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Supernatural: Tonight - Trickster! and Dean dooms Bobby?

I have to confess, I haven't been looking forward to this one. The first Trickster episode (Tall Tales) was okay, bordering on pretty good.

The second one, Mystery Spot, was hilarious.

But I think I'm done with the Trickster story lines. It was funny the first couple of times, but can they pull it off again? I'm not sure. Parts of the previews look very funny, parts don't. I felt they pulled off Paris Hilton's episode fairly well, which is a good sign, since I wasn't looking forward to that one, either.

So, funny or not, which will it be tonight? The show is very good at satire, so there's hope!


Speaking of hope, I still don't have any for Bobby. If I didn't think he was destined to die before, I do now, after hearing Dean tell Bobby his heartfelt, lady-part-growing, feelings.

Bobby is the Winchester's surrogate dad, as has been pointed out several times, even just this year. The Winchesters don't ever have things easy, so I fully expect their mentor and friend to buy the farm, probably either shortly before midpoint of the season (fast approaching), or shortly after. Say.... episodes 10-13 or so. My guess is 13, just because it's 13, the unlucky number.

Hate it, hope it never comes to pass, but I expect it.

On that cheerful note, enjoy tonight's episode and feel free to chat in the comments.

Posted by Miller on November 5, 2009 5:56 PM
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