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Supernatural: We'll Always Have Paris

I have a feeling there will be a lot of strong opinions tomorrow about whether tonight's episode was good or bad. Yes, tonight is the night many of us have been dreading, the night Supernatural contributes to Paris-building, or whatever you want to call adding to Paris Hilton's celebrity status.

My confession: I'm actually looking forward to this one. There are so many ways to go with an episode like this, and I think it's hilarious that evil-Lincoln is in the same episode as Paris Hilton.

Even funnier to me is the fact that the teasers for this episode have a huge House of Wax feel to them. I wonder if Jared got deja vu shooting this one?

Speaking of deja vu

One quick comment on last week's episode, which I thought was excellent, by the way.

When the episode was over, my wife says, "Lucifer told Dean, 'We always end up here.' Is that how Dean kills him? He knows they always end up in that garden, so he sets some type of trap?"

Wow. I didn't even notice the line. So when I was watching the episode again while writing the recap, I noticed something.

Not only does Lucifer tell Dean "We always end up here." but he says it twice. Of course, he also tells Dean "It had to be Sam. It always had to be Sam." Repeating himself seems to almost be a character tic.

On the other hand, as I've speculated before, it may be significant that it always had to be Sam because it may play into a larger brother against brother Biblical theme. So to emphasize that, without calling too much attention to it, the writers had Lucifer repeat himself as a character trait. Which, of course, could mean that it's significant that Dean has been to the garden before (and don't think I missed the symbolism of the End of the world happening in a garden, just like the beginning of the world began in the Garden of Eden, according to the Bible).

I'm not sure I like the idea. For one thing, for the garden to be significant, this season will have to jump 5 years into the future again somehow. But this time, I don't think it can really be a time jump, we'd have to have one of those "1 year later..." type of deals. I don't like those, it leaves too much untold between jumps.

Then again, Kripke says he has an idea on how he could continue the series without disturbing the Apocalypse mytharc. Maybe the "Untold Adventures of the Winchesters" is what he has in mind. I hope not.

I'm going to be thinking about this for a while, now that the idea has been placed in my head. Wonder what other ways the garden could help Dean defeat Lucifer, without it having to take place 5 years in the future?

Commenting on tonight's episode

As always, feel free to snark, rant, or cheer tonight's episode in the comments section below, and I'll have a recap tomorrow.

Posted by Miller on October 8, 2009 6:53 AM
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