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Supernatural: Abandon All Hope

A banker buries a box at a crossroads. A demon with a British accent shows up to seal the deal - 10 years and a bailout for the bank, in exchange for a kiss and his soul.

Crowley. Cas watches, on the phone with the Winchesters.

The banker resists, a young, attractive woman originally set the deal up. He has to kiss a man? No thanks. But it's kiss or no deal, so he kisses. Crowley leaves, Cas follows. Cas calls the Winchesters, and tells him he's found Crowley, but he can't get in, it's covered in Enochian warding symbols. The Winchesters say they've got it covered.

Car trouble

A young woman in a little black dress rings at the gate, she's got car trouble. Two male demons come to the gate and won't let the woman leave. The woman is Jo Harvelle, and she attacks. The Winchesters have her back. The demons die.

Crowley is having a drink, and watching sentimental footage of himself with Hitler. The power goes out, he smiles, and walks to the door. The Winchesters are there. Crowley looks down, notices his rug is rumpled. He flips it over to find a demon trap. Two more demons appear behind the Winchesters and take them prisoner.

Crowley pulls out the Colt. "This is what it's all about." He aims at the Winchesters... and shoots the demons behind them. "We need to talk. Privately." He shows the Colt to the Winchesters. He wants Lucifer dead. He tells them he believes that Lucifer will purge the Earth of humans first, then will do the same with all demons.

Sam takes the Colt. Sam also asks where the Devil is. Carthage, Missouri. Sam aims the Crowley, and pulls the trigger. The pistol clicks, it's out of ammo. "Oh, yeah, you're probably going to need more ammo," Crowley says.

Dean wants to know what happens if they try to kill Lucifer, and fail. What will prevent Lucifer from killing Crowley if the Winchesters fail. Crowley says that he believes Lucifer will kill him anyway, and that he's going into hiding. "And how about you don't miss, okay? Morons!" he shouts.

He throws the ammo to Dean, and disappears.

Last night alive

Ellen and Cas are drinking shots, while Jo watches. Sam and Dean are talking over beers, while music by Santana plays in the background. Sam says it has to be a trap.

"Sam Winchester having trust issues with a demon. Well, better late than never," Dean says.

"And thank you again for your continued support," Sam says.

"You're welcome." They clink bottles.

Dean says even if it's a trap, they have to try, and Dean isn't sure it is a trap. Carthage is showing lots of signs of demon activity. Dean says that Sam can't go. If Dean dies, they can still kill Lucifer, but if Sam is there, Lucifer has his vessel. Sam refuses. He says they are stronger when they hunt together, and even though it's stupid, when have they ever done anything smart? Dean resists, briefly, then gives in. He notices Jo in the other room. Obviously appreciating the view, he goes to make his play. He tells her it may be their last night on Earth, time to "make merry."

"Are you giving me the 'last night on Earth' speech?" she says.

"What? No," he says. He laughs. "No. If I was, would that, would that work?"

She smiles, then starts to kiss him. She stops. "No, sweetheart if this is our last night on Earth I'm going to spend it with a little thing I call self-respect."

"If you're into that kind of thing," Dean says, as she walks away.

Bobby gathers everyone for a picture. No one wants to do it, but Bobby insists. He says he needs something to remember them by. Ellen says it's good to have an optimist. Cas says Bobby is right.

"Tomorrow we hunt the Devil. This is our last night on Earth." That sobers everyone up.

Bobby takes the picture.


The Impala drives into Carthage. The town is deserted, not even a cell signal. The Winchesters wave Ellen, Jo and Cas into town. The brothers go to check out the police department. The Harvelles and Cas get out of the car. Cas says that the town isn't empty. It's filled with Reapers, lots of them. They only gather like this when there's a big disaster. Cas says he needs to go see why they're all here. He walks off, notices a Reaper in a window. He follows as the Reaper walks down the hall, and as he walks through a door there's a blinding light.

"Hello, brother," a voice says.

Holy fire

The Winchesters return. Everything is deserted. Ellen asks if they've seen Cas. They tell them about the Reapers.

Cas is being held by Lucifer inside a circle of holy fire. Lucifer guesses that Cas is there with the Winchesters. He says he heard that Cas arrived in an automobile.

"What was that like?" Lucifer asks.

"Um, slow. Confining," Cas says. Cas notices that Lucifer's vessel is starting to decay. He asks what's wrong. Lucifer says that his vessel just can't contain him. Cas gets upset, and tells him he can't have Sam Winchester.

Lucifer asks why he just doesn't give in. Cas rebelled also. If Heaven wins against Lucifer, Cas will be next, since he's a rebel also. Cas says he'll die first. Lucifer says he probably will.


The Winchesters and Harvelles are searching for Cas.

"Hello, boys," a voice says. It's Meg. And she brought hellhounds. Meg says that Lucifer wants to see them. Dean shoots one. They run. One of them gets Dean, but before it can kill him, Jo runs up and shoots it several times. One attacks Jo from behind, knocks her down, and rips into her gut. Sam shoots it, as Dean picks Jo up and they run into a hardware store. Sam and Dean find salt and seal the doors as the hellhounds try to get in.

Jo is hurt badly. Blood gushes from her wound.

Sam and Dean talk. Sam is upset that they're trapped. Dean says they still have a shot since Lucifer is there.

Bobby is trying to reach them, but can't get through on the cell. Dean calls Bobby on a shortwave. He tells Bobby that Jo is hurt, and might not make it. Bobby asks Dean what's next. Dean can't focus, his voice breaks, but Bobby asks him again what's next. Dean focuses and fills Bobby in. Bobby tells Dean he thinks Lucifer is trying to raise the Angel of Death - the rider on the pale horse, who hasn't walked the Earth since Noah. The Reapers are there because he's "the boss," so to speak. The ritual has to be done in a place of awful carnage. The battle of Carthage during the Civil War fits the requirements, but that tells them where Lucifer is going to be, and when.

Meg appears to Lucifer, and tells him that she has the Winchesters trapped. Lucifer tells her to leave them for now. Lucifer makes one more pitch to Cas.

Dean is making plans to get Jo and Ellen out of town, then avoid the hellhounds and go kill Lucifer. Jo interrupts them. She can't move her legs, she knows she can't get out. She wants to make a bomb with salt and iron nails to get rid of the hellhounds. The hellhounds have their scents and will always track them if they can't send them back to Hell.

Ellen says no, but Jo insists. She appeals to Dean.

"This might literally be your last chance to treat me like an adult. You might want to take it?" Jo tells Ellen. Ellen cries, but agrees.

They collect what they need.

Dean says goodbye

They put together the bombs, and prepare to leave. Dean spends a private moment with Jo. "See you on the other side," he says. "Probably sooner rather than later."

"Make it later," Jo says. Dean kisses her forehead, then kisses her on the lips. Jo cries.

When it's clear that Ellen isn't leaving, Jo says no. But Ellen tells her that someone has to let them in, and Jo can't move. Ellen says she will not leave Jo there alone. Dean and Sam try to stop her, but she tells them to go.

"And Dean," Ellen says. "Kick it in the ass. Don't miss."

The Winchesters leave. Ellen sets the bombs, and unlocks the doors and kicks the salt away. She goes back to Jo, hugs her, and tells her, "I'll always love you, baby." Jo leans her head on Ellen's shoulder, and dies. Ellen cries, but the hellhounds come in. As they get close, Ellen smiles and explodes the bombs.

Sam and Dean look back as the store explodes, then run off.

Last words

They arrive at a clearing in the woods. The townspeople all stand facing Lucifer, not moving.

"Okay," Sam says. "Last words?"

Dean thinks for a moment. "I think I'm good."

"Yeah, me, too."

"Here goes nothing," Dean says.

Sam yells at Lucifer. "You wanted to see me."

Lucifer tells Sam he doesn't need his gun. "You know I'd never hurt you, not really."

"Yeah, well, I'd hurt you," Dean says, stepping up to Satan and putting the gun to Satan's head. Lucifer turns, and the Colt is aimed square in the middle of his forehead.

"So suck it," Dean says, and fires. Lucifer falls. That was easy.

Not so fast

Sam and Dean stand confused for a moment. Lucifer gasps. "Owwww!" he says.

"Where did you get that?" Lucifer says, and hits Dean so hard he flies 20 feet in the air into a tree, and doesn't get up. "Now," Satan says to Sam. "Where were we?"

Lucifer tells Sam not to feel bad. There are only 5 things in all of creation the Colt won't kill. Satan is one of them. Lucifer asks for a minute to finish his ritual He pauses and asks if Sam will just agree right now.

"That's never going to happen," Sam says.

"Oh, I don't know, Sam. I think it will. I think it will happen soon, within six months. I think it'll happen... in Detroit."

Sam tells Lucifer that he's going to kill him, he's going to rip his heart out. Lucifer tells him to keep all that pent up rage. "I'm going to need it."

Sam wants to know what Lucifer did. Lucifer tells him. He killed all the women and children, and every able bodied man was possessed by a demon. He tells Sam that he has to do this. Sam doesn't understand.

Lucifer tells him that he was a younger brother. And he had an older brother who he idolized. One day, he went to Michael and asked him to stand with him, but Michael betrayed him. Called him a freak, a monster. Betrayed him, and beat him down, all because he was different, and had a mind of his own.

"Any of this sound familiar, Sam?"

Lucifer tells Sam not to go anywhere, while he finishes the ritual. He chants some words, then has the demons repeat a prayer. One-by-one, the demons die. He looks at Sam.

"What? They're just demons," he sneers.


Cas is magically working the bolts loose on a pipe over his head, while he talks with Meg. Meg tells him that they're going to win, that Lucifer is going to take over Heaven. Cas tells her that Crowley has a different theory, that Lucifer is using demons, then will kill them. Meg says Cas is wrong, that Lucifer is her father, her creator.

Cas makes the pipe fall, and it knocks Meg into the circle of fire. Cas puts his hand on her forehead, but nothing happens.

Meg laughs. "You can't gank demons, can you? You're cut off from the home office and you ain't got the juice. So what can you do, you impotent sap?"

"I can do this," he says, and throws her down onto the fire, breaking the circle. As she screams, he steps on her as he walks out.


Cas appears next to Sam, and tells him to be quiet. Lucifer watches as Death begins to appear. There's a bright light, and Lucifer turns to find Sam and Dean gone. He smirks, and turns back to the show.

"Oh, hello, Death," he says.

At Bobby's, the news plays in the background, talking about tornados hitting the towns surrounding and including Carthage. Bobby, sits before a fire in the fireplace, as he broods over the photo. Dean and Sam watch as Bobby tosses the photo on the fire.

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