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Supernatural: The End

Kansas City. Dean needs sleep. Been driving all night - 16 hours.

Accosted by a religious pamphleteer, who asks if he's ever taken time to consider God's plan for him. Dean replies, "Too friggin' much, pal."

Cas calls. He wants to find the Colt. Dean asks him why the demons would even keep it around. Cas can't hear, and he's almost out of minutes. He wants to meet Dean, but Dean asks him to wait until he's eaten and slept.

Sleep interrrupted

Dean sleeps. Sam calls and wakes Dean. Sam tells him that he's Lucifer's vessel. Strangely, Dean is not surprised. Sam wants to hunt again. Dean says no, they're weaker when they're together, because the demons and the angels use their family ties against them.

Sam is shocked and upset. Dean is sleepy again.

Am I dreaming?

So Dean sleeps. But when he awakens, everything is different. Destruction is everywhere. Dean sees a little girl, and she attacks him, and attracts a mob of killers. Croatoan virus has infected everyone. The military moves in to kill the infected.

Dean escapes the carnage, and hides out until dark. He hotwires a car, and starts driving to Bobby's. Zachariah pops into Dean's car. "Fringier" religious types have been enlisted by the angels to find Dean. The pamphleteer ratted on him. Dean's been zapped into the future, where Sarah Palin is President and the globe is in ruins.

Bobby's house is deserted, Bobby apparently dead, blood and bullet-holes on his wheelchair. John's journal is hidden, and contains a picture showing Bobby and Cas at Camp Chitiqua.


Dean goes, sees Metallicar, which is trashed. While he's mourning it, he's knocked unconscious by... himself.

When he wakes, Dean and Dean have a conversation. 2014 Dean asks 2009 Dean to tell him something only he would know. 20009 Dean talks about the time Rhonda Hurley made him try on her panties. 2014 Dean admits they are the same person, yet so different.

2014 Dean tells Sam the world is infected by Croatoan virus. And Sam is dead. They hadn't talked in 5 years before Sam died.

2014 Dean has a mission, but he's afraid that the survivors at the camp will freak if they see two Deans.

"I've got a camp full of twitchy trauma survivors with an Apocalypse hanging over their head, the last thing they need is to see a version of 'The Parent Trap'." He leaves 2009 Dean handcuffed. 2009 Dean asks, "Don't you trust yourself."

2014 Dean says, "No, absolutely not."


But 2009 Dean digs a nail out of a board, picks the lock, and walks out. He's met by Chuck, who asks him how to handle running low on perishables and hygiene items. Dean tells him he doesn't know. While Chuck is processing Dean's unusual lack of leadership, a woman named Risa arrives, who punches him for spending the night in someone else's cabin.

Dean tracks down Cas, who is stoned and arranging an orgy. Cas immeditately recognizes that Dean is not himself, and also recognizes that Zachariah is to blame. Dean wants Cas to zap him back to 2009, but Cas can't.

"Are you stoned?" Dean asks, suspiciously.

"Generally," Cas replies with a wide smile.

2014 Dean shows up, gets out of his jeep, and shoots one of his comrades. 2009 Dean runs to try to help the man, but is too late. 2014 Dean's comrades are shocked to see two Deans, and 2014 Dean says he'll explain the two Deans when they need to know.

The two Deans talk. 2014 Dean explains the killing that 2009 Dean witnessed. His comrade had been infected with the Croatoan virus, but wasn't fully affected yet. Dean recognized the symptoms.

2014 Dean also says that he has found the Colt, and he's going to kill the Devil.

2014 Dean calls a meeting. Risa and Cas are there. The Devil is hiding in an area where there are lots of infected. Risa is bitter, sarcastic, and skeptical. 2014 Dean is about to ask her what her problem is, when 2009 Dean interrupts.

"Apparently we spent the night in Jane's cabin, and we had a connection," he says, pointing at Risa. Cas laughs. Everyone looks at him.

"Sorry. I like the past you," he explains.

2014 Dean tortured a demon to find Lucifer's location. 2009 Dean can't believe he's back to torturing. 2014 Dean blows off 2009 Dean's comments about torture, and continues with this plan. He is insistent that they can pull the mission off, and he's insistent that 2009 Dean go with them.


The power of yes

Lucifer is occupying his vessel - Sam. Sam said yes. 2014 Dean wants 2009 Dean to see Sam this way. 2014 Dean tells 2009 Dean that he wishes he would have said yes to Michael. The planet is destroyed anyway. Maybe saying yes would have saved half of it. But 2014 Dean knows 2009 Dean won't agree, though.

"Because that's just not us, is it?"

As they're packing up the vehicles, Chuck tells 2009 Dean to hoard toilet paper in 2009, like it's made of gold. "Because it is," he says. "You'll thank me."

On the trip, Dean talks to Cas and finds out that Cas is now mortal. Cas doesn't know why, he suspects it's because the other angels deserted the Earth. That's why he's drugged up and oversexed.

They arrive at Lucifer's location, with no infected in site. 2009 Dean realizes 2014 Dean is lying, and confronts 2014 Dean privately. It's a trap. 2014 Dean plans to sacrifice his friends, including Cas, to get close to Lucifer.

2009 Dean says he won't let that happen, and 2014 Dean knocks him out before he can tell them.


2009 Dean awakens just in time to hear gunfire. He runs to find Lucifer, in Sam's body, standing with his foot on 2014 Dean's neck. As 2009 Dean watches, Lucifer kills 2014 Dean.

Lucifer talks to Dean (2009 Dean is all that's left). Dean says to go ahead and kill him.

"Don't you think that would be a little... redundant?" Lucifer asks. He tells Dean he knows it has to be hard to talk to him in Sam's body, but that it had to be Sam. It had to be.

Lucifer says that Dean doesn't have to be afraid of him. He claims he doesn't want destroy the Earth, he thinks it's beautiful. He tells Dean the story of why Michael cast him into Hell - because God wanted Lucifer to bow down to humans. "Now tell me, does the punishment fit the crime?"

Dean tells Lucifer that he's not fooling him. That he's just the same thing Dean always hunts, just with a bigger ego.

Lucifer tells Dean good-bye, that he'll see him soon. Dean says he better kill him now, or else he'll find a way to kill Lucifer.

Lucifer says that he knows Dean won't stop, and that he also knows Dean won't say yes to Michael either, and Dean won't kill Sam. So no matter what choices Dean makes, whatever details he alters, they always end up... here. They always end up here, he repeats.

"I win, so... I win," Lucifer says. "See you in 5 years, Dean." Dean turns in disgust, and Zachariah is there. Zachariah zaps him back.

The choice

Zachariah tries to convince Dean to say yes to Michael, before Lucifer gets to Sam and before billions die. Zachariah asks Dean if he hasn't learned his lesson. Dean says he has, just not the lesson Zachariah wanted to teach him. Zachariah says then he'll have to teach it again.

"Because I've got you now, boy," he says as he moves toward Dean. But Dean disappears. Cas has zapped him out. "We had an appointment," Cas says.

Dean tells Cas, "Don't ever change."

Dean calls Sam, and they meet. Sam drives up in an old Lincoln Continental (looks like to me, or maybe a Ford LTD?). Dean turns over the knife to Sam. Dean apologizes. He tells Sam that maybe they are each others' weakness, but they only have each other.

"More than that, we keep each other human," Dean says.

"Thank you. I won't let you down."

"I know you won't. After all, you are the second-best hunter on the planet."

"What do we do now?"

"We make our own future."

"Guess we have no choice."

Posted by Miller on October 1, 2009 10:23 PM
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