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Supernatural: The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

Man runs into his house, barely speaking to his wife. In the bathroom, he looks into a mirror, and begins aging at a rapid rate. He collapses, and the wife hears. She runs to him, and finds him old and dead. She screams.

It's a job for hunters, and the Winchesters are there posing as agents (are they agents?) from the Centers for Disease Control. Doc tells him she's surprised they've arrived so quickly. Dean has a funny line about "New administration. Change you can believe in."

The dude is old, but his birth certificate - DNA matched - says he's 25. Dean calls Bobby, Bobby tells them to check out any missing persons. Sam and Dean interview an older woman, who tells them her husband works late every Tuesday, but last time, didn't come home. Sam notices a forearm tattoo on a picture, Dean prowls and finds a recent for a ... eh, establishment for working girls.


The investigate, and hear noises that sound like someone is in trouble. They break in the door to find a young guy in bed with two women. Sam notices that he has the same tattoo as the missing man. He also has the missing man's wallet. They send the girls out, after a wink from Dean, and they get the explanation from the man. There's a traveling card player in town, inviting people to a poker game. The stakes aren't money, they are years of your life. The man won.

Sam and Dean call Bobby, who tells them there's lore on that. After talking to them, Bobby thinks for a moment, then grabs his keys and leaves.

They split up to check out local bars, and Dean is successful. He bribes a bartender to find the player, whose name is Patrick, and shows up to find Bobby already wheeling himself out. Dean is surprised, and asks Bobby what he's doing there.

"Came in on a case," Bobby says.
"And you beat me here?"
"Well, brains trumps legs, apparently."

Bobby found the game. Not only did he find it, but he played it. And lost. 25 years. He starts aging before Dean's eyes.

Game on

Dean finally catches Patrick. He's chatting up a pretty woman, and stealing the watch from a man sitting with her. Dean shows him his gun, and asks to talk to him. They go to a back room, and Dean threatens to shoot him if the witch doesn't give Bobby's years back. Patrick tells Dean to shoot him.

"I could use a good, you know, tickle," he says. "You want years, play me for them."

Dean does. The witch pulls out some chips, says some incantation over them, then slides them across to Dean. Instead of the usual 25 chips, he asks for 50, then gives them up immediately to get Bobby's years back. The witch tells him he's already down 25, he better play well. Patrick takes the chips, says an incantation, and they burst into flames while Bobby gets younger.

Grumpy Old Men

Sam brings food to the motel room, and hears a strange voice. He pulls his gun, and Dean walks out of the shower. Sam is finally convinced that it's Dean. Dean asks if Sam was really going to shoot an old man. Sam said he didn't know who Dean was.

"Do you know what you look like?" Sam asks.
"The old chick in Titanic, I know," Dean says.
"I was going to say Emperor Palpatine," Sam says.

Bobby bursts in. "I see you've met John McCain there," he says.

Sam wants to know what happened. Dean says Bobby was an idiot. Bobby says nobody asked Dean to play - or to lose. As they argue, Sam smiles and says, "It's like Grumpy Old Men."

"Shut up, Sam," Bobby and Dean say in unison.

"You just don't get it," Bobby says. Dean says he does understand. Bobby wants out of the wheelchair.

"I can imagine," Dean says.

"No, you can't," Bobby says.

"You got me," Dean says. "I've never been paralyzed. But I've been to Hell."

Dean continues, "You hear me bellyaching?"

"Actually, I do," Sam says, as Dean's stomach rumbles. He sits, thinking it's a heart attack, but Bobby tells him it's just acid reflux. He'll have to put down the bacon cheeseburgers.

Bobby tells them he thinks the chips are where the magic comes from. He remembers the incantation the witch used. If they can find the chips, Bobby thinks he can reverse the spell.

Dean gets dressed and answers the door to find the very attractive housekeeper. When he hits on her, she tells him he's just like her grandfather. "Adorable," she says, to Bobby and Sam's amusement.

Witch condo

They follow the Patrick, watch him get hit by a sports car. When the driver runs to get help, the witch stands up and steals the car.

"I gotta say, I kinda like the guy," Dean says.

They follow him back to his condo. When he leaves, the break in. The elevator is out of order, meaning Bobby has to stay behind. Sam and Dean take the stairs. Dean begins wheezing, and Sam points to a sign. They're only on the second floor.

Sam gets to the witch;s door, Sam waits for Dean to arrive. They break in, and Dean finds a secret panel. It has a cheap safe, and Dean tries to crack it, but he can't see the numbers clearly. Sam steps in, and as they are stealing the chips, they're interrupted. It's the attractive woman from the bar. She's a witch also, and she puts Sam and Dean in pain until Patrick arrives. He tells them the chips are showmanship, the power is his.

He invites them to play, and Dean agrees. But Patrick asks him what card he's holding up. Dean can't tell.

"If your eyesight is that bad, what about your memory? I'm not a murderer."

He invites Sam to play, but Dean says no. "You're free to go," Patrick says. "Sam, your brother's situation, that's punishment enough, but I can't let you leave without a small parting gift." He claps, slowly, three times.

"What are you doing?" Sam asks.

"You'll find out soon enough."

Back on the ground level, Sam begins grabbing at his groin.

"Dude," Dean says. "I believe that he-witch gave you the clap."

Bobby feels useless

Later, Sam argues that he should play. Dean disagrees, he says that he's a better player, and Bobby is a way better player, and they both lost. Bobby says he can win, but both Sam and Dean tell him he doesn't have enough years left. If he loses, he'll die.

"So what?" Bobby says angrily. "What exactly am I living for? The damn Apocalypse? Watching men die while I sit in this chair, can't take a step to help them?"

Bobby says, "I'm old, and broke down. I ain't a hunter no more. I'm useless, and if I wasn't such a coward, I'd have stuck a gun in my mouth the day I got home from the hospital."

Sam and Dean are horrified to hear this. But Sam is adamant that Bobby is not playing. He says he'll find another way.

Witch betrays, Sam plays

Bobby and Dean return to the motel, to find the female witch there. She gives them a reversal spell. It will undo all of the aging spells for people still alive. Bobby and Dean are suspicious, especially since it will reverse the aging spell on her also.

"I have my reasons," she says, and reaches for a locket around her neck. "Do it quick, we leave town tomorrow."

Cut to Sam watching Patrick play. Patrick throws a game, letting an old man win thirteen years, enough to watch his granddaughter's bat mitzvah. Sam knows what Patrick did. Patrick tells Sam he's a nice guy.

Sam wants to play.

Bobby and Dean begin collecting the items they need for the spell. First up, jawbone of a murderer, Dean complains the whole time because of the pain from digging up the grave. Bobby has no sympathy, telling him to quit complaining. Dean tells Bobby that killing him is officially on his bucket list.

Sam is losing. Patrick's banter is affecting Sam's play, as Patrick knows it will. Sam keeps watching for things that will give away Patrick's hand - the way he shuffles his chips, the toothpick he puts on the table between bets.

After a while, Sam is down to just a few chips. The female witch comes in, and kisses Patrick. Patrick wants a break.

During the break, we find out that Sam is part of the plan, keeping Patrick busy while Bobby and Dean get the spell ready. They need something personal of Patrick's, something with his bodily fluids on it. Sam produces the toothpick.

Bad spell

Patrick returns, and the game continues. Bobby and Dean complete the spell, but it doesn't work. They figure out that the toothpick wasn't Patrick's.

Patrick tells Sam the toothpick he gave Dean never passed his lips, and won't work in the spell. He says he doesn't like cheaters, and starts using his power to strangle Sam, but the woman stops him. She confesses that she gave them the spell.

"You know why," she says.

Patrick looks beaten, but also angry. "Keep... playing," he tells Sam.

Bobby and Dean head to Patrick's to get some of his DNA. Dean is having trouble finding anything.

Sam is nearly out of the game.; He bets it all. Patrick folds, telling him that he knows Sam plays the percentages. He must have a good hand. But Sam doesn't, he has garbage. Patrick is amused, and tells Sam that with time, he could make a real player out of him.

Sam says he has time.

"Maybe, but I can't say the same for Dean," Patrick says. Patrick says Dean will be dead in minutes. Sam gets up to leave, but Patrick makes him stay.

"The game's not over until I say it is."

Dean finds a glass Patrick has been drinking from. But as he sees it, his heart gives out, and he begins having a fatal heart attack.

"So, when it's about your brother, you get so emotional your brain, it just flies right out the window. Good to know," Patrick says.

"Go to hell," Sam says. "I'm all in."

Dean is dying, gasping for breath on the floor.

Patrick pauses.

"I can't leave until it's over, then it's over," Sam says. "Now where's my brother?"

"Look, there's poker, and then there's suicide..."

"Just play the hand," Sam says, angrily.

"Fine," Patrick says.

Dean's life is slipping away.

Patrick turns up his cards. He has a full house. Sam exhales.

"You're crying," he says to the female. "For a witch, you're so nice it's actually kind of creepy. It's okay.

"It was a great hand," he says to Patrick. "Just, not as great as four fours."

"Well played," Patrick says. "You know, that whole going out of your head bit - very method. There's more to you than meets the eye."

"Cash these in for Dean, please," Sam says, gritting his teeth.

"With pleasure," Patrick says.

Bobby is frantically trying to get Dean on the cell. Dean comes skipping out. He kicks his heels. Bobby shakes his head. "Idjit."


The two witches have an intimate conversation. Patrick doesn't want to remove the aging spell. The woman is grieving, her daughter is dead from old age, while she stays young. "It's not natural," she says.

Patrick tries to convince her, telling her he loves her, and she loves him. She says she misses her family, and that she thought she would be able to live that life, but she can't. They play one final hand. She loses, and begins aging.

"Thank you," she says.

Bobby can't believe Sam won, no tricks. Dean walks in with a bacon cheeseburger. Sam is leaving. They ask where he's going. He won't say at first, then admits he's going to the clinic for a booster shot.

Dean apologizes to Bobby for calling him an idiot. He tells Bobby that if he was in Bobby's shoes...

"You'd never stop complaining," Bobby finishes.

"Fair enough."

Dean tells Bobby he's not useless.

"Okay, good talk," Bobby says, and starts to leave.

Dean stops him. "You don't stop being a soldier because you got wounded in battle. No matter what shape you're in, bottom line is, you're family. I don't know if you noticed, but me and Sam, we don't have much left. I can't do this without you. I can't. So don't you dare think about checking out. I don't want to hear that again."

"Okay," Bobby whispers, unable to meet Dean's gaze.

"Okay," Dean says. "Good,

"Thanks," Bobby whispers.

Louder, he says, "Now are we done feeling our feelings? 'Cause I'd like to get out of this room before we both start growing lady parts."

"Yeah, we're done." Dean picks up his burger. Looks at it, shows it to Bobby, and throws it away. "Let's go Ironsides." Dean leaves.

"Oh, that one stings," Bobby says.

Before Bobby leaves, he looks over at the burger, looks to heaven, then sighs.

Posted by Miller on October 30, 2009 9:02 AM
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