probably because I started the apocalypse."

"The apocalypse. And you think you started it."

"Well, yeah, I mean, I killed this demon, Lilith, and I accidentally freed Lucifer from Hell. So now he's topside, and we're trying to stop him."

"Who is?"

"Me. And him," he points to Dean. "And this one angel."

"You mean like an angel on your shoulder."

"No no, his name's Castiel. He wears a trenchcoat."

"See what I mean, doc. The kid's been beating himself up about this for months," Dean says. "The apocalypse wasn't his fault."

"It's not?" the doctor asks.

"No," Dean says. "It was this other demon, Ruby. She got him addicted to drinking demon's blood, and near the end he was practically chugging the stuff. My brother's not evil. He was just... high."

The doctor, not surprisingly, puts them under observation.

They go see the nurse for a physical. The nurse gives them a very thorough exam, including an apparent body cavity search. Dean calls her Nurse Ratchit, and tells her he has seen "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." She's not amused.

After, they fill in the backstory. An old hunting acquaintance named Martin is a patient at the mental hospital, due to a hunt that went wrong in Albequerque. He claims something is killing the patients, and called the Winchesters. So, following the plan in "Folsom Prison Blues," they checked themselves in.


The brothers talk to Martin. He tells them that there have been 5 deaths over the last 4 months, all ruled suicide. But his hunter's instincts tell him these are not suicides. Plus, some patients have said they've seen the monster.

"Are they reliable?" Dean asks about the witnesses.
"Oh, sure, why wouldn't they be?" Martin asks in reply.

Dean watches a woman waltzing with an invisible partner. "Gee, I don't know," he says.

The doctor arrives, and collects them for group therapy. Except Dean. He tells Dean that his relationship with Sam is dangerously codependent, and they could use a little time apart.


Sam goes with Martin. The only person who's willing to talk at the session is the Castiel-lookalike, whose name is Ted. He wants to talk about the monster that's hunting them. He says he's seen it. The doctor tells him it's nonsense, and Ted stops talking when the doctor threatens to call the orderlies.

Dr. Cartwright

Meanwhile, Dean is visited by the pretty Dr. Erica Cartwright. She's willing to trade question and answers with Dean. As Dean asks her about feeling cold spots, seeing black smoke, smelling sulphur, she asks him why it's important. He tells her he hunts monsters, and those can be signs of the type of monster they're facing. She asks him how much he sleeps (not much - 4 hours a night max), how much he drinks (50 drinks a week, about), when is the last time he was in a long term relationship, defined as over a couple of months (never). She wants him to tell her about his father.

Sam, Dean meet later in the hallway. Dean is anxious to finish the job and get out, he tells Sam he was theraped. As they talk, a pretty blonde walks up and kisses Dean deeply.

"Hi. I'm Wendy," she says.

As she walks away, Dean says, "Maybe this place isn't so bad."

"Dude, you cannot... hit that!" Sam says.
"Oh, so torn..." Dean says.

Later, Sam and Dean pick the locks on their doors while the nurses are on their rounds. They start looking for Ted's room, but they hear screams. It's coming from Ted's room. They see Ted's face against the door's window, then he is yanked upward so that they can see his feet. Sam desperately tries to pick the lock on the door. Dean tells Sam to hurry, and Sam yells at Dean to back off. When they get the door open, it's too late. Ted has been hanged - an apparent suicide.


Sam and Dean somehow manage to make it into the morgue to examine Ted's body. Sam finds a small hole in Ted's neck, and inserts a swab into it. Way into it. It goes all the way into his brain.

Sam wants to examine the brain. Dean is reluctant. Sam finds a bone saw, and tells Dean to stand watch. Sam cuts off the top of Ted's skull, and pulls out the brain. It's black and almost completely dry.

Dean tells Sam someone is coming. Sam hurriedly puts the brain back, and puts the top of the skull with the head, pulls the sheet over, and closes the drawer on the body. At the last second, he remembers to remove his gloves, and tosses them at the garbage can, right before the nurse walks in.

"What are you boys doing in here?" she asks.

Dean pauses, drops his pants and puts his hands in the air, and says, "Pudding!"

"All right, come on, you two," she says. Dean pulls up his pants and walks out with her. He looks back at Sam and whispers, "Crazy works."


Sam and Dean meet with Martin. Dean is looking at some clown paintings. He asks if those are original Gacys. Martin tells him that he painted those. Sam interrupts, and they tell him about the brain and the hole in the neck. Martin thinks he knows what monster they're hunting. It's a wraith, it eats brains, and can take the form of a human. But it reacts to silver, silver will cause the skin will crackle. Also, the wraith's true form will reveal itself in a mirror.

Dean positions himself near the nurses' corridor mirror, and watches everyone walk by. Dr. Cartwright walks up, and starts a conversation. She asks why he has to be the monster hunter. He tells her it's his job.

"So is there a quota? How many people do you have to save?" she asks.
"All of them," Dean says.

"All of them?" She says it's a lot of responsibility. She wonders how he wakes up in the morning, with all that weight of responsibility on his shoulders.

Dean says, "Good question." Then he sees the doctor walk by. In the mirror, he can see a monster. He rushes off to tell Sam.

They set out to hunt the wraith. Sam steals a letter opener from the nurse's station. It's only silver plated, but that should be enough.

As they talk, Wendy again walks up, this time kissing Sam, who resists.

"I want him now," she says. "He's larger." She walks away.

"Hmm. You've had worse," Dean tells Sam.

They try to get Martin to help, but he refuses, says he can't hunt any more. They tell him they know what happened in Albequerque, but he says they don't know half of what Martin saw. He walks away.

The doc isn't in his office, so they split up.

Sam lies in wait around a corner. The doctor walks by, and Sam jumps out and slashes him. The doctor screams, and two orderlies arrive, but Sam punches them out. He turns back to the doctor, and is about to kill him, when Martin grabs his arm. It's not the wraith. The doctor is bleeding, there is no reaction to the silver.


Sam is locked up, and drugged up. Sam tells Dean the doctor isn't the wraith. Dean breaks in to see him, he tells Sam he's sorry, he must have made a mistake. Sam tells him it's okay. He tells Dean that maybe they both really are crazy, and that's why Dean saw the wraith. Maybe all the pressure has finally gotten to them. He tells Dean that it doesn't matter, he's his brother and he loves him anyway.

Sam reaches up, touches Dean's nose, and says, "Boop."

In Dean's head

When Dean leaves, he sees Dr. Cartwright. She begins talking to him again. She calls him Dean, and tells him he's a failure, he couldn't stop Sam, he couldn't stop the end of the world, he couldn't kill Lucifer. Everything he does ends in failure.

Dean grabs her. He asks her who she is. An orderly tells him to quiet down. He asks Dr. Cartwright who she is again. The orderly tells him there's no one there. Dean looks again, Dr. Cartwright is gone, but when he looks back, he sees her again. "Just leave me alone," Dean says. As he walks away, he begins seeing wraiths everywhere. He retreats into a corner, frightened.

In Sam's head

The doctor comes in. Sam is a bit more clearheaded. He tells Sam that his anger problem is very serious. Sam, teary-eyed, apologizes, and asks for a second chance. The doctor tells him okay, but one more outbreak and he's sending Sam to a facility that is more appropriate for violent behavior.

Sam goes to the day room, and sees Dean. Dean tells Sam that it wasn't the demon blood, the problem was always Sam, his lies, the evil in him. People begin telling him it's all his fault. He tells them to back off, they press in on him, and he begins throwing punches. The camera pulls back, and there is no one there, only Sam throwing punches in the air and yelling for everyone to leave him alone, while Dean sits twiddling his thumbs at a table.

"What's happening? What's happening?" Dean asks, as they take Sam away.

"Crazy is the clue."

Dean makes his way to Martin's room. He's confused, he's scared. He's seeing things, and he knows he's crazy. Suddenly, he understands. "Crazy is the clue," he says. The Winchesters weren't crazy before they got to the hospital. Maybe the wraith can also make you crazy. Martin tells Dean the theory fits. Dean goes on, he believes the wraith can cause insanity by contact of some kind.

Like saliva. Wendy kissed Dean and Sam.

They go to Wendy's room. Dean tries not to step on any cracks, until Martin stops him. They hear a scream from Wendy's room, but when they open the door, the wraith isn't Wendy. The wraith is the nurse, and she's already there, and Wendy is nearly dead. Dean tries to kill it, but it knocks him across the room, and he drops the letter opener. Martin grabs the letter opener and slashes the wraiths hand. The wraith leaves. On the way, it tells two orderlies that a couple of patients killed Wendy, and attacked her.

Martin tries to revive Wendy, and tells Dean he has to go after the wraith. Dean says he can't, he's barely lucent, his vision blurs. Martin tells Dean he has no choice. As the orderlies try to subdue Martin, Dean grabs the letter opener and escapes.

Sam restrained.

Sam is in restraints in a rubber room. The wraith walks in, and begins monologuing, telling him how good crazy brains taste. She also mentions Sam's anger problem. The monologue gives Dean just enough time to arrive and attack. But the wraith is stronger, and isn't debilitated by double vision the way Dean seems to be.

The wraith backs Dean against the wall, and extends a spike-like thing from its wrist. Slowly, it begins to push the spike toward Dean's head. Dean drops the letter opener.

Dean reaches up and breaks off the horn. The wraith screams and steps back, the horn spurting blood. Dean grabs the letter opener, and stabs the wraith with it. It dies.

Dean's vision clears.

"You still crazy?" Sam asks.
"Not any more than usual," Dean says.

Really? You want to talk right now?

Dean frees Sam, and they run for Metallicar. Just before they get in, Sam stops Dean. He tells Dean that the doctor was right, he has an anger problem. He's always angry at something.

Dean, exasperated, asks him what he's going to do about it. Dean tells him exactly what to do.

"You're going to take all that crap, and you're going to bury it. You're going to forget about it, because that's how we keep going, that's how we don't end up like Martin. Are you with me?"

"I'm with you," Sam says. But he doesn't look certain.

They get in the Impala and leave.

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